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Rayman 2: The Great Escape

by SirShakes, tentril

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Original Thread: You Know What's For Real! Let's Play Rayman 2 [VLP]



Let's Play Rayman 2

Do I need to play Rayman to understand this?
The story doesn’t carry over really, so watching this LP won’t be confusing if you don’t know the first game. If you want to see it, Nidoking has already done an LP of it.

The Invasion of the Robot Pirates From Outer Space!
The game centers on the invasion of the Glade of Dreams by robot pirates from outer space. Rayman has to collect 1000 pieces of the world's core and reunite four magical masks which will awaken Polokus. Polokus has gone into hiding a long time ago, however as he is the creator of "all that is and will be," he is the world's last hope. So with the help of his friends Murphy, Clark, Ly, and the ever amazing Globox, Rayman sets out in search of the four masks in order to restore balance and peace to the world.

Rayman 2 took a darker and more serious tone compared to its predecessor, Rayman. Although, it was more involved with the plot, it never was too serious or in-depth and managed to maintain a good amount of hilarity. All in all, it turned out to be a fantastically fun game about saving the world, becoming a hero, and learning to live without any limbs!

Changing the Game
Rayman 2: The Great Escape is a 3D platforming video game, developed by Ubisoft and first released on October 29, 1999. It was considered to have raised standards regarding 3D level design and game play, and also received a lot of praise for its soundtrack and audio; both of which were considered spectacular. Besides the top of the line graphics and sound, Rayman 2 has very nice, incredibly tight controls. With smooth, tight, fluent jumping and running controls coupled with a pinpoint strafing-type combat system, all of which is almost never hindered by the camera, this game certainly deserves all the acclamation it has received. Honestly, there are very few 3D platforming games that can compete with this game's... everything.

System Porting Galore
It was first released for the Nintendo 64 and PC, and later the Dreamcast and PlayStation. It was then adapted for the PlayStation 2 as Rayman Revolution (Rayman 2: Revolution in North America), the Game Boy Color as Rayman 2 Forever (Rayman 2 in North America), the Nintendo DS as Rayman DS, for iPhone/iPod Touch, and on Nintendo 3DS as Rayman 3D. With all of this porting came a lot of changes: levels were cut, level entrances were moved, camera angles were zoomed out, and there was also some American voice acting. The most significant change, though, has to be the reduction of required lums in the Playstation version from 1000 to 800.

The LP
My buddy tentril and I will be playing through the PC version of this game. Every level will be completed, however we have no intention of getting 100% as that would take up everyone's time and probably ruin this LP entirely. There is, however, one special lum that we will, WE WILL, be getting. We will also post screenshots of the lore that is unlocked with the collection of yellow lums.

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Now, without further ado, let's play Rayman 2!


#1: The OK Escape

#2: Barrels O' Fun

#3: The First Mask

#4 Mike Wazowski

#5 Big Nosed Bush

#6 Whale Bay

#7 part 1: The Second Mask

#7 part 2: The Second Mask

#8 Clown Shoe?

#9 The Precipice

#10 The Top of the World

#11 The Sanctuary of Rock and Lava

#12 The 3rd Mask

#13 Happy Halloween

#14: The Final Mask

#15 The Prison Ship

#16 The End

Bonus Stages!

TV Show
#1 Lacmacnapping

#2 No Parking

3# High Anxiety

#4 Big Date

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