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Part 16: Chapter XV: To Curse The Past

Okay, so like the end of last update suggested, we've got another back to back battle coming up. Actually, it's three battles before you can return to the world map, but your party is healed between the second and third battles. Make sure the following conditions are met: someone on your team can rare steal (so Jude or Jainus for a guaranteed spot. I like Jainus because he can increase his chances of rare stealing for a meager 1 SP), someone whose Original Skill is Light-based (so Schwarz or Fiona. I'm rolling with Schwarz because he's much tougher to kill, and can nullify physical counterattacks. No small matter, especially in the third fight), and Yumil. No, seriously. She'll make the first fight trivial.

Li-Ra Lua is the one party member I could probably switch out, but I could do with a good mage on the team. Eva could work, too, but she doesn't have Satori, so she can't assist the other melee fights as well. Let's rock. Through the middle

Don't tell me these bottom-feeders are actually making you nervous?

It will be all right. Once we are able to join forces with those inside, we'll be able to repel the demons.

Listening to you, it sounds like anyone with a pulse could pull this off.

Li Ra-Lua, do it.


Once we start this, there's no turning back.

Wasn't planning on it. Were you?

Really? Then show me you're not all hat and no cattle.

I never really paid much mind to Schwarz's line here, but I looked it up just now, and apparently "all hat and no cattle" is some Texan expression for someone who talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk (based on cowboy lingo, of course). Not an expression I'd expect to come from him. I mean, I can certainly grasp the intention from the context, but I've just never heard that expression before.

I'm not nearly as anal about it as you, but I don't like being annoyed any more than you do. But... What the hell, I'll play along. Let's get this party started!

As always, Blast Wing makes this is little more than exercise. Before you go to the next fight, make sure everyone's health is looking good. These guys certainly won't be bothering me for the next few turns.

Another Garvel battle. As always, the main danger here is being overwhelmed by the enemy's sheer numbers. And again, you want Yumil to eat at least one counterattack so she can stymie the enemy's numbers. The Garvel certainly doesn't need all that AP, does it?

Oh, I'm glad these Goblin Mages demonstrated this for me. One advantage of Float the game doesn't tell you is that Earth spells do absolutely nothing, except for reduce the Break gauge. Makes sense, but it's just not something you'd think it would do. Well, in Agarest 1 and Zero, the description for Float said that it did nullify some skills.

This is a fun EX Skill. Fighting Spirit increases Break value, so you can punch through the enemy's Break gauge in record time. That stacks with elemental vulnerability break increases,'ll see when Schwarz uses Dazzle Distraction later in this fight.

Just tears right through him. The Garvel hadn't taken much damage before this attack, but Dazzle Distraction ripped right through his guard and nearly killed him in one go. Quite glad I won't have to resort to an Ultimate Strike to get rid of him. I can already tell you he drops a White Frame as an Over Kill. I don't recall anything special about that armor.

After that, the remaining Orc that could move used his Original Skill against Jainus, Li Ra-Lua, and Yumil. He didn't do a lick of damage. Good ol' No Fear.

Oh, forgot to mention this. Gospel is one of the very best skills in the game. It just increases EXP received after a battle, but the good thing is that it's a very appreciable increase to EXP. You could get Gospel from Rank 2 or 3 Skill books, but the point is, just get it as soon as possible. Hard to say no to EXP increases, especially in boss fights.

Just the way I like it. Nice job everyone.

Also after the second fight, you can save if you want. I wouldn't recommend overwriting your running save file, just in case if you didn't come in with enough supplies or whatever. You could certainly use this save to fight the next boss again if you didn't like your performance, but uh... Reminder of the past. This is the 1000th video on my account

Li Ra-Lua, you've fulfilled your duty as I expected. And most importantly, you've returned unharmed.

I must apologize for taking so long. If I had returned a little sooner, the villagers would still...

Fighting demons is one of the duties given to us guardians. Those who have fallen understood what was expected of them.

Lovely sentiment, but understanding and acceptance are two radically different things.

Coming from you, those words carry a great deal of weight...and irony.

You do realize the fight is far from over, right? Save the philosophical discussions for later.

Yes, you are correct. Demons needs more than a simple beating before they understand their lesson. We must be more...forceful.

Be sure you don't cripple yourself, grandma.

Since they come from you, I shall accept those words as though they were a draught of the finest ale.

What're you panicking about now?

There's still a ton of demons around.

Y-You don't get it! A demon of incredible power just appeared! The orcs and goblins we've been fighting don't compare!

