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Part 18: Chapter XVII: To See Ill Omens

So, the Rainbow Shard is the only item for the artifact we have yet to gather, and the Lishius are responsible for protecting them. Let's see what Ordine has to say about it. To the final ingredient

I apologize for keeping you waiting. What business do you have with me today?

It has been a long time since we last met, Lady Ordine. Actually, we wanted to ask you for a favor. Um, we are trying to find a certain thing... And about that, um...

See? I told you that the only thing that would come out of leaving it to Fiona would be failure.

(But the Lishius revere her, and high elves in general, even more than the Alister do...)

(Even so, would it be too much to ask for her to at least listen to what we have to say?)

You, what are you whispering about? Are you planning some nefarious act?

No way. Me and Ordine go way back, you know? I'd never-

It's -Lady- Ordine, human. Whatever ties you may have with her are of no concern to me. Should you fail to show proper respect again, you will be punished.

Enough, Ignis. And why have you taken it upon yourself to threaten my guests? Apologize to them. Now.

... I apologize for my rudeness. I hope that you will forgive me.

I am terribly sorry. Ignis is a fine soldier, but due to his serious nature he can be somewhat stiff and unyielding. There are times that even I become exasperated with him. Please, I beg you to forgive his rudeness.

No, do not worry. This is the village of the Lishius people. It is only fair that we abide by your customs.

Your words are a relief to me.


Well, I still have yet to hear what you want of me.

About that... Lady Ordine, do you know where we can find rainbow shards?

I am curious as to hw you know of the existence of rainbow shards, Fiona... I also require that you tell me the reason why you'd want such things.

It is my place to speak of that. I am Yumil, of the Yurle clan. I am the one who is searching for a rainbow shard. Fiona and her companions are aiding me. My older brother has contracted a fatal disease and does not have long to live. I have investigated possible cures, and the one with the most promise requires a rainbow shard.

A relative of yours has fallen ill. You have my sympathies. However... Rainbow shards contain an enormous amount of magical power, but none which would be of use to you. I shall ask you one more time. Why do you need a rainbow shard?

That is... To make an artifact.

I see... I will not inquire about where you learned about rainbow shards. However, if you plan on using it to create an artifact, then I'm afraid I cannot let you have it.

So that's what we get after you wheedled our reasons out of us, huh? What a load of bullshit.

You, mind your words. You should be honored that someone as lowly as you has been granted an audience. The rainbow shard is a treasure of the Lishius clan. Why should we give it to outsiders such as you? Furthermore, to say that you'd use it to create an artifact is outrageous. Leave here at once.

Does this guy have a mute button? Seriously, keep a lid on it, pal.

Ignis, that is enough. These people are old acquaintances; wanting to help them is only natural. However, just as Ignis says, this is beside the point. It is something precious to my people. I cannot give it to you, no matter the reason. I am truly sorry, but you must understand this.

Please! If I can get the rainbow shard, I can sure my brother's illness.

How despicable. And you call yourself a guardian. Don't you and your brother have even a modicum of dignity and self-respect? We are not here for you and your petty concerns; we are here for the benefit of the entire world. You should be ashamed of yourself for wanting what is ours for your own selfish need to make an artifact!

I believe I told you to mind your words, did I not, Ignis?

...My apologies.

We'll never come to an agreement talking like this. Faz, is there anywhere on this continent where a bunch of anal guardians would stash a treasure?


I might have an idea.

You do? I seriously hope you're telling the truth.

I didn't really want to say anything about this. My parents were guardians of this clan. That is why I know what I know. The Thermidor Temple is considered sacred ground to the Lishius.

You, have you forgotten your obligation to the guardians?!

Unfortunately for you, I'm not a guardian. So I really don't have to abide by any of your rules. I disliked the fact that my parents were guardians, so I chose to leave the village. To be honest, it'd be more accurate to say that I was forced out. I questioned the role of a guardian, who is bound by pointless customs to the detriment of the outside world.

This is why humans cannot be trusted. They think only of themselves and their desires, even to the point of destroying everything around them. I doubt there is a race more degenerate and depraved than humans.

Ignis, stop. You will not speak so again.


