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Part 37: Policenaut Against The AP

Welcome back. Things were looking pretty grim for Jonathan and Meryl. And Karen and Ed. And Marc and Anna, too. Really, everybody's kinda screwed.

Find out how screwed video-wise. (recommended viewing)

Jonathan, AP's deployed to the Tokugawa Building - with EMPS.

It's just you and me now. Gates and Tokugawa... they call all the shots here. I tried getting some backup, but....

Everyone's ignoring me. They know the score. Jonathan, we have to get off Beyond.

We'll be killed! Who do you think's gonna help us?

Especially with Lorraine.
What are you talking about?
I can't just leave. I made a promise to Lorraine.
Jonathan, we don't stand a chance.

As a Policenaut.
Don't be a fool!
The Policenauts were 30 years ago!

If Policenauts has any tagline, it's this one. Even the Japanese trailers from back in the day would transliterate Jonathan's line here to "The Policenauts mean a hell of a lot to me!"

Besides, we need Gates' marrow to save Karen.
Jonathan, it's a trap! Think about it!

For those of you who think Meryl's gone uncharacteristically soft on us, she fortunately decides, "Yeah okay, what the fuck."

I have to fight.
Okay. Count me in. I hate hospitals anyway.
Meryl, there's something I want to give you.
Don't talk that way.
Your cigarettes?
And everything I've ever lived for.
You got it.

So Gates may think he has us - he's got the entirety of Tokugawa's mechs and AP, but we have one thing he doesn't.

A determination montage.

Jonathan loads up some ammo as he thinks about all the people he has to avenge.

Like Lorraine.

And Hojo- Hojo?! We're using him to psyche ourselves up? Alright, sure. Let the battle cry be: For Hojo!

There we go! That's more like it! A character I can get behind! We're avenging Dave too!

And Victor! That was pretty fucked up what they did to Victor. Who else?

Chris? Didn't she sorta try and betray us a little while ago? Okay, whatever. Who else? Oh! Ishida! For Ishida!

No? No Ishida? Well, okay.

For Ed...

And finally, for you, Doctor Collins. Your kindness will be repaid in blood and marrow.

Pictured: Jonathan Ingram, angry with his cigarette, lets it drop from his mouth.

And now, we're off to Tokugawa.

...I'm really gonna need all of you to suspend a lot of disbelief for this act, by the by. And what the hell, here's our last summary screen of the LP:

That's the Von Braun, the final EMPS type. We've yet to face it. Will we? I WONDER.

Go Inside

Hey, why not watch the rest of this update in video??? It's good! (I'd recommend, actually).

Nothing to it, Jonathan, nothing to it.... Let's go!

And with that, it's our first boss: The booby secretary from before!

Or no one! Whichever! Anyway, remember how much earlier in the LP, I was saying you'll want to switch off to keyboard instead of playing with the mouse for the action sequences? This one is pretty much why.

Now, it's Ingram versus five members of the AP. You pretty much can't avoid getting hit here, but if you're using the lock on feature, you can wipe them out after the first volley of shots.

And as you can see, they do paltry damage.

Nothing to it.

Whoa, shit!

After taking ... surprisingly little damage from that, the AP takes cover and it's time for the fight to begin proper.

Things start fairly simple as one member pops out at a time. You lock-on, shoot him, and stay ready for the next guy. Easy money. Someone in the thread earlier mentioned doing this without lock-on, which sounds really difficult.

Then they start coming two at a time, which isn't too much harder.

The third wave, they come in a constant stream of two, so as you down one, another pops up to replace him somewhere else. This time, you have to really react quickly to keep taking down the AP members.

The penutimate challenge is that they come eight at a time, which is where it gets difficult, especially as AP members in close proximity kinda messes up the lock-on a bit. But it doesn't last too long.

They end it another stream of AP, and then one last round of four guys.

The shooting UI disappears letting you know combat is over.

Just kidding!

This final AP member pops up, says something completely unintelligible, and fires off a couple shots. Kill him to end the scene for real.

(P.S. He's voiced by Hideo Kojima.)

This is gonna be fun.

Look; Elevator

This elevator goes straight to the Garden.

Get in elevator

Without Ed, Jonathan's narration just feels odd. Hmmph.

Press button

Back to the Garden.

And with that, the elevator begins its slow ascent.

Well, actually, the Garden is on floor 40, and we're only on 7, so...

But it stops at 20.

What happened?

A Goddard buzzes by the elevator, volleying one shot.

Coming up, Jonathan Ingram versus Tony Redwood, for the last time.