That's a sad way to do things, waiting until their numbers have been decimated before showing up.

Pathetic or not, it doesn't change the fact that the threat is still very real. Let us hurry.

I'll deal with this one myself.

Very well. We will deal with the other demons, then. I'm counting on you.

I remember you, from that one time...

You were of some assistance to me in the past. Allow me to thank you properly. Because of you and your compatriots, I was spared a great deal of pointless effort and toil.

So you're the one leading all of these demons. How did you manage to get control of them?

The weak obey the strong. Is that not the natural order of things? As insignificant and imbecilic as they are, they can understand that much at least.

So you chose to play with fire around a place like this. Well, play time is over. I'll let you off of the hook if you go away now.

You expect me to ask for mercy from a false hero of little importance who is little more than a puppet? How laughable.

You... It seems you want to die, huh?

I do not have the time to spare to play with mewling infants like you. Now let me give you a small reward for both completing my commission and for interfering with my plans. It's all yours.

By the way, just so you know...this is all taking place on Fendias. You know what there's a lot of in Fendias? Snow. Do you see any snow here? Oh Idea Factory...

Taming it took no small effort, but it should be enough to send you all to your deaths. What do you think? Is it not a splendid playmate?

Running like a frightened child?

My business here is done. Therefore I will be leaving. There's nothing more to it. Though even from the beginning, completing this task was all but guaranteed.

Guaranteed? What the hell are you planning?

Did you honestly believe I'd answer simply because you asked? If so, then you are truly an ignorant child.

You got me there. It was stupid for me to expect a reply, honest or otherwise. So screw asking for an answer. You're going to give me one, now. Better yet, how about you -entertain- me instead?

Perhaps after you defeat this one you can think of such things. Until then, please enjoy playing with him.

We really should take care of this guest first.

*Pant* *Pant*

What's wrong, Vanessa?

All right, time to get this-

Get out of my way...




This one's mine! So stay the hell out of the way.

What? Who're you- Hey!

So, although this guy is fighting us by himself, he's still really hard. Probably the hardest fight we've had yet. Mainly because, although he has an elemental vulnerability that is easily exploited, we don't have any weak enemies we can beat up to get Ultimate Points. In addition, his physical counterattacks are enormously powerful. We're talking about 3000 damage, depending on if he gets a critical hit. See All is mandatory here.

This is the reason we want someone who can rare steal. This is the first Divine Crest you can get in the game, and if the name wasn't enough of a tip-off, this is, by far, the best Attachment in the game. In fact, it's so good, there's only a limited number you can actually get in a single playthrough. That still means like...8-10 depending on how dedicated you are, but the more Divine Crests, the better.

Not very happy with a failing grade, but I really didn't want to refight this boss. If he had a couple mooks with him, things might have gone better. At the very least, I got all of his drops, except for his Over Kill reward. He is definitely more resistant to physical attacks than magical ones, so it might not have been a bad idea to switch out Jainus for Eva once I had the Divine Crest. Oh well.

This is not the time for me to be feeling my age. I really could use a break right about now.


Stop! This is why I despise dealing with mindless demons such as these. It's time to leave. Come on, shoo!


I will concede this battle to you. However, we will be the ones who win the war.

Hey, wait!

Vanessa, stop already.


Now that the demons have been scattered, they're no longer a threat.

Let's head back and care for the wounded.



All right, enough already.

Shut the hell up! This is none of your goddamned business! If that attack hadn't missed, I couldn've taken it down!

I'm sorry...

What are you screeching about? The demon escaped; it's not the end of the world. Deal with it.

While I find no beauty in Schwarz's words, I do agree with the sentiment they express. We will defeat it in due time. More importantly, why are you so obsessed with that one demon?

It's none of your business.

Then lay off of Yumil, okay? There's no use getting pissed at someone who isn't involved because you think she let the demon get away.



How about you stop sulking and start talking?

I've been searching for that thing so I can kill it. It's the reason why I became a bounty hunter. That demon...?!

No...I didn't realize...

Now you know my reason for hunting it. That should be good enough for you, right?

Yes, your explanation is satisfactory.

I'm...sorry...not knowing about that.

Whatever. It's not like I said anything. This is my problem.

In that, Vanessa, you are indeed correct. It is your problem. The reason your family was slain was because of you.

What did you just say?

More accurately, the reason why your family was slaughtered lies within you, does it not?

