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Original Thread: Bouncing into obscurity - Let's Play Pongo [Subtitled VLP]



There's lots of games on Steam. Like, tons! And it's inevitable that some will get lost to time. I make a habit of actively seeking out weird games that no one actually likes, though, and I found something I kinda want to share! Pongo is a first-person-platformer, very heavily inspired by Lovely Planet, a much more popular and polished alternative.You might be wondering why you'd want to bother with this game at all, given its competition, and there are at least a couple reasons! Pongo is much less combat-focused than its inspiration, and it adds some interesting new mechanics you'd expect while piloting, well, a Pogo-Stick. It's also super weird-looking!

This LP will hopefully be short and sweet, putting focus on the speed-running aspects of the game design and minimizing commentary. I've also removed the sound effects because they are boring and awful.

World One

World Two

World Three

World Four

World Five

Thanks for watching!


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