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ROM Corruption Megathread

by Pizzatime/Various

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Original Thread: CORRUPTION



So there's this program called The Vinesauce ROM Corruptor. You might've heard of it from videos like that one.
To keep it short and simple, this thing lets you write bytes into ROMs, or move them around, or erase them altogether, making the games go nuts in the process. I'm here to do just that and hopefully you'll enjoy watching the results.

Consider this a megathread. If you have something to show for, go for it. Just use some common decency and keep it up to a certain standard. Considering that, here's a little Vinesauce video tutorial I made. What I forgot to say in this, the "Corrupt Every _th Byte" bit is probably the most important. The lower it is, the more likely you are to get crazy corruptions, and the higher it is, the less likely the game is to crash. For N64 stuff see The Vinesauce N64 Corruption Guide.

The world doesn't end with Vinesauce though.

Zamujasa posted:

If you have FCEUX you can use some scripts for real-time memory corruption.

This one has a few buttons:

A: Corrupt a random byte of RAM every frame while held down
S: Change a random byte of RAM by +/- 1
Q: Corrupt the extra RAM/SRAM some carts have
Z: Rewind

Zamujasa posted:

Here are some videos that were created with the RAM-based corruption tool:

Duck Tales's sound engine getting clobbered and singing the title theme in a drunken way:

About an hour of random SMB3 corruption, with a lot of dead air (it was streamed live):

There's also one that corrupts the ROM itself as you play it, but I don't know if it's online anywhere yet: (I don't know if this is a video it's used in, but his streams sometimes use it)

There are a lot of options and styles out there that can produce radically different results

"Corrupting" the CPU (basically, making the CPU not work as intended)

It can create some... interesting effects. You have to actually hack at the emulator's source for this, though, so it's a bit involved.

Click the pictures for videos

Super Street Fighter 2 (Corruption Stream 1/3)

F-Zero (Corruption Stream 2/3)

SNES grab bag (Corruption Stream 3/3)

Rival Turf

Mickey's Magical Quest

Super Mario All-Stars

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Super Metroid

Super Mario World

SNES grab bag 2

Journey to Silius

SNES grab bag 3

Kirby's Adventure

Super Mario Bros. 3


sorry about my yard

1 2 3 4 Bonus

A short Mega Man 3 Remix

Super Mario Land

v Streams v

Mega Man 3 with Dyslexiactic, Xarlaxas, I am the M00N and Chives

Full thing's here:

Track & Field with Heavy Sigh, Dithiannim and Maswastaken

Super Mario 64 with Maswastaken and Dithiannim

Kirby's Adventure with Xarlaxas, Maswastaken, Dithiannim, Dyslexiactic and Heavy Sigh

Full thing's here:

Mario Kart with I am the M00N, DrGreatJob, Xarlaxas and ElTipejoLoco

Full thing's here:

The Legend of Zelda - Part 1 with Dithiannim, Maswastaken & Xarlaxas

The Legend of Zelda - Part 2 with Dithiannim, Maswastaken & Xarlaxas

The Legend of Zelda - Part 3 with Dithiannim, Maswastaken & Xarlaxas

The Legend of Zelda - Part 4 with Dithiannim, Maswastaken & Xarlaxas

Super Mario World with ElTipejoLoco, Xarlaxas, Maswastaken, Heavy Sigh and KingEffingFrost

Full thing's here:

Star Fox with Xarlaxas, Maswastaken, DrGreatJob and Heavy Sigh

Donkey Kong Country with Xarlaxas, ElTipejoLoco and DrGreatJob

Defender of the Crown with Xarlaxas, Maswastaken and a little bit of Dithiannim

1 2 3 4 5 Bonus

Super Mario World with Xarlaxas, Heavy Sigh, Maswastaken, DrGreatJob and I am the M00N

1 2 3 4

NES grab bag with the same guys

1 2 3

Mega Man 2 with mas

That's it folks!

A bunch of stuff by a whole lot of people

Mega Man X by Reive

Let's Try: "Tetris" by Habermann

RSCNyx with Mega Man 1

Power Blade by BB2K

Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventure by Combat Lobster

Super Metroid by AHungryRobot

Sunset Riders by Northan

Killer Instinct by Dyslexiactic

Power Blade 2 by BB2K

Super Metroid by KingEffingFrost

Final Fantasy V by ok Amazing

Subtitle commentary - No subtitles

Kuru Kuru Kururin by Robust Laser

Super Mario Bros. by Dex01

Mike Tyson's Punch Out by RSCNyx

Super Mario Bros. 3 by Dex01

Some Super Mario Bros. by Cheez

Little Samson by Lizard Wizard

A bunch of stuff without commentary

Super Mario Bros. and Ninja Gaiden by Reive

Yoshi's Island and Kirby Super Star by Time Traveller

Fenrax with Mega Man X

Lost Vikings by Combat Lobster

Mega Man 5 by Robust Laser

Donkey Kong Country by AHungryRobot

RC Pro AM by homphgomph

Metroid by Your Computer

Mario Bros. 2 by Your Computer

Zelda 2: Link's Adventure by Your Computer

Nightmare on Elm Street by widespread

Capcom stuff by Jazzbone

More Nightmare on Elm Street by widespread

Super Mario Bros. 2 by Ropnoic

Pokemon Crystal by Carbon dioxide

Earthbound Zero - The Audio-Visual Experience by NegativeElectron

The True Tetris Master by NegativeElectron


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