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Postal 2: Paradise Lost

by Kadorhal

Part 17: Friday - 3/3

Oh hello, look who completely forgot what day it was!

You know what else is nice about Friday in Paradise Lost? The last errand I did in my LP of the original game and the last errand I'm doing today take place in the same area and involve the same person. Although Uncle Dave's gotten a bit more active lately, as for this errand he follows you around and shoots anybody that tries to interfere. Or, at least he tries. He does get caught up on level geometry all the time if you're not carefully watching him, but it's the thought that counts; and given how dangerous the MP5 turns out to be in the hands of a couple dozen NPCs, the effort is very much appreciated.

For the endgame I'm gonna try to pick up the pace a little bit and put out videos every two or three days depending on how fast I can work. We might even get a double-feature and a stinger that's actually relevant to the game I end up LPing next. That said, the next video's giving me some bullshit about the first pass somehow having more frames than the second when I run it through zarx264, so we'll see about that.

EDIT: Found another point to cut off the first half of the finale so it's about 15 minutes instead of 22, and that was good enough for my editing programs. Should be on-track to finish this within about a week.