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Part 47: Tales of ROMhacking: Part 6

Tales of ROMhacking

One of the more interesting things about the ROMhack is the amount of praise we got for it, but for me personally, three fans stood out:

1. One guy in the LP who posted that he didn't know how he felt about "an LP superstar" coming and "saving the project." That's right, motherfucker, slowbeef knows binary. I mean come on, how can you not be happy to have broken through people's expectations?

2. A group of Russian Kojima fans who mentioned that - according to Google Translate - "there was a major obstacle to the translation but Comrade Slowbeef solved the problem" I mean come on, how can you not be proud? To have this weird artifact of how far-reaching your (silly video-game related) accomplishments could be?

3. akor1108 - I mean come on, how can you not think "Oh God, why did I do this?"





I don't even know what to say about it, so I leave you with this. Akor was a Kojima fan on the Junker HQ forums once known as "Metal Gear Alex" but he got frustrated with Junker HQ's lack of progress on the ROMhack and blamed Artemio and Marc as being lazy, so he got banned.

He came back as akor1108 and at some point, I came along and helped the ROMhack so... well...

Please try to imagine yourself in my shoes here. Where you've never done a ROMhack or any sort of game development project and people are patting you on the back, and then...

On release of our first demo of the English version:

akor1108 posted:

Oh man.


It may not be the release, but just the sign and constant update on the progress of the patch makes me happy.
It is people like you that keep the world going. willing to make a few sacrifices for the greater good (or enjoyment).
you will not be forgotten!

akor1108 posted:

That is extremely good news to hear! I've been reading this board ever since it started a kajillion years ago. I am so proud of you slowbeef. Seeing your work come to beautiful glory is always something worth remembering and sharing. DON'T LET YOUR FIRE DIE! you have to! I want to say that people were annoyed by the progress that WASN'T made until YOU came into the program. THANKYOU SO VERY MUCH.

We need more people like you. people who WON'T give up.

by the way. I'm MetalGearAlex. go ahead and ban me again if you like. I was tired of waiting. so I have about 3 other no-names ready on different IPs. if you decide to ban this one.

You guys were honestly jerks. I was just trying to get a reaction out of somebody. I basically sacrificed myself in order to get someone to say. Hey, maybe these guys are seriously into this thing! Let's do it.

OKAY... please don't ban me. It's more that I'm just persistent. I am in the Navy you know. Persistence gets you along way. especially with the specific program I'm in. I am so stressed out.

This patch I have been looking forward to for ages is one of the few things I look forward to as a relief to my own hard work.


akor1108 posted:

PLEASE... don't give up. I feel good inside knowing what goodness you and the team will be delivering to the world. Please understand that this patch is one of the things many people are living for! Do your best, absolutely make sure you do not lose all your hard work. make sure you have backups of backups! And... if someone tries crashing your party, ie. some company might try to pull a fast one over your eyes and make you stop. WELL... You write up on this site as soon as possible, email us. let us know. and there WILL be a flood of supporters in stopping the injustice that potentially could come from some grumpy scrooge.

HELP US *insert names of team here*, You are our only HOPE!

thankyou again

On asking people what we should do about the telops and the fact that they are tough to translate:

akor1108 posted:

everytime I read the updates and this thread, I feel so good on the inside I just want to cum all over everything. yes. As for the labels of the characters, I personally think they are not necessary. as you stated before, their names are pasted everywhere at all times and in terms of aesthetics, the name on screen just adds to the clutter. I am a very big supporter of art/aesthetics and quality, so much... you could compare me to a gay guy who likes to design clothes for women, I know art. and basically, the best art is the simple art that speaks multitudes. every small detail is important, too many details in one spot though can be overwhelming, which is why you need to balance it.

I think MGS2 is a good example of this. There were a lot of interesting peculiarities that you could spot out if you looked for them, but they were not blatantly shoved into your face.

Also, if it makes it easier to get this game finished and it does seem unnecessary to have the labels, I said follow the logical solution.

Kinda like an RPG. it's ? ? question mark for the name of the guy/girl until they give their names themselves or somebody else yells it out. it's cool. it adds to the mystery of the person, it adds to the sensation of "Hey! This person must be important!"

just like how the original Policenauts had some errors graphically, I think you can count this one as one of them.
A nice attempt though.

Please make this game happen! I know you will. absolutely know way this game cannot be finished within this year. hopefully soon. just make sure to always back up your info!

Excellent Raiden. Impressive Snake. You know what your doing.

Okay. Anyway, back to updates on producing the beta:

akor1108 posted:

If I was a girl, I would show you my titties and let you gawk at my snatch-er maybe not. You know for a fact that you got this program back up on its feet. and that's why we all thank you. BUT WE STILL THANK Marc and friends for not giving up in the first place. AS A MATTER OF FACT... in the Credits, you guys should ABSOLUTELY put your names in and date the shizzle for when it was completed. don't be modest, you guys deserve the recognition.

back up that info!

I am not sure why akor was so into us backing up info, but he was so...

On my frustrations with hacking the game:

akor1108 posted:

keep it up! I'm doing very bad, but I hope you guys are doing very good. Again, this is one of the coolest things I'm looking forward to.

Slowbeef, I understand how you feel with the game after the constant programming/editing stuff. You become like a researcher in the Amazon. You are only able to pick out the scientific things and it's hard to see beauty in anything anymore. DON'T GIVE UP.

everybody's tireless work will bring beauty back to the englishh Policenaut's-less gaming world.

I got my copy off of ebay from the same seller, Japan-trust. the game took a while to get here, but it's in excellent condition with everything included. but I think they are out of the game now.

One day, I posted:

slowbeef posted:

akor, I backed up my data today, so even if this laptop explodes, we're still in good shape.

