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Part 4: Episode Two: Mugged in Memory Lane

Let's go check in with the office and see what's up.

Yeah, I suppose going to actually do your work at some point would be good.

The Homicide Unit posted:

This is the Homicide Office.

The Homicide Office is equipped with five desks, a file cabinet, a locker, and various other items hanging on the wall. On one of the desks is a computer.

So, who are these guys?


The B-Team posted:

Captain Fletcher Hall is a very large man with an over-powering presence.

Although short, Detective Jim Pierson keeps himself in excellent physical condition. He rarely speaks unless spoken to.

And here's someone you've met before.

The Wish-They-Were-On-The-B-Team posted:

Your partner, Keith Robinson, is an easy-going, veteran detective. He doesn't let his job interfere with his relaxation.

Say, Sonny... I heard that dirtbag you sent up the river last year is back in town for retrial. Isn't his name Bains, or something like that?

Oh, yes, the fellow who took your shift. How quickly they forge... wait a minute. Wasn't he a blonde?

He stopped dying it. Also, shut up, that is not important at the moment. What was that about a retrial?

Yeah, retrial. Check your inbox. Maybe this time you can put him away for the duration. It just seems like the garbage of this world gets every chance known to man.

OK, staying calm. Let's see.

Your Desk posted:

Your desk is equipped with drawers, a phone, a message basket, and a lamp.

In the basket you see a subpoena.

You pick up and read the subpoena.

You can't believe what you just read! Just as the memory of this rat was passing into oblivion, he's back for a retrial.

What the hell? We had an airtight case against him! Plus he tried to shoot me!

In fairness, you tried to shoot him, too.

He did it first! So is this what you're here to help with? Bains gets another trial and you help me collect evidence to keep him in jail?

I hope so.


The alternatives I can think of are worse. For now, I think the best thing to do is to just keep going with your day and see what turns up.

I guess I don't have much choice. One second.

Sonny, is that your wallet?

Yep. I left it at work last night.

Do you regularly leave your wallet in your desk?

I dropped it off here when I took a shower.

How did you even do that? I didn't see any showers in the...

What are you doing?

Just making sure everything is in there.

Since when do you have a SCUBA certification?

I had a little unfortunate incident in the river last year which convinced me I ought to get one.

I... see. That doesn't seem like an overreaction at all. Uh, anyway, what's that paper?

Oh, that's... nothing. You don't want to...


Oh, grow up.

I'm surprised it wasn't addressed to "Precious"!

Oh, just shut up. I need to talk to somebody about this Bains thing.

Whatever you say, Precious!


OK, strike one.

Cap posted:

The Captain speaks up and says...

Well Bonds, no doubt you heard about Jesse Bains by now. The District Attorney told me that the reason this jackass won a retrial was some technical BS about improper jury instruction.

It's a real shame, but that's life.

I guess that's what happens when you say "He's innocent until proven guilty, WINK WINK WINK."

Come on. We conducted that trial with full regard to every technicality. This is just a big pile of horse pucky. Like you said, let's just go through the day as if nothing was happening. I had another thing I needed to check on anyway.

What are you doing?

Looking at this paper.


You'll understand why in a few minutes.

But you... his... I...

Come on, the computer is over here.



Sonny, what in the hell do you think you're doing?

Two things. One of which is giving you a history lesson. You want to know what's happened in the last year, right?

...what is that thing doing here?

The computer screen got him interested. He's going to try to help you. Sorry about that.

Uh... what is he doing?



He'll stop in a second once he realizes it isn't working.

See, there he goes. You can use the keyboard again now.

Alright. So, let's see. My errand first.

Why are you violating this man's privacy?

For the best possible reasons. I'll tell you in a few minutes. In the meantime, who do you want to catch up with?

What about Sergeant Dooley? Whatever happened to him?

Well, there was some... unpleasantness. But it was kept off the books and he ended up getting a transfer. Here, have a look.

I guess he was always after drugs anyway. How about Steve? Is that his file I see there?

Different Steve. We... don't talk about what happened to Steve. Don't ask.

Um.. okay. How about Laura? Any chance you'll meet up with her again?

Afraid not. She retired a few months back. Works in the private sector now. Here, have a look.

...she was the Gremlin? Oh my god! That's... actually not very surprising.

She's the one who asked me to look up Lloyd's file and told me where the passwords were.

One last prank?

In a manner of speaking.

And how about yourself, Mr. Bonds?


Funny, nothing on there about spilling the beans to the target of a vice operation. Or hacking.

Knock it off. Come on, we have someone to talk with.


Good guess.



The Captain posted:

"Not only has he escaped," the Captain says, "but he took the jailer as hostage!"

"Bonds, I've named you and your partner, Keith, to a special task force with the code name of "Target."

