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Part 11: Episode Eight: Loss

I'm not sure failing to save another man's life counts as "getting somewhere".

At least you have an idea about where to go next.

Actually, I think we should stop by the station quickly. There are some calls I need to make.

You got it, partner.

Haven't you people ever heard of payphones?

Ha ha. I don't want anyone listening in on this.

Who are you calling?

An old acquaintance.

???: Hello?

???: What do you want?

Jesse Bains has escaped from Lytton jail. You'd better be on the lookout for him, because he's been getting rid of anyone who helped put him behind bars.

???: Well, I gotta go. CLICK

I'm sorry, who was that guy again?

Remember the bust in the park?

Oh, man, the muscle-shirt teenage drug dealer? Where the hell is Steelton, anyway?

Texas. Speaking of, one second while I call 411 for their police department...

So this is why you went to the station?

Yeah. One second.

This is Detective Sonny Bonds from Lytton PD.

Jesse Bains has escaped jail yesterday and has gone on a rampage, killing anyone who put him behind bars. Donald Colby lives in Steelton now and could be the next victim. You should tap Colby's phone to see if Bains calls.

At least that guy kind of said goodbye before he hung up.

Alright, now let's go check out that address and see what we can find.

Keith, I don't even want to think about your butt, much less devote any time to watching it.

He is my partner, you know. He may not be the best cop, but it's the duty of all good police officers to...

Not the best cop? I'm sitting right here!

Yes... and?


Me too.

Dispatch responds... "53Mary2... 10-4. Dispatch copies 10-97 753 Third Street."

You are at the parking lot of the Snuggler's Inn.

Wow, in Lytton even crappy hotels are kind of nice. Why is there a painting of a bald guy on the wall there, though?


Hello, sir. My name is Sonny Bonds, and...

Huh. I think he's trying to tell us something.

...I'm a police officer. Here's my ID.

Have you heard the names Bains or Pate lately, sir? Or seen this man?

Did you figure that out all on your own? Do you want a gold star?

(Shut up. And yes, I do.) Can you double-check that name and room for me, sir?

So, now you and Keith bust in there, right?


Don't tell me, there's some sort of rule.

How did you guess?

Dispatch answers... "10-4, 53Mary2. Be advised... a support team has been dispatched to your 10-20."

We're going to need a warrant, too.

"10-4, 53Mary2. Be advised... a search warrant will be obtained and delivered to your 10-20.

Wait a second. Wait a second. You're just ordering a warrant like a pizza? Can you even do that?

When we're chasing a fugitive and suspect he may be on the premises, yes. The captain will have to get on the phone with the judge that's on call, and...

Spare me the details. How long will it take?

A few hours. Anyone for cards?


Several hours later...

Well, that was about as exciting as watching painted grass dry while it grows.

Welcome to the wonderful world of policework.

Good to see you, boys. Do you have something for me?


So now, what, the SWAT team shoots in the window?

You've been watching too much TV. Now we get the key and go in like respectable people.

We have a warrant to search room 108, sir. I would appreciate it if you would give us the key.

Thank you. We'll try to do as little damage as possible.

Do you think Bains is really in there? And why would he have sent a letter, anyway?

Trying to lure someone out of hiding. Looks like it worked, too.

I suppose it would be pointless to ask how the letter got there when it's only been a day?


You got it, Sonny. That's what we're here for! Did you find out which room this dirtbag is in?

What is it with calling people dirtbags, anyway? Is that what people in Lytton do instead of swearing?

Well, at least he's taking things seriously.

I don't work with Chuck often, but I hear he's a good guy.

Be careful, Sonny. He almost got you at the park. If he's in there and anywhere near his gun, he's likely to shoot as soon as the door opens.

Why are Keith and I always on the same page lately?

Politeness prevents me from commenting. Alright, here we go!


Now this is more like it.

Damn it.

Isn't that guy going to be upset about his window?

I'm going to leave that one to the SWAT guys. Now we just have to wait for the smoke to clear...

Alright, now let's see if we have any unconscious scumbag drug dealers in here.

Well, you guys have successfully tear-gassed a booby trap. Lytton's finest at work!

Shut up. Come on, let's check this place out.

I'm going to guess that's not ketchup.

He probably killed Woody here, then dumped him and his car. Damn it, that means he hasn't been here for a while.

So he went out in the morning, dumped the Walrus, and then off into the wilderness?

Hopefully we can find something else here that'll tell us where he might have gone.

How bad is it back there?

Not bad.

Looking at the tiled sink, you see what appears to be a business card.

Well, I think we figured out where he's going next. Good thing you made those phone calls.

Let's hope we can intercept him before he gets there. Better finish searching the room first, though, in case there's something else here.

Thanks, Keith. Good job.

That sounds so unnatural.

I know. It felt weird while I was saying it.

I guess he was in too much of a hurry to notice that Woody still had the corner.

Or else he left it in his hand deliberately, hoping I'd take some buckshot to the face on the way in here.

Now that's just plain inconsiderate.

Oh, did he have some entertainment while he was here?

Let's grab that and bag it.



No. No, no, no...

Let's not jump to conclusions, Sonny. It's just pink lipstick.

Get your ass in this car.

Marie's. Now.


Shut up.

Sonny, I-

I said shut up! The door's locked.

Next time on Polic-

No. Not now.