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Part 216: POKEDEX #150: Mewtwo

HP:106 Atk:110 Def:90 Spd:130 Spc:154 Total:590

"We dreamed of creating the world's most powerful Pokemon. And we succeeded."

There is no hope, there is no justice. Mewtwo is the strongest Pokemon in existence. It has the highest base stat total out of any Pokemon and with blistering Speed, staggeringly high Special and very impressive HP and Attack, this Pokemon can very easily destroy everything in its path, no questions. The only slightly lackluster stat is Defense, which is ONLY at 90. And then there's the other factors, because just having high stats isn't enough. It's also pure Psychic, which is broken in its own way and has options to a wide variety of moves, ensuring that it can cover pretty much every Pokemon. And then it gets Amnesia, to double its incredibly high Special even further, to ensure nothing survives.

So the only problems it has is deciding what four moves to have. The only way to stop its rampage is Paralysis, or Freeze. Otherwise, it will very easily and without any delay wipe out your entire team in one go. There are no true counters to this Pokemon, it will take out some of your team, no matter what you do. No Pokemon has ever gotten close to the raw destructive power that is Generation 1 Mewtwo. And I hope to Arceus that there never is anything like it ever again.