You're not very bright, are you? Thanks to you, I know exactly where the rainbow shard is now.


I only said that the temple was a sacred place. I never said that the shard could be found there. Even so, considering your reaction just now... Well, you know, right?


Coming here was the correct choice, after all. Thanks to you, we were able to learn something of value.

It's not really a good idea to be prejudiced against other races, you know? You might get worked up and let something slip, like you did now, as well as make an ass of yourself. Especially if you happen to be in the presence of a nice woman.


It appears that trying to stop you would be futile, so I ask this as a friend and not an elder: Do not go near the Thermidor Temple.

Ah, the pain of my trace. Once I accept a commission, I am bound by the wishes of the client. With that said, I must acknowledge that being human is more in my nature than being a guardian. I'll decide for myself what is right or wrong, and pay for the consequences of my actions.

I am truly sorry, Lady Ordine. But there is someone who needs my help and I can't deny them my assistance. I know nothing about artifacts, but Yumil has told only the truth. I am truly sorry. We shall take our leave now...

No, that will not be necessary. Please head to the temple alone.

While I could handle them easily on my own, I feel we should call on the villagers to halt their escape.

No, you mistake my intentions. I wish for you to assist them.

What?! What do you mean by that?

They alone will be unable to remove the seal that has been placed on the Thermidor Temple. And even should they be successful in doing so, they know not of the true danger that the temple holds. This is an order. Should you fail to comply, I will have you banished from the village forever.

Lady Ordine, why would you ask of such a thing from me?

You are a paragon of guardian ideals. You have every right to be proud of your heritage. However, your world view is frightfully narrow and limited. There is more to the world than you know. I would like for you to travel the world and expand your knowledge. And then decide with your own eyes what the world truly is.

As you command, so do I obey. But no matter what I may learn, it will not alter the truth. Without the protection of the guardians, humanity cannot hope to survive. And all that I will discover is that I was right; humans are a degenerate and ignorant race.

Your mission now is to follow and observe until destiny claims them for its own. Do you understand? You are prohibited from returning until you can report on how they met their end.

...I understand. I must make haste, so I shall take my leave now.

Artifacts in and of themselves are not evil, but... They are often said to be the seed of disaster. I pray that seed does not begin to sprout...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Ordine. I thought we were cool... Anyway, onto the Thermidor Temple. After the above scene, the bridge between the two halves of Enhambre is free to travel across. The enemies in the second half of the continent are mostly Sea Bats and Giant Squids. The bats have pretty high evasion, but Weiss' formation bonus is such that when he's team leader, we have more enough to punch through their evasion. Not to mention magic and Original Skills. Anyway, as long as you don't get carried away, they shouldn't give you a huge amount of trouble.

The Thermidor Temple is located a couple random battles from the bridge (you can see it towards the right side of this screenshot). We have a scene when we arrive, of course. Into the depths

It should be. Keep in mind that I've only heard stories about it, so I might be totally wrong.

What a beautiful temple.

Now is not the time to appreciate the architecture. Let's go inside already.

Schwarz approaches the barrier...

What the hell?!

This is...

There seems to be a powerful barrier surrounding it. I suspect that the Lishius clan created it. Perhaps even Lady Ordine herself.

Can we break through it?

The Lishius clan conjured this seal. Something so powerful will be-

That seal will be impossible for any of you to remove. The knowledge of how to remove it is known only to a select few within the Lishius clan.

You... Why the hell are you here?

I have been ordered by Lady Ordine to assist you in any way I am able.

Cut the crap and stop lying. Or did you forget all of the hate and bile you spewed on us not too long ago?

I trust that was sarcasm, yes? I did not forget anything I said to you. I wholeheartedly meant every word. I did not come here to make amends or to be your friend.

Let me guess, it's for your mission then? You guardians are monumental pains in the ass.

Do you know why this temple was sealed? It was to trap the demons that infest it inside.

It was to insure that there were no needless casualties. Since we did not attack, no one was hurt. Although why the demons chose not to attack in the first place remains a mystery. However, considering the location and what is contained inside, we had to take some kind of action. The rainbow shard is something that should not, and need not, be handled. Therefore, there was no need to continue to allow access to the temple..

