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by Crosspeice

Part 81: POKEDEX #015: Beedrill

HP:65 Atk:80 Def:40 Spd:75 Spc:45 Total:305

The counterpoint to the butterfly. And it's not too bad. Decent Attack and Speed, but being both a Bug and Poison type, it has very, very little to work with. It is the best Bug type due to knowing Twineedle, the best Bug move, that hits twice for a total of 50BP. That's it, the only reason to use this thing. It learns the usual Normal moves, but unless you evolve it from Weedle, it won't have any Poison moves. Which you can just use Bug on anyway. It won't be useful for much longer, but it is effective against the next three Gyms. So if you want to risk dying easily, go right ahead.