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Part 94: POKEDEX #028: Sandslash

HP:75 Atk:100 Def:110 Spd:65 Spc:55 Total:405

Despite it's early route nature, this is actually a pretty good Ground type. Not that that's too hard to do, there are plenty better, but you could do a lot worse. Firstly, it has pretty respectable stats all around, exactly where it needs it, with pretty good Attack and Defense. It's Speed is pretty bad and it can't take super effective hits too well, but you should be able to do some damage before you're taken out. Not with your level-up movepool, of course, it is full of Normal moves, but at least you get Slash very early, because you are just, just in the Speed range for a guaranteed crit. So use TMs to supplement, the usual Earthquake/Rock Slide/Submission for coverage. And you should be fine.