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Original Thread: Where did all the humans go? - Let's Play Primordia



Where did all the humans go? Let's Play - Primordia

About the game
Primordia is a point and click adventure game created by Wormwood Studios and published by Wadjet Eye Games. You may be familiar with Wadjet Eye Games as they have created the Blackwell series of adventure games and published other titles such as Resonance and Gemini Rue

You can find Dark IDs LP of The Blackwell Legacy and CrookedB's Lp of The Shivah there.

It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world devoid of humans and populated by machines. We join Horatio Nullbuilt and Cripsin Horatio-built as they set off to recover a stolen power core and all the troubles and friends that come with adventure.

The LP

The LP will be pretty minimalistic commentary in video format. The game has excellent voice work and music which are more than capable of talking for themselves. Also:


This is an adventure game that is all about the story. Please keep it free of spoilers. If you are afraid I may miss something really cool, by all means PM me.

If you wish to play it for yourself, it can be found on Steam or directly from Wadjet Eye Games Here

After playing, make sure to read their small story Fallen at the Wormwood Studios Facebook

Episode 1 - Where It BeginsYouTube
Episode 2 - The Search For Power YouTube
Episode 3 - Into the Maw YouTube
Episode 4 - Bright Lights, Big City, Bad FeelingsYouTube
Episode 5 - The Metropol RundownYouTube
Episode 6 - Cleaning Out the QueueYouTube
Episode 7 - Empty JusticeYouTube
Episode 8 - Law and FaithYouTube
Episode 9 - Memory and ConstructionYouTube
Episode 10 - I Am NOT No OneYouTube
The Finale - This Ends Now. Everything Ends NowYouTube

Bonus Information (Spoilers!)

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  • Book of Man
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