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by unfair

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Original Thread: Let's Play Project: Snowblind



Originally designed as a sequel to Deus Ex: Invisible war, this game was rebranded and set in a different universe when Invisible War sales flopped. It's more shooter and less RPG, but still has a bunch of interesting ideas that were stolen liberally by Human Revolution - so if you're familiar with that game this may be an interesting ride.

I'll be posting one or two episodes per week - this isn't a super long game so we'll probably get through it pretty quickly.

I love feedback - even negative comments are appreciated, that's how I improve. As far as I know this game doesn't have much in the way of interesting hidden things, but if there is something specific you want to see please let me know ahead of time.


Episode 1 - Hello Adam Jensen, I mean Nathan Frost
YouTube Polsy

Episode 2 - Sergeant Major Chung
YouTube Polsy

Episode 3 - Destroy the Rail Cannons
YouTube Polsy

Episode 4 - Jailbreak
YouTube Polsy

Episode 5 - Return to Base
YouTube Polsy

Episode 6 - Chasing General Yan Lo
YouTube Polsy

Episode 7 - The End of the Republic
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