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Project: IGI or Project: I.G.I - I'm Going In or whatever it's called is an action/stealth title released in 2000. Like many early games with stealth mechanics they usually mess it up somehow and P:IGI is no exception.

Like any true middle-of-the-road title it has good and bad points:

Dodgy AI

Everything else! ...dammit.

Anyone who complains about the lack of mid-level saves is a pansy.
Anyone who complains about the dumb story is also dumb.
Anyone who complains about ... well I can't think of anything else, because it's just that great.

Awesome junk from cool people!

From P.M.F.

From Sunday Punch

What the fuck is going on in this game?
Back when people used to buy games in stores, they came with manuals. Inside these precious documents, why stories were told! Especially when the developers couldn't afford a decent intro or tutorial level to tell you what the background was.

Manual Prologue posted:

Josef woke. The dark cell walls were still there, so was the chair where in which he had been beaten. His bed was as uncomfortable as it looked. He thought it had may have lice but that was the last thing on his mind.
The cuts on Josef’s face had stopped bleeding but the bruises on his chest were larger and darker than before. Then he heard the sound again.

Footsteps. The sound of footsteps was moving towards his cell. Josef’s pulse quickened, two men were coming down the hallway that lead to his cell.
The metal cell door swung open with a clang and white light flooded the small room. Flinching from the light, he tried desperately to look at the man in the doorway, silhouetted in the doorframe.

Slowly the large figure spoke, "Josef, it is I, your uncle". Josef’s heart froze. Uncle Jach! Jach Priboi was here; the head of the family was here. Jach Priboi stepped forward, his hands clasped behind his back. Closing his eyes, Jach lowered his head.
"Who did you call, Josef? Who? What did you tell them?" Jach asked gently.
"Uncle" Josef stammered. "I called no-one, I mean, it could have been anyone" Josef was panicking. "It must have been that Government agent, you know how hard-up Moscow is, they pay them nothing, they’ll sell anything, to anyone!"

"Wrong answer, Josef" Jach whispered. His right hand moved into view, it held a claw hammer.
Turning the hammer in his hand, Jach looked up. He smiled and a gold tooth gleamed. "My trademark, the hammer." Jach added.
Josef began to scream.


Located just outside Washington, the Pentagon’s elite counter nuclear terrorist unit had traced the call back to a cell phone. The report placed the call in downtown Tallinn, capital of Estonia.
Part of the former Soviet Union, Estonia lies between next to the Baltic Sea, with Russia to the east. The cell phone was still on and its location was being tracked by satellite.

Major Anya looked up briefly from the report. She paused. The caller knew about the deaths of 6 marines and the battlefield nuke they had been guarding. He knew about the storage depot in Germany and he knew how the security systems were brought down.
Nobody outside of the President and the top echelon of military intelligence knew this data. Not the Press, not on the Internet, no one, she thought.
The caller said he knew who had taken it and why. He was due to call yesterday, to discuss payment terms, how to ‘proceed with our relationship’, his words, but today nothing. He hadn’t called. This guy has been taken, Anya decided.

No more time to wait, Anya thought. Her monitor held the deployment of personnel, as usual, no-one local, not with the skill set this operation required.
She reached over to the phone, "Give me the London office", she ordered.

"I need a field op, he has to know Estonia, former Warsaw pact weaponry, local language skills for starters. Mission class is extraction, one target, male. Set it up, the usual channels".
This man better be good, she hoped, I haven’t much time; we haven’t much time.


Project IGI – the missions throw you into the deep end as Jones,former SAS soldier,now field operative for the West’s intelligence agencies.

Your mission is to track down Josef Priboi, Estonian Mafiosi arms dealer and bring him back for interrogation. He is being held at a military airfield. Satellites have pin- pointed the location, close to the coast, but in rough hilly terrain. Plenty of cover exists, enough to fly a rescued man out to the coast in a stolen helicopter if the local air defenses can be neutralised.
The base is guarded and surrounded with electric fences, minefields. It houses elements of an armoured airborne division of the Estonian army, so expect helicopter gunships with rockets, APCs armed with cannon and heavy machine guns.

The only questions Jones has, for now, are how to get in, how to get out and just who the hell is Josef Priboi?

Why is my character such a smug asshole?
Bio time! (Taken from the manual)

The Manual posted:

Name: David Llewelyn Jones
Nationality: British
Age: 35
Height: 180cm
Weight: 85kg (180lbs)

Jones’ start to life was not the best. Expelled from school at the age of 15, he quickly fell into a short career of stealing and racing cars. This ended abruptly after a high- speed chase turned into a high speed crash, killing his best friend and badly injuring Jones.

