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Rage of the Gladiator

by TheWanderingNewbie

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Original Thread: Punch-Out!! 3.5ed - Let's Play Rage of the Gladiator



What is Rage of the Gladiator

Rage of the Gladiator was a WiiWare game that came out in 2010, it has since been re-released on iOS and 3DS with updated graphics. I’m not going to skirt around the issue, this game is Punch-Out!! with a D&D skin. The game also came out only a year after the amazing Punch-Out!! Wii so it has some similarities and differences to its predecessor, for better or worse. It does a number of things correctly but also does a number of things wrong. There are a number of fundamental flaws in this game and I will be pointing them out as we go along, however I don’t feel it’s enough to make it a horrible game.

Thread layout

Ground rule, NO SPOILERS this game does some cool things, please do not spoil them. Videos will be posted on Sunday and Thursdays. If you’d like to see something that I didn’t point out or go over feel free to ask. Also there may be some streams of the game at certain points, for things that would be easier in that format then a standard video.


Intro and Tutorial - The basics of Punch-Out !! with slightly different rules, also the story

Tagon - He's Glass Joe and he's ready to lose

Horlan the Crusher - Can't quite put my finger on who he's based on from Punch=Out

The Sea Witch - Why does a Medusa need so many weapons?

Amit the Charmer - Soooo... from monsters... to a snake charmer... right...

Gargadan - I don't think three heads are better then one

Nagano - What a ninja and no Hanzo Steel?

Archdevil Malzor - This is the final boss right? Where do you go from the Devil?

Ixthid - So, I hope you like lasers

Master Yee - Was not expecting a drunken master

Lord Vensor the 3rd - The man with the magic fingers

Tagon - Challenge Mode - Look at how new it is!

Horlan the Crusher - Challenge Mode - Trying not to point out similarities to Punch-Out!! Wii can be hard sometimes

The Sea Witch - Challenge Mode - The kid gloves are off

Amit the Charmer - Challenge Mode - Fuck Snakes

Gargadan - Challenge Mode - Time for more wacky Chimera antics

Nagano - Challenge Mode - Go Ninja Go

Archdevil Malzor - Challenge Mode - Hail Mr. Satan

Ixthid - Challenge Mode - I sure BEHELD him...

Master Yee - Challenge Mode - It's time to Slam Jam

Lord Vensor the 3rd - Challenge Mode - The Colors...

Creatos, Ending, and Final Thoughts - *Audible sigh*

Extras - Combos and Loss Quotes - Contains 2 Combos not shown in the main videos and snide remarks from opponents
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