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Part 179: POKEDEX #113: Chansey

HP:250 Atk:5 Def:5 Spd:50 Spc:105 Total:415

Holy crap you found one of these things. And caught it too! Congratulations, you actually have a pretty niche, if good Pokemon. Firstly, it dies if any Physical type looks at it funny (aside from Bug, or Poison) and cannot smack them back with any kind of STAB, but you can look at a really big HP number and feel kinda special. Oh, speaking of Special, damn that's really good. And it learns a crap ton of moves, both level-up and TMs. The only good move it gets through level-up is Light Screen, which doubles its Special when hit by a Special move. But unlike Amnesia, you can't use that boosted Special to attack, so, when combined with Softboiled, you've got a Special wall that just DOESN'T DIE. It also knows Minimize if you want to be the biggest dick. But remember Swift is Physical. You can also retaliate, but it won't be too amazing, but at least you have that option, with all kinds of types you can think of, so you could dent something pretty hard. Overall, pretty good. If you can catch one.