Juvenile detention followed a lengthy stay in hospital. Jones had a lot of time to reconsider his approach both lying in hospital and in his cell.
When he was released from detention, he took the advice of a family friend and joined the army.
This proved to be the turning point in his life, learning discipline, focus and respect for both himself and his comrades.

Jones served in the Parachute Regiment for several years before he successfully applied to join the Special Air Service (SAS).
Jones specialised in Russian and European tactic and languages, showing a flair for language he never knew he had. Jones is also exceptionally knowledgeable on former Soviet small arms, vehicles and aircraft.
These skills naturally led to covert surveillance missions in Eastern Bloc countries, measuring military strength and capabilities.

His natural ability for languages led him to the streets of Northern Ireland, combating terrorist organisations. [NOTE: We speak English here, asshole] Other tours of duty led Jones to the jungles of south east Asia. The high point of his career was fighting in the Gulf War – serving with small teams deep in Iraqi territory, the details of these missions are still classified.

Jones stayed with the regiment for ten years until he was injured in a training HAHO (High altitude, high opening) parachute jump.
Having been declared ’unfit for service’, Jones was invalided out of the service but recovered. His field skills were duly noted by the intelligence communities in both Europe and the US, Jones was approached and recruited to serve as an field operative.

Jones works freelance, choosing only the lucrative tasks, he specialises in solo roles, operating deep in potentially hostile territories. His extensive knowledge of former Soviet forces, tactics and territories means Russia, Eastern Europe and the Baltic states are regular destinations for David Llewelyn Jones.

So, when he was young, Jones stole shit and went on a joy-ride where he killed his best friend. Then he went to teen-prison and now he murders foreigners for a living.

What a dick...


Name: Major Anya
Nationality: American, probably (pannycakes: "Canadian, maybe")
Gloves: Yes

She tells you what to do - and mocks your stupid smug face. Her banter with Jones is actually quite charming, the chemistry isn't too bad. Or maybe that's because everything/everyone else is pretty dire.

How do I play this stupid thing?
Don't get spotted...if you do...well not much will happen. Maybe you'll have a few more guys to kill but that's no big deal right?

The manual has some helpful tips on telling you a story!

The Manual posted:

Before being contracted into the service as a covert operative, your field skills will be assessed. So it’s time to revise on areas and keep your mind fresh.


"I was arming a C4 charge on a power transformer 15km east of <censored by commanding officer> when the patrol spotted me. There were four guys about 20 meters away pointing an array of automatic weapons at me; and shouting nervously. Overhead the fly boys were closing in for another pinpoint bombing raid and an AA battery opened up in response, lighting up the sky.

My suppressed MP5 sub-machine gun was out of reach – all I had was my knife or my Glock pistol. This was the do or die moment. Too many targets and too far away for my knife to be of any use, my choice was clearly the Glock – but still I was outnumbered and outgunned.

Whilst the triple A opened up, I made my move. The soldiers were jumpy and the explosions overhead had distracted them. I brought my Glock to bear, damn! Only half a clip of ammo! A reload mid- fight could cost me my life. I ducked and rolled towards the nearest soldier, placing two rounds in his upper chest. His AK47 would make an excellent substitute. I rolled to the right and picked up the AK. The other three paused for a moment to watch their comrade hit the floor like a rag doll. Without a moment’s hesitation, I emptied the clip of the AK in a sweeping motion in the general direction of the three soldiers.

The first soldier crumpled to the ground lifeless, the second caught a ricochet in the chest and fell backwards, clutching his wound. The remaining soldier has thrown himself to the ground and was crawling to the nearest cover, trees, as fast as his elbows and knees could carry him. Dropping the AK, I ran to my MP5, cocked it and sprinted towards the tree line. Once there, I lowered my night vision goggles and dispatched the remaining soldier."

Here we have a fine example of the importance of the right weapon at the right time and the invaluable knowledge of how full your magazine clip is. In this instance, the best and most available weapon was in the hands of the enemy. Needless to say, the operative’s quick assessment of the situation and ability to use his brain before his weapon saved his life and ensured the success of his mission.

Things to note:
No AAA distractions!
No distractions of any kind!
No rolling!
No ricochets (maybe)!
No nightvision!
You'll be lucky if a shot in the HEAD kills someone, let alone the chest!

The correct way to response to this situation in P:IGI is ... run away and/or die.

Why can't I save my game? It's too hard!
Because you are a pansy.
I started this game in 2002.
I completed this game in 2011.
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