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Original Thread: The Art of Pacifism - Let's Play Postal 3 [VLP]



Let's Play "Postal 3"

Postal 3 is an exercise in freedom of expression, and if you want- an exercise in patience. I'm a big fan of both, so I found this game to be particularly enjoyable. The crude, tasteless and intentionally goofy storytelling is easily the highlight, and it all reeks of smug self-satisfaction. The game insults the player, and your reward for perseverance is to endure more merciless mocking and aimless social commentary. I wish more games had the balls to be so shameless.

Does it all mean anything, though?

The game carries on the themes of its predecessor, Postal 2, but it's a lot less artistic about it. Postal 2 was “only as violent as you are”, and the same can be said of Postal 3, but Postal 3 is less interested in gray morality or nuances. There are two black and white paths to choose: Good or Insane. Being insane is easier, more fun, and allows you to use the crazy variety of messed up weaponry to your enjoyment. Being good is... boring, and difficult. It's similar to Postal 2's thematic take on morality, though it lacks the depth. Being good is hard and boring, being bad is easy and fun. The message hasn't changed much.

The thing that sold me on Postal 3 in the end was its hidden third ending, which you receive only if you complete the campaign without killing someone. It's a monumental task and your only reward is a cutscene, but it's physically possible to play this entire game non-lethally. Again, being good is hard. Being a pacifist in a world of murderers is even harder.

How does the game play?

The core gameplay is probably what disappointed people the most. It's comprised of largely linear objective-focused traditional videogame levels. You shoot men or collect things or guard someone, then you move onto the next level and do it again. I think the shooting feels fine, and I appreciate the wide variety in locations and the odd attempt at enemy variety. That being said, the sheer repetition of things could easily get to a lot of people.

There is one particular mission that was bugged beyond all reason, but aside from that, most of them seemed to function as intended. There were the occasional freezes, but that's what the quicksave is for, surely.

So let's go forth and be sane. But no spoilers, please.


The Paradise Bridge

Porn World

The Robbery

Police Academy

On Patrol

The Arcade

Border Patrol

The Lab

On Patrol... Again

The Raid

Gay Rodeo

And So It Ends
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