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Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

by Alexeythegreat

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Original Thread: Let's Play Rayman 3



What is this game?

- The last thing to happen to the Rayman IP before it being murdered by rabbids;
- Ironically, the thing that paved the way for rabbids by taking a "hip" direction instead of being a fairytale like the first two games;
- The second 3d Rayman game;
- The only Rayman game that has actual voice acting on all platforms;
- The lowest point in Billy West's career;
- The game that was criticized for its overall direction because of the times when its humor goes out of control;
- A damn fine platformer that has aged exceptionally well.

Where do I get it?

Jumping through hoops may be required to run it, especially on laptops.

What is this LP?
- An LP;
- The game has a scoring system, and there are ways to abuse it to get the high score... this LP doesn't do that, I will do the scoring off-camera with the sole purpose of unlocking the extras to show off;
- Some parts of the game have a massive (and I do mean MASSIVE) amount of dialogue and no subtitles, I do my best to not talk over it, but sometimes there's just no way around it. Where this happens, I subtitle whatever dialogue I happen to drown in my own speech;
- I do intend to show off all the relevant secrets; "relevant" meaning everything of interest, but I won't fret over missing a single matuvu (the blue lizard thingies that give you points);
- I do somehow manage to occasionally spout trivia about the French and Russian versions of the game or the origins of some concepts or how something compares to Rayman 2 or whatever else.

By the way, Rayman 2 is also available on GOG and I strongly suggest that you play it, it's great. It has also been LPd by Tentril and SirShakes.

The game is 13 years old and the story isn't Legacy of Kain. Still, I won't be surprised if someone is only familiar with Origins and Legends, so "keep 'em tagged" is the rule. All other games (including the other Rayman games or Beyond Good and Evil or whatever else could come up) are fair game. EDIT: Okay, seems like not everyone even knew this game existed. Definitely keep 'em tagged


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