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Puzzle Agent 2

by Xander77

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Original Thread: That's some DAMN good pre-chewed gum - Let's Play Puzzle Agent 2


This LP is also available on the Internet Archive! Some video LPs are kindly hosted by the folks on This means the original source videos will always be available for download or watching, even if the original video hosts are no longer available!


Puzzle Agent 2 is a puzzle adventure game by Telltale and (naturally enough) a sequel to Puzzle Agent, which has had an excellent LP I recommend you watch:

The original game was a twisted amalgam of the works of cartoonist Graham Annable, aka grickle and a plot inspired by David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick and the Coen brothers (most notably Fargo). The second game, by comparison, is pretty damn weird.

Most Telltale games are somewhat simplified takes on the classic adventure game genre, but Puzzle Agent is a combination of adventure game and the ever so reviled "puzzle game" genre. Oddly enough, it works quite well, possibly because the puzzles are an integral part of the plot rather than obstacles tacked on at random intervals.

The LP is going to be video based, solo voice commentary. At the end of each update there's an audience participation puzzle, screencaps of which will be posted in the thread. Each puzzle solver will be awarded an arbitrary number of points, and the person with the most points at the end of the LP will win a fabulous mystery prize!


- As the previous LP pointed out, "Once you see this game through once, it sort of takes the magic away in subsequent playthroughs. Watch the first few videos and if you feel that you'd like to buy and try the game I suggest you do. You have been warned."

- The game essentially assumes that you've played through the previous entry into the series, and are already interested in the story. Therefore, it takes a while to get going and doesn't really bother to recap the previous events. Once more, I earnestly recommend you check out the last game (in LP form or otherwise) before you start watching. It's totally worth your time.

Table of Contents

Character bios

Nelson Tethers

The only known member of the FBI's Puzzle Research division, Nelson is back in Scoggins to finally solve the puzzle left behind from original Puzzle Agent game. May have found some unexpected sexy help among the locals.
Has a gum addiction. Like, to the point of sucking down leftover gum frozen in the last winter, addiction.

Jim Ingraham

A fellow FBI agent working at vegetable crimes. Admires Nelson for being a daredevil adventurer who has been out of the office a whole week. That's pretty much all you need to know about how interesting Ingraham's life is.
Could he be a distant ancestor of Jonathan Ingram of Policenauts fame? Probably not. Don't know why I bothered asking, really.

Martha Garret aka "Ma"

The usually cheerful proprietor of "Valda's Inn". Circumspectly aiding Nelson despite pressure from the locals. Who is pressuring her to keep Nelson out of Scoggins? Why even run an inn when the only guest is the occasional FBI agent? And is the infamous "Hot Dish" just a bit of desperate innuendo created for a quick laugh? Stay tuned to find out.


A space traveler that shows up in Nelson's dreams. Is he a spirit guide? A reminder of Nelson's childhood aspirations to be something more than a puzzle solver? A fictional ancestor of Jonathan Ingram of Policenauts fame? Who knows.


Looking for his brother Darrel. Kind of a dick about it. Nonchalant about the number of missing people in town, which bodes ill for our quest.


Darryl's brother. Missing. Presumed eaten by a jackalope. Elder brother Larry could not be reached for comment.

Alfred Verstecht.

A anthropologist researching the folklore of Scoggins. Way too meta for my tastes.


Steve (no last name) is a nervous fellow that makes calculations for his semi-illegal and increasingly convoluted smuggling business at the Moose Ear diner.

Glori Davner

Isaac Davner's wife and the proprietor the Moose Ear Diner. Thinks that minor incidents involving chainsaw attacks should be left as bygones.

Sheriff Bahg

I'm pretty sure his name is Richard and he calls himself Dick for short. And all letters are signed as "D. Bahg".


I'm saying he's an asshole I do not like.

Malkorka Teterdottir

The Scully to Nelson's newfound Mulderness?


A member of the Scoggins Brotherhood. He is an excellent runner. An excellent runner.


The head of the Scoggins Brotherhood. Apparently not as malicious as we first assumed.

Olav Wellhaven

Korka's former partner. Investigating the connection between Lunacy and astronomy through math. Apparently no one told him Lunacy isn't actually a thing. Unbeknown to Korka, may in fact be the offspring of a Sasquatch and a troll.

Director Jennings

Here to take charge, kick ass, and drink milkshakes. Also, silence overtly curious agents. The best character in the game, no question about it.

Unknown agents from an undisclosed agency.

Top men. Top Men. Here to keep the situation under control.

Ed Davis Isaac Davner

A former astronaut and the latest in a long line of people whose word Nelson takes without question.
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