Are you saying that I was the one who summoned that demon? Screw you! I can understand the bitch just now could do it, but I could never do something like that, okay? That and I was just a child back then.

Child or not, you had the power. Or am I wrong?

Power...? What are you talking about?

Very well, then. It'd be better if you were to discover the truth on your own. However, be warned that in this case the truth will be more than a little painful for you. Especially since most humans prefer to never learn the truth about anything.


It doesn't seem like we can do anything more here. Let's go back and touch base with the elder.

I am merely guessing at this point, but I believe that is so. There is no other reason for them to come here.

If they were just intent on slaughtering guardians, the other clans are far more accessible.

Their assault wasn't particularly aggressive, was it?

Now that you mention it, it seemed as if they were more interested in observing than attacking.

If that is so, then we can be sure that they were after the third eye all of your people possess.

Indeed. That would also explain why demons came after Li Ra-Lua. Li Ra-Lua's powers are, they are greater than even my own. If they wish to steal the magic within the third eye, Li Ra-Lua or myself would be the obvious targets.

However, how someone managed to manipulate the demons is still a mystery... If you were to guard the transfer portals, something like this should not happen again in the future. Especially since the transfer portals are limited in the number of things they can move at once.

If we don't do something about that one chick, she'll likely attack us again.

She said something about her work here being done, but we probably shouldn't take her at her word.

State your reasons.

The first reason is that my continued presence could become an undue burden on the villagers.

The same could be said of me as well, could it not? Well, putting that argument aside for now, I'll hear your other reasons.

There's only one other... The other is so I can fulfill my promise. To become a -Maiden of the Pillar-.

I see... The light that shone upon you when you were born was a sign of what the future held for you.


(A light, could it be...)

Be sure that you fulfill this new responsibility.

Of course.

Please take care of Li Ra-Lua.

I planned on it, whether you asked me to or not.

Now then, we should get back to helping Yumil.

Indeed, time to get back to work. But before we get back to Yumil's situation, there is much to be done.

After all those events just now, if we got the Forbidden Tome from the Agnee Snow Field, we can resurrect the first generation's sealed heroes for a nominal sum, based on what level they were in the party before getting sealed by Eva. Weiss in particular is inarguably one of my best characters, even if he's lagging like 13 levels behind Schwarz and Eva, who are currently my highest-leveled characters. Oh, and the game describes them accurately as "marionettes". They're soulless dolls, and exist completely outside the plot. Creating marionettes is a complete gameplay conceit. Nothing to do with the story.

There's no reason not to do this, since all non-KO'd party members receive experience, whether they're in the active team or not. I decided to revive everyone. May need 'em someday... Just outside Frensberge, there's a super short event where the silver-haired girl from earlier is talking to someone about their plans. Another one of those "really short, not worth covering" events. Anyway, at the item shop, Sena gives us the 411 on a demon hanging out in northern Enhambre, near the mountains. Sounds like it's time for our sixth demon hunt.

Said demon is located about halfway between the Nanai Cave and the Lishius temple. Let's see what he has in store for us... Also, to prepare for this fight, bring along Li Ra-Lua and Eva, or just your best mages. Equip them with powerful Light and Water skills. Trust me, it'll make a world of difference. Versus Neo Chariot

Your first target is obviously the Demon. This guy, although he certainly looks menacing, is a pretty huge pushover, especially against Light magic. Pound him into the dust on your first turn with skills like Ascension, Holy Storm, and Earth Nova if you so choose. Point is, just get rid of this guy as soon as possible.

Here's the thing with the Neo Chariot: don't even think of attacking him with physical strikes. He is extremely resilient, and of course, he has a physical counterattack. He is highly vulnerable to magic, though, so that's why you want to be dropping Glaciers on him all the time.

The Neo Chariot also has the honors of being the first boss who can use both his Original Skills. Obviously, this makes him even more dangerous.

Thanks to that stupid Earth Spirit using Inferno against Eva and Ra-Lua, Eva fell below 20% HP. It's party time. I managed to kill the Neo Chariot pretty quickly thanks to it, but I had to use Ra-Lua's Original Skill two times to make sure he was dead. Oh well, as long as he's gone.

Yeah, I'm pretty happy with how that ended. I know the Neo Chariot gives you Three Stars armor as an Over Kill, and an Imperial Jewel as a normal drop, but I didn't get either. The Three Stars armor's only claim to fame is that it increases critical hit rates. Not a huge loss, but I wish I could have gotten that Jewel instead of Mythril. Much too late for regrets, though.

