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Prey: Mooncrash

by rojovision

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Original Thread: Become Simulated Typhon Food in Prey Mooncrash - Also There's Regular Prey



Mooncrash is a standalone expansion for Prey (2017). It turns the open world narrative game into a roguelite experience with persistent elements. We're a hacker apparently indebted to KASMA Corp, and to fulfill our contract we'll have to run through a corrupted simulation to discover what happened to Talos's Pytheas moon base. Whatever happened it couldn't have been good because it seems everyone is dead and there are Typhon on the loose everywhere. Mooncrash will also add a non symmetrical Typhon vs Human multiplayer mode called Typhon Hunter, but that hasn't been released as of the time of this writing.

About the Playthrough
I tend to get bored of roguelites and roguelikes alike after a bit, and initially I wasn't sure how much I'd play. However, I've had a lot of fun coming back to Prey and it seems there's a bit of story here which may keep things interesting. I really liked the story in the base game as well as the gameplay / open world nature of things which made it feel kind of like Ultima Underworld in space with a touch of cosmic horror. That open world gameplay appears to be more or less intact in Mooncrash (though the base is smaller), and there may even be some interesting strategic elements as you select which characters go where in their bid to escape. As a side note I did a human mods playthrough of the main game back when it was new, though I didn't run a thread for it.

The ultimate goals for Mooncrash are to complete all of KASMA Corp's objectives and to escape the simulation with all 5 characters in one run, 4 of which need to be unlocked first. Once we've completed those goals, I guess I'll consider the playthrough complete unless something else comes up.


Main Game Playthrough (Human Mods Only / Nightmare Difficulty) (note: old / completed before this thread)

Mooncrash Playthrough
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