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Part 175: POKEDEX #109: Koffing

HP:40 Atk:65 Def:95 Spd:35 Spc:60 Total:295

This is just a ball of gas with eyes. Come on. Well Koffing is more defensive and that's alright, I guess. Helpful against all the Ground OHKOs, but it doesn't have much to offer, aside from whittling you down and then blowing up when it's near fainting. Least it learns all the suicide moves naturally, so if you want something entertaining, by all means go for it, but Attack isn't that great, so it won't make that much of a bang, you know? It does have a few options for Special, a lot more than physical, so there's always that meager option. I think we need something that isn't Poison now, I'm getting depressed.