Now then, time for another batch of commissions. The commissions include 10 battles with Jainus, Jude, Vanessa, and someone else, 15 battles with Schwarz and the three Pillars, 10 Phantoms and 2 Iron Golems, 8 Earth Spirits and 8 Storm Knights, Over Killing a Demon, 2 Titanias, 10 Orc Mages, and 8 Nagas, and a couple money requests worth 25,000 and 50,000 Gold. No sweat, except for those Titanias. They are incredibly resistant to magic damage, but not physical attacks. All of these foes can either be found in the latest areas of the Groza Mountains, the Urim Mountains, the Fendias overworld, or the Agnee Snow Field. The reward is a few scenes popping up, so a short bonus video.

Also, just so you know, you shouldn't have any open commissions at the moment. There's a couple events I'll cover normally. Making up

Vanessa... Is there something the matter?

If you have the time now, would you mind coming with me?

I'm not doing anything in particular right now, so... All right.

It'd sound like a pathetic excuse if I were to tell you that I blew up at you because I was distraught, right?

Please, there is no reason for you to worry about it so. My remarks caused you undue pain and duress... My ignorance of your circumstances is not an excuse...

I should've been more forthcoming from the beginning... If I had... It's not that I wanted to hide it from you or anything, it's just that I didn't want anyone's pity. I mean, I had no clue why you were so worried about your brother.

I had almost given up on a cure for Rasta, but knowing there's a chance to save him gives me hope. And Vanessa, thanks to you and everyone else, my brother might be saved... I'm not sure how much help I can be to you, but whatever I can do I will.

After all, if you do manage to help him, it wouldn't mean much to him if you die doing it, right?

Right... Nevertheless, if there is anything that I can do to help you, please let me know.

Fair enough. If something does come up, I'll let you know.

Great. Oh! I have to head back now. I promised Fiona that I would go out shopping with her.

Sorry about taking up so much of your time when you're so busy. I think I'll stay here for a little bit longer. You go on without me.

All right, Vanessa. I'll see you later.

... You can come out now.

I take it you brought her out here to -comfort- her, right? That's pretty sleazy, you know.

You were listening in, I take it? Because THAT'S not sleazy or degenerate at all.

It's not anything I planned on doing. Just to let you know; I was here long before you two showed up.

Oh really? Then tell me, what the hell were you doing out here?

Answering thusly increases Vanessa's, Jainus', and Yumil's affection, but lowers Fiona's. The elf is not fond of us being rude, but since Vanessa and Yumil are friends, anything that increases the affection of one will often increase the other's.

Mind your own damned business. I don't see why I should bother answering you, anyway.

You're right on that score; it really is none of my business. I just thought I'd ask for the hell of it.

Feel free to dump as much hate and bile on me as you want; it won't change what will happen to you. You are mine. Do not forget that.

Please, you're dead last on my list of things to worry about. All I care about now is defeating that demon. Once that happens, feel free to make me your -Maiden-, slave or whatever you want. I don't care.

Great. I might even roll with your last suggestion.



Hm... Anyway, a scene with La-Rua in the bar. A mirror darkly

You're definitely onerthes. It's almost terrifying how accurate your predictions are...

This is simple fortune-telling. It has absolutely nothing to do with my abilities as an onerthes. It is a skill anyone can learn.

Could I learn how to do it, too?

Of course.

Will you teach me how to do it next time?

Yes, it'd be my pleasure.

Really?! Thank you so much!

I thought all onerthes possessed the ability of foresight.


It hasn't come back yet, huh?

No... I've tried several times since the -Day of Light-, but to no avail... No one has been able to peer into the future, not even Lady Jule. However... There was a time when the power returned, if only for a brief moment. It was about twenty years ago, I think. It happened all of a sudden. I was engulfed in a brilliant flash of light that seemed to come from the heavens. It was as if as soon as the light surrounded me, it became a part of my being...

Wait a second...

Could it be...?

Is something the matter?

N-No, it's nothing. I'm sorry, please continue.

What did you see?

Well... I saw Vanessa, Yumil, Schwarz, and myself... We were all floating in light...

I heard my name just now.

Li Ra-Lua was just telling us about this one time she was able to see the future, and how she saw you, Vanessa, Yumil, and herself floating in light.

What the-?!

Those with prescient abilities can see what's in the future, right?

That is correct, but... Now that I think on it, it must have been a sign that we all would come together like this one day.

