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Part 158: POKEDEX #092: Gastly

HP:30 Atk:35 Def:30 Spd:80 Spc:100 Total:275

The hell is with those dumb sprites? Anyway, our first introduction to Ghost types and, as you can tell, it's pretty good due to its high Speed and Special, but very bad everything else. Hey, at least it can use that Special for its... physical Ghost moves... Okay, so STAB is not an option since Ghost is terrible, but it learns a few good Special moves. Not by level up, of course, unless you count Dream Eater, but maybe don't, since it does get Psychic. Its Poison typing, like with a lot of other Pokemon, do nothing but hinder it, making it weak to Ground, Psychic and can't even use it for STAB, due to not even learning any damaging Poison moves, or having the Attack to use them. They ain't floating just yet...