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Prisoner of Ice

by Coulis

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Original Thread: "I got tentacles in my submarine !" - Let's Play Prisoner of Ice


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So what is Prisoner of Ice ?

Prisoner of Ice is the indirect sequel of Shadow of the Comet. While taking some characters and places from the later, the plot globally doesn't take much from it.

It is still developed by Infogrames with some people from the original team and was released in 1995.

To prepare the event of its release, Bruno Bonnell (Infogrames omnipotent CEO) even allow the writer of the game to publish three comics books based upon minor characters of the game: Pandora's Prison, The Gladius of Dusk and The City of Abyss.

What is it about ?

It's World War 2. You are Lieutenant Ryan, a American officer put aboard an English submarine: the H.M.S Victoria. After fulfilling a mission in the Antarctic to rescue two famous Norwegians anthropologists, you soon realize that everything is going to Hell. Why is the young Norwegian mumbling a incantation in a forbidden language ? Why is the captain so discrete about this "Operation Polaris" ? And why do the two mysterious crates found during the mission must be kept at a very low temperature ?

And why does Ryan seems so able regarding unspeakable creatures, occult books and Cthulhu Mythos ?

Why is it worth watching ?

I really have a deep fondness for Shadow of the Comet. But it is still an aberation regarding its gameplay.
POI corrects all the gameplay problems is very user-friendly. Besides, the graphics are gorgeous, especially the cutscenes.
But most of all...
Drugs were probably injected in the whole writing team of the game.
The plot is just batshit insane mixing Cthulhu Mythos, Terminator and the worst moments of Hogan's Heroes Nazi impersonations. Oh and needless to say that the voice acting is totally outrageous.

Sit back and enjoy!

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How to take a good picture of Cthulhu - Let's Play Shadow of the Comet !


Update 1 - Viddler - Join the Royal Navy! Retarded crew, torpedo surfing and refrigerator monsters.
Update 2 - Viddler - Wreaking havoc in an English base for the good of United States.
Update 3 - Viddler - Explosions! Monsters! Nazis! And TIME PARADOX!
Update 4 - Viddler - Who is the retard who put frozen monsters near a VOLCANO ??
Update 5 - Viddler - Let's travel IN TIME and use experimental weapons
Final Update - Viddler -

Unspeakable Bonuses

Scan of the original cover painting

The following comics are in French but you can guess much of the context and get very spoilerd by them !

Comic Book - Pandora's Prison The story of the Buenos Aires Library Director
Comic Book - The Gladius of Dusk The story of  Sears  WARNING ! HUGE SPOILERS ON THE GAME PLOT !


Bieeardo teaches us that Sweedish is evil:
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