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Postal 2: Paradise Lost

by Kadorhal

Part 13: Thursday - 3/3

Since the romp through the redneck's building was in reverse order, it's only appropriate that the part where I lose all my stuff happens after I get out.

It's not that much of a hindrance. Especially if you left some stuff around town for yourself, you can re-equip yourself pretty quickly with some decent weapons - and even then it's not really necessary because you get some good things back almost as soon as you check out their hideout.

Also, we meet the one, the only, Milo Yiannopoulos. No, I hadn't heard of him before this game, either. However I have since noticed some idiotic tweets (what a shocker) from him that have convinced me he has to die in this game. I did kind of make a promise to people on another website, after all, I don't care that none of them are even aware of my LPs.