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Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

by Coulis

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Original Thread: "My arm glows and I hear voices" - Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones [VLP]


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Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (aka The Two Kingdoms in France or Rival Swords on Wii and PSP) is the final opus of the revamped trilogy started in 2003 by Ubi Soft, based upon the famous creation of Jordan Mechner. It's principally a platforming game but also contains combat and puzzles.

So what's the story ?

As this is the third episode of the trilogy, you might want to check Sethur's LP of the Sands of Time.
In the Sands of Time, we follow the story of the young Prince of Persia who tries to impress his father by obtaining one of the maharajah's most precious treasures: The Dagger of Time. This dagger can actually control time and also acts as a key to the hourglass of Time: the container of the sands of time. Thanks to an eeeeeeeevil Vizir, the Prince releases the Sands of Time, which turns every inhabitant of the palace into sand zombies with the exception of the vizir, the princess of the defeated kingdom and the prince himself. The prince falls in love with the princess and eventually is able to capture the sands of time again. But his beloved dies in the process, so he decides to rewind time before everything goes wrong. He sneaks into the enemy's palace, meets Farah (who doesn't know him yet of course) and retells the entire story of the game. The Vizir breaks in and starts to fight the Prince, eventually admitting that he is eeeeeeevil and bla bla bla. Vizir gets killed and the Prince wins again.
In the Warrior Within, we discover that the prince can't fuck with time eternally. A kind of magic terminator called the Dahaka is send to kill the prince because he is a living paradox. The Prince, now enhanced with a dark and edgy style, goes to see his mentor to learn some protips. The mentor tells him that he can go on the Island of TIME, where the Empress of TIME created a long time ago the Sands of TIME. And so he goes there, goes back in time and encounter a busty emo chick called Kaileena who is the servant of the Emperess. She helps the prince in his quest to stops the creation of the sands of time. So basically you run across the island, pulls switches and eventually discovers that the chick is the empress. Seeing struggle like a retard against your fate bought her some self-confidence. So now she wants to live too by fighting you !
By defeating her, she explodes (???) releasing farts made of sands of time.
The prince goes emo again but finds a booklet telling him how to use a mask to rewind time again. He uses it to encounter Kaileena again and to find a more peaceful solution and avoid the creation of the sands of time. If you have collected all the life upgrades, out of nowhere, a WATER SWORD appears and you use it to kill the Dahaka permanently.
And so the Prince and his beloved returns to Babylon...

OOOOkay... So why should I watch this ?

I think it's a pretty good game, keeping the combat system of the second game with the atmosphere of the first one. But many people stopped with the Warrior Within (dissapointed, I suppose ?) so I will try to give you the conclusion of this saga.

How are you handling this LP ?

Video LP with audio commentary. Of course, as the story is pretty important I will try to avoid talking too much. I am not really interested into cracking up jokes and doing a 100% descriptive commentary, so expect some info concerning Ubisoft or vaguely related elements.
I am not the best gamer in town but I can manage myself. So don't expect uber-gaming performance. I will pick up all the life upgrades.

Table of Contents

"We all make mistakes. Some are small, some are large. But his
mistake, born of innocence, fuelled by pride, was the greatest and most
terrible of ‘em all."

Viddler - Self-Hosted(Vaos)

"Many years ago, I journeyed with the Maharajah of India to the Island of Time, intending to claim its secrets.
What we discovered was a barren, ruined place; its halls deserted, and its guardians gone to sand.
Strange tales adorned its walls, which spoke of an Empress. An Empress of Time!"

Viddler - Self-Hosted(Vaos)

"You have been infected by the Sands of Time, as I’m sure you have guessed.
Maybe it’s the Dagger, maybe it’s all the time you spent amongst the Sands, or… amongst the Empress…
Either way, you are resisting it…mostly."

Blip TV - Self-Hosted(Vaos)

"The once bright and vibrant streets of Babylon now stood all but
deserted. Its inhabitants either dead or fled. Those left behind suffered
terribly: captured, tortured and transformed."

Blip TV - Self-Hosted(Vaos)

"I don’t like the looks of this."
Blip TV - Self-Hosted(Vaos)

"I have heard tales, wondrous tales, of a beautiful…and brave, princess
of India. One who has…travelled to Babylon, seeking to punish…an evil Vizier,
who has caused her great distress.."


"To conquer a city is one thing. But to do so with such violence and
cruelty is something else entirely. I will return EVERY BLOW he has landed
against my kingdom!"


"Traipsing through a brothel while your city falls apart. That’s not
what I call heroic."


"In my youth, I would often lose myself in the back alleys of the upper
city. I spent hours running and tumbling… imagining myself all manner of
creatures… The rooftops and passageways were secret windows onto other worlds…
But now everything has changed. The color bled away and the sounds of life
replaced by a heavy stillness… It has all gone dark and bitter… "


"Where is the Prince I used to know? You’re a hardened warrior.
Stop being so…sentimental. It’s not like you."

BlipTV - Vaos

"All hail the Prince of Persia! The greatest hero the land has ever
known! You have saved the people of this city! And we have come to repay the


"Do not take another step! I am impressed you made it passed my little
welcoming party. Impressed, but also quite annoyed. You have robbed me of my
strongest allies. It would be unfair of me not to return the favor."


"Time is precious, time is fleeting, time…is something you have too
little of."


No quote today because there is no voiceover in this update !


"Most people think time is like a river that flows swift and sure in one
direction. But I have seen the face of Time, and I can tell you…they are wrong.
Time is an ocean in a storm. You may wonder who I really am, and why I
say this. Come…and I will tell you a tale like none you have ever heard…"

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