Is that right? I figured that's what would happen to all of us after we're sacrificed. Did we have any clothes on?

Clothes...? Um... No, I don't think we had anything on...

I see.

H-Hey, don't leer at me like that!

It's not like I can actually see you naked. You need to lighten up. Right, Jainus?

Oh...well... I can't say I disagree.

Twisted letch...

Um... Eh... Anyway, would you like me to see what I can divine about you, Schwarz? Just write down your name. By analyzing your penmanship, I can tell you a bit about yourself.

Being kind of a joker in this scene increases Li Ra-Lua's, Vanessa's, and Jainus' affection. Vanessa is really fond of her fellow Pillars, after all.

I think I can pull this off. Here, jot something down.

Eh...? Um...

This isn't something an amateur like you can do. Come on, TRY to be a man and write something down.

This has nothing to do with whether I'm a man or not. Seriously, cut me some slack... There, happy now?

All right. Now...


Schwarz... Ah?!

Is something wrong?

Uh, not exactly... You seem to have incredible difficulty dealing with water...and women...

You don't say. Although, the water bit is a tad strange. I don't think that comes up again, but I could be forgetting things. And yeah, Schwarz has problems with women, but it's not entirely clear where that comes from. Likely from Eva, as someone telling you you're going to die for reasons entirely unrelated to you and as punishment for something you didn't do, could wear on you.

Still doesn't make it right, what he says to the Pillars, of course. Strictly speaking, I don't think Schwarz is a misogynist, per se, but what I think he's trying to do is have some fun pressing people's buttons before the inevitable end. That's why I think he doesn't try to bother Li Ra-Lua much, since she doesn't really have anything she's hung up over. In Eva's case, though, I think he's just trying to take her down off her high horse by getting her upset and annoying her. I don't think his dislike for her goes much deeper than that.

Wha-? Anyone could come up with crap like that. You're just making yourself look stupid.

What's the matter? You look really pale.

Do you feel sick?

N-No, I'm fine. I shouldn't have tried to use an unfamiliar method of fortune-telling. Sorry Fiona, but would you mind if I taught you a method of fortune-telling I'm more familiar with?

Sorry Fiona, but would you mind if I taught you a method of fortune-telling I'm more familiar with?

Of course not.

The method I will be teaching you now is...

Some time later...

It was only a brief flash, but that wasn't Schwarz who I saw... I wonder who it could be...

Just to give you an idea how powerful the Divine Crest is. Obviously, you do not want to lightly use these things, even on late-game equipment. We'll be holding onto it for a rainy day.

And these are Weiss' stats, even 12 levels below his son. While he has 500 less ATK, his magic is about 4 times better. Even now, Weiss still is probably my best party member in terms of sheer versatility. The legacy of punchy mage shall never die. But, I think we're going to finish up with this scene, mainly because we have a long one when we arrive at the Yurle temple. Power of the artifacts

Is something the matter?

I've refrained from telling the elder and the other villagers about the materials I've been looking for.

That's understandable. Considering the nature of what you're gathering, it'd be best to keep quiet.

What do you mean?

Haven't I mentioned it yet? The materials that Yumil is searching for can all be used to create an artifact.

An artifact? Are you sure about that?

I'm not quite sure how they'd be combined, but yes. In previous eras, the items Yumil has asked for were used in making various kinds of artifacts.

Why don't you explain what this is all about?


I'm sorry, did I just talk about something better left unsaid?

No, it's okay. I was wrong not to tell the truth. I will explain everything once we arrive at the village. However, you must believe this: All I want to do is cure my brother's illness.

Yumil is just doing what she thinks she needs to be in order to save her brother.


Artifacts are prohibited, especially among guardians. Considering the incredible amounts of powerful magic they contain, they are far from harmless. They were primarily used in battle and are considered evil, but that's more a matter of perception. According to a number of sources, when not miused they can be beneficial to those who wield them.

However, if their power is abused, it could spell ruin for the world. In the end, they are much like guns and swords. What is done with them is in the hands of the wielder... Some think it'd be better if they never existed. They can do far more damage than any human weapon.

Considering The Oathsworn is one of these artifacts, "Some" may have a point...

That is why I believe we should follow Yumil's lead in this. No guardian will approve of us even gathering the materials that can be used to make an artifact.

I really don't want to get into any more trouble. Do what you have to do and I'll stay out of it. Okay?

I am truly sorry for putting such a burden on everyone.

If you're done talking, let's get going. This doesn't seem like the best place in the world to linger.