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Original Thread: Topical Jokes and Cutting Edge Graphics! Let's Play Postal III



I hate that fuckin' name. Let's Play Postal III!

About Postal III
Postal III, released in December 2011, is the direct sequel to Running With Scissors' infamous 2003 release, Postal², which was banned in several countries because of its content.
Postal III is an over-the-shoulder shooter, in contrast to Postal², which was a first-person sandbox shooter, unique for its way of handling moral choices. In Postal², the titular character, "The Postal Dude" was given daily tasks and could complete them in any way that you chose, from extreme pacifism (lining up, buying milk) to genocidal maniac (killing the shop owner and everyone inside, tackling an Al-Qaida cell).
Postal III took the things that made Postal² great, looked at them for a second and then threw them out the window. The sandbox style gameplay has been replaced by two linear paths of missions.
The paths are based on a Good or Evil system that is based on whether you kill NPCs or just knock them out. The paths are completely interchangable and you can swap paths just by killing 10 NPCs (or not killing 20).

That being said, Postal III is still a pretty fun game to play, if you have the stubbornness to sit through the constant crashes, the strange bugs and the gameplay mechanics. The humour is pretty hit and miss (mostly miss) but can be funny at times. It tends to suffer from being a bit topical, which would be great if we were playing it some time in 2008.

Anyway, that's enough about Postal III for the moment, I'll explain things more as we come across them. The Game starts with The Dude trying to escape the nuke that he set on his old home, Paradise, Arizona.

Some points of interest
Seeing as Postal III has a Good/Evil system, I will be taking votes on some of the choices you can make in the game. After watching the first video, you can vote on whether you want to side with the Cops or the Eco-terrorists

If you haven't ever seen or played Postal, and have a lot of free time to kill at the office, all of these videos are going to be . Don't blame me if your boss fires you for poor taste in humour.

If you have something you'd like to see, or have an alternate way of doing missions, feel free to post about it in the thread. I'll try to show off as much as I can!


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Bonus: Dude's ArsenalYouTubePolsy 
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