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Postal 2: Paradise Lost

by Kadorhal

Part 11: Thursday - 1/3

Hey, read this and I'll blow your mind: Running with Scissors played Borderlands, and they thought Claptrap was annoying! I know, impossible.

The plus side is that this is probably the most interesting errand to complete if you're trying for a pacifist run like an idiot who has to go fast or something. I'm not spoiling it for you, watch the video and see for yourself.

Zushio posted:

I remember it got a fair bit of flack (no surprise) because of the whole opening 9/11 joke where the hijackers question their faith and change their minds at the last minute, only for the passengers to storm the cockpit and doom the plane. It was genuinely very distasteful and crude, but younger me laughed like a mother fucker when I actually saw it.

GamesAreSupernice posted:

I think the opening scene was one of the highlights honestly. It is distasteful and crude, but it's also pretty clever.

Yeah, that's the only scene of the film I've seen more than once or twice. It's exactly as you guys say, distasteful as all hell, but at the same time hilarious.