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by Crosspeice

Part 217: POKEDEX #151: Mew

HP:100 Atk:100 Def:100 Spd:100 Spc:100 Total:500

The one that started it all and the one that can end it all. What can I say? The only way to get this Pokemon is through a specific glitch and if you get it as early as possible, you can still have it catch up easily enough. But when it's more convenient to get it, it's 30 levels below everything with no real quick way to level it up properly. But it doesn't really need your help, since it can very easily solo the rest of the game no problem, if you give it a bit of care and TMs. It can do whatever it wants, it can learn every TM and has the stats to do anything at all. The only downer is the level up movepool, where it learns a move every 10 levels until 40 and not many that are all too useful. But really, just give it any TM at all and let it go nuts, you are set.