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Prinny: Can I really be the hero?

by Ragny

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Original Thread: Like Super Meat Boy but with exploding penguins. Let's play Prinny, dood!



Prinnies are penguin creatures from Disgaea, a series of japanese tactical rpgs. They are the souls of criminals sent in the Netherworld and reincarnated into demon penguins to be slaves and atone for their crimes. Prinnies are basically the weakest monsters in their world because of their crippling weakness : they explode when they're hit by anything. Kind of like nitroglycerine.

Prinny, Can I really be the Hero? is a spinoff of Disgaea. It is an old school platformer that is very hard. The game is divided in 10 stages. The 6 first stages can be played in any order. The order you play them in actually changes the layout of the levels and you get different little scenes and sometimes different bosses at the end.

Which difficulty are you playing?
There are two difficulty settings, Standard and Hell's finest. The only difference between the two is that in standard, you die after getting hit 4 times. In Hell's Finest, you die in one hit. I will first do a playthrough in Standard and then I'll see if I can muster the will to do another playthrough in Hell's finest. Scratch that, I decided to do both at the same time.

So in which order are you going to play these levels?
Whatever order the thread decides. That's right, you get to vote which level I play. Keep in mind that for every level completed, all the other levels get harder, so choose wisely. Or don't if you want to see me suffer a lot.


Youtube Playlist

10 hours left : Magma HideoutYoutubePolsy
9 hours left - High Tome ForestYoutubePolsy
8 hours left - Death's WatchtowerYoutubePolsy
7 Hours left - Demon Sea AriaYoutubePolsy
6 Hours left - Demon Sea AriaYoutubePolsy
5 Hours left - Moab FortressYoutubePolsy
4 Hours left - Aged Sage AltarYoutubePolsy
Passion of the PhoenixYoutubePolsy
3 Hours left - Black Dessert DesertYoutubePolsy
2 Hours left - Sweet PalaceYoutubePolsy
Penguin HellYoutubePolsy
1 Hour left - Sweet GardenYoutubePolsy

When you finish the game and collect all the pieces of the torn letter, you get access to Asagi mode. Asagi mode only has one stage music which plays for everyone of them so in order to make this less boring to listen to, from the second stage on, I have replaced the game's music with some pretty cool tracks from OCRemix. The link to each remix is included next to each video.

Asagi Mode 1YoutubePolsy 
Asagi Mode 2YoutubePolsyMusic
Asagi Mode 3YoutubePolsyMusic
Asagi Mode 4YoutubePolsyMusic
Asagi Mode 5YoutubePolsyMusic
Asagi Mode 6YoutubePolsyMusic
Asagi Mode 7YoutubePolsyMusic
The Martial TowerYoutubePolsy

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