Also, the list is at about ~25 things to do until beta.

akor1108 posted:

WHOA! Thanks for doing that Slowbeef. I believe I just contributed to the good of mankind (mainly those interested in the Policenaut's project) by constantly reminding you's all to backs that shiz up. Thankyou for making me feel special. I am so glad you did it. Seriously, I can't tell you how much it sucks to lose all the hard work done just because you didn't have a copy.

Good example, Alexander the Great's Library. You know how sucky it must have felt to all the people who spent their time collecting manuscripts, and rolls of story-filled, historical paper for that library? just to be burned down. they should have thought to save it on a flashdrive or something.

knowledge is dear to me, don't lose it!

Thanks again for the update, and keep it up!

akor1108 posted:

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love yous and thanks yous for doings this.

akor1108 posted:

thanks for lovings meez.

it only makes me want to pay for this project more.

I'll name the next undiscovered species that I will maybe discover someday after this site. junkherqusliowbeef

On the fact that someone registered on the JHQ forums and that there were 4 bugs left to beta:

akor1108 posted:

I love that even Leslie Nielson supports the Policenaut's Translation Project! PTP! Yeah!

Thankyou for being such a comedic genius L.N.!

I love your white hair and old gramps wrinkly face. You are the cutest funny man ever! Next to Robin Williams that is.

GO SLOWBEEF GO!! Thankyou Marc also!!! And Artemio and whoever else! 4 is a pretty sweet number!

This one... I have no idea.

akor1108 posted:

Here's a poem for all of you that I wrote to serve as inspiration!
I like the water
Because I'm an otter
What are you waiting for?
Go through the other door!
If there is no time for
Then you gotta score.
Into a "Marco Polo" game:
You're either hot or cold
Or lame-
Like the fallen soldier's name-
Tag on the floor
Flag raised in surrender towards
The other side to end the war.
Instead of dying heroically for
His country.
Like his fore-
Fathers did in honor of
Peace, liberty, and love.
Would decide
To give up?
Hadn't tried
To live up
To the fight
Trained for every day and night?
But a man with no bones
In the face of evil ones!
Done by some who shouldn't come
Fight evil
When they're just too dumb--
To commit!
Choose to quit
In the sight of mere hopelessness.
This is it, so upset
Full of fear, left for dead.
All regret
What it did
When you chose to lose the bid
For life and death, love and hate, yes and no-
You're too late
To save yourself.

Everyone else
Suffers because you failed,
Backed out, and buckled in.
The good side should always win,
Never surrender!

akor1108 posted:

This is not spam. this is motivation! Telling you to be your own man and don't settle for less! None of this patch would have been possible without someone taking the initiative. This poem also basically says that since WE are unable to make this patch happen, we are highly dependent upon you people. And this is how it feels to suck.

Free from attendants.
You have a lot to live for
But to give it up for help hints
Is dependence…
And please don’t be offended,
But taking life for granted
Will give you no advantage
In the long run…
For others would like to have it,
But they work on their own
In order to surpass it.
And would you accept it?

If you had abused your friendship
End up helpless,
Left alone to regret it?
I would fret it!
For it’s knowledge…
That gets the student through college,
It saves the human race,
And has prevented it from falling.
It’s evolution…
The passing of one’s seed,
And if you have nothing to share
Then call it poverty or greed.
For being able…
To live without a cable,
Means problems can be solved
By the light on your table.
And if disabled…
Help is better than a guess,
But don’t rely to heavily
On those who achieve success.
And I confess…
I once was a mess.
I let myself down and entered into stress
Because I digressed…
Into a boy that ended up with less
Instead of a man that could be able to invest
In his own best--
Achieving money, women, travel, and the rest.
Didn’t become a pest
But put his mind, body, soul to the test.
In a world…
Where it’s better to be a servant than a guest,
Providing for yourself
And others
Equals happiness!

No more sentence,
Start with independence.

akor1108 posted:

This is funny! I have never been received so "well"! I promise this is the last poem I post, and this is relevant to MGS3. Think about it as what the Boss might say to Snake after the final fight. it goes to the tune of Gun's and Roses sweet child O'mine. So I find it quite fitting. I won't do this again. I promise, or you can banish me. I only wish to inspire! This thread is interesting enough! Here I go... *ehem* it's called Anew ...

Open up your feelings
And express your pain…
Remind me of times
When you were happy again
And… don't let the world turn you
Upside down...

Feel free to cry
And empty your soul…
My shoulders hold your
Burdens old,
But only you
Can change…
That ugly frown...

The Joy, the Sorrow,
The Pain, the Fear…
The Fury that engulfs one
When the End is near-
And the only person
To hold you dear
Is your guardian angel
Over here.

Life's still living,
The heart's forever loving,
The time's still ticking
When the dark's still coming,
And the mind's still thinking
Of all the days…
Where places were stages
For the most amazing-
Acts of kindness,
Or words unjust:
It's better said
Than kept pent up.
And... the past's behind us,
Our future's ahead…
A new day awaits
When you make your bed.
You are
And will always be
Sweet child O’mine…

I seriously just want to be able to contribute something to this board that might be useful. I'm done. honest. I go on haitus now. This is my gift to all of you for tolerating me!

After this, akor got a bit silly and I can't tell how trolly he got or whatever, but this was over the course of a fucking year, so wow. I'll leave you with his very last post on Junker HQ before we released:

akor1108 posted:

I'm going under water for 3 months on the 736 West Virginia, so I am absolutely hope that when I surface, that my gift for sacrificing my freedom for yours is that the Patch is done. PLEASE! GOD BLESS EVERYONE!

We never heard from him again, even after release.

So yeah.