The Captain continues: "I want you boys to answer any and all calls that might be even remotely connected to this dirtbag."

The Captain orders you: "Find a mug shot of that punk, and get on this immediately!"

No... no no no no no no.

What the hell do you people make your prisons out of? Tinfoil?

Dammit. Things were going so well, and now this.

I guess we figured out why I'm here.

We'd better get him fast. I don't want him wrecking my city again.

Sonny, think this through. He's not going to go after Lytton again. He's done here. The smart thing to do would be to skip town and start over somewhere else.

So I should worry less because some other poor town will end up hosting that scumbag?

Anyway, what about me? He did say I was a dead man at his trial. I don't think he's leaving town until he at least tries to make good.

Wait a minute. When did it say he was convicted?

Last year. Come on.

But that wasn't 1983, it was...

Just move it! We need to get to the prison and I have two stops to make on the way. No time for your nitpicking. Next you'll be complaining about the sun again.

Oh, great.

So where are we going?

To see Lloyd. we have time for that?

I made a promise. Come on.

Not now, Steve.

Officer Not-Steve posted:

It'll just take a second.

"I search for the pusher with drugs for sale.
I hook him and book him and take him to jail.
The court hears the case and I'm sad to say
He's back on the streets the very next day."

How apropos.

Pratt is over in the corner.

Lloyd Pratt posted:

Appearing slightly out of touch with his surroundings, your old friend Detective Lloyd Pratt slowly looks up and says...

"Hey duuuude, what's happening?"

Oh, for Christ's sake, Sonny. That is never going to work.

Lloyd Pratt posted:

In a clear voice, Lloyd responds to you...

"Sonny, you are a true friend. I didn't realize how bad off I was until I woke up yesterday morning and didn't know where I was."

"I've made my mind up." Lloyd continues, "Today, I'm putting in for a leave of absence. Then I'm going to check myself into a rehabilitation center!"

Leaving Lloyd, you wish him all the luck in the world. You know he has made the correct decision.

You are SHITTING ME. You are COMPLETELY shitting me.


You just walk up to him and say "stop doing drugs", and just like that he's checking into rehab?

I can be very persuasive. Plus he doesn't want to get arrested and fired.

Sonny, speaking of that... aren't you going to get in trouble for messing up their investigation?

I might.

And you're... okay with that? Even going against procedure?

Did you read his file? Wounded in the line of duty. Saved a kid from a burning car. Performed CPR and saved another man. You know how I feel about bending the rules, but... yeah, I'll stick my neck out for him. He deserves a chance to turn it around.

I guess I can't argue with that.

What's this thing?

Our other stop.

Neat! Let's start fingerprinting things!


Come on, let's fingerprint the doors.

...I already know who touched those. Cops. Come on, we don't have any time to waste.

You never let me have any fun.

That thing again. I feel... oddly drawn towards it.

Yeah, he's getting impatient and calling you over. Pretty much all he's good at. We're trying to teach him some new tricks, but it's slow going.

OK. Kit goes in the trunk...

...and then we're ready to go.

Spectacular. So is it driving time now?

It is. But I think I'll drive this time around.

Huh? But I want to drive!

Look, I remember what your driving was like last time.


Tell you what. We'll take turns. You drove last time, so it's my turn. If you come back again, you can drive then.

I guess that's fair.

Keeps things simple, I guess. Hard to forget.

He managed it once.


Don't ask me.

Yeah, let's see if they managed to keep-


Radio Traffic posted:

Keith grabs the mike and calls Dispatch... "Dispatch... 53mary2 is 10-8 from the office."

Dispatch comes on the air and responds... "53mary2... 10-4. Dispatch copies 10-8 from the office."

Keith keys the mike... "Dispatch... 53mary2. Be advised we are enroute to Lytton City Jail."

Dispatch answers... "53mary2... 10-4. We copy you are enroute to Lytton City Jail."

On the other hand, it must be a super nightmare for that poor correctional officer. Well, partner, I guess this means the s#!* has hit the fan.

Yeah, I guess so.

I sure hope Bains lets that poor correctional office go unhurt.

Dispatch responds... "53mary2... 10-4. Dispatch copies 10-97 Lytton City Jail."

Here we are. I guess you and your new partner have got this all covered now, huh? I don't know why you even need me around now.


Yeah, pretty much because of that.

The Jail posted:

This is the underground parking garage of the new Lytton City Jail. You are filled with pride as memories of the dedication ceremonies return.

Following your heroic capture of Jesse Bains (aka: the Death Angel) you became an instant celebrity. But now, unless you capture Bains, only the bitter memories of failure will remain...

Next time on Police Quest: Showdown with the Death Angel!

What, already?