You guys actually did the right thing.

Regarding what?

About not fighting the demons. The rainbow shard is a non-issue now. I don't care about it. I just want the demons.

Very well, I'd like to see your skills in action. Come along, this way.

After the above scene, Ignis joins, at level 47. He's a punchy fist guy, the third guy on our team who can fight with his fists. He's a rough battle mage. He can handle magic well enough, and can fight well, but isn't particularly great at either. For EX Skills, Ignis gets Concentration (evasion, accuracy boost), Training (raises TP gained at the end of a battle), and Anger (increases physical attack damage). His first Original Skill, Shimmering Strike, is a move that inflicts Bind and Stun on a target, but unlike Yumil's Blast Wing, doesn't affect multiple targets. Still not a bad deal, though.

Before we head into the dungeon, though, it's time we did some short grinding.

Since the judgment of the thread and the random number generator decreed it for me, I'm going through Thermidor with a team of Weiss, Felenne, Ignis, and oddly, Victoria. Since all of those characters rely on accuracy to be effective, we need to get some accuracy-increasing items. The Hawk Eye is the best item we can get to increase accuracy at the moment, but the materials are a little pricy. The Bird Eye requires a Dryad's Soul, a Gem Shell, and a Slumberland Flower. We can get the first two materials from monsters in the Groza Mountains, and the last from the Mist Dragon in the Illya Forest.

For the Hawk Eye, all the materials can be found on Orc Mages, Specters, and Spark Plates, all from enemies in Fendias. We don't have many Orc Staffs, so I'll need to do some grinding for those.

I should have talked about this long ago. By various means, you'll acquire little bonuses colored yellow, blue, or red. Each falls into a different category: Red gives you stuff like AP boosts, Counterattacks of your own, item drop increases, etc. Yellow gives you stat increasing stuff like Accuracy Up+, and Blue gives you stuff like status effect resistance increases, and changes to max HP.

By arranging armor and accessories, you can create lines with between square-shaped nodes. If you put two buffs in a single line, and of a single color, you'll increase the increase. For example, by putting two Accuracy+'s in a single line, you'll gain a 7% bonus to the increase you already get from two of them equipped (in this case, Accuracy+ comes from converting a Hawk Eye). So the point of my grinding is to get a bunch of Hawk Eyes and converting them so I can substantially increase the accuracy of my fighters. For the next dungeon, your fighters should have HIT in the mid-200s or so. Well, let's begin, unless you want me to talk about the specifics of dull as dishwater grinding in the LP.

Apparently the Lishius don't pay their fumigation bills, because the lower levels of the temple are full of bats and Vepars. Both have pretty high evasion, so that's why Weiss is the perpetual team leader and doesn't do much attacking. There's nothing more frustrating than launching an attack at an enemy and you can't hit the damn thing with physical attacks. Victoria's actually a pretty good choice for this dungeon, because Rushing Jaeger is a Lightning skill, and the Vapars, Bats, and Giant Squids are weak to Lightning.

The temple's upper levels have a few new enemies, including the Chariot, Magic Lords (should be ladies because those enemies are women), and the Ubelluri. The Chariot is weak to Darkness, but absorbs Light, and the Ubelluri are vulnerable to Earth (Shimmering Strike is Earth-elemental). None of those enemies are especially tough, but just never get cocky with enemies at this point in the game. Get careless, and they will get you a Game Over so fast your head will spin. Well, we've got a long, annoying boss battle coming up. Rainbow Shard acquired

Yes. In addition to the shard, most of the demons that infest this place are there as well.

Nope, the demons aren't there.


It looks like they've come to greet us. They're right there, I can feel them. They are my -other half-, after all. Hey, look sharp; here they come.

Here's the skinny with this fight: as you can see, there's an Orthos coming in as backup (might have a different name, though). Obviously, him joining the party is not great for you. With this fight, want you want to do is keep the Chariot at bay with a binding move (Blast Wing or Shimmering Strike), then focus on the Neo Allos. The Allos has surprisingly little defense, so you can realistically punch through her pretty quickly. If the Chariot recovers, you just knock him out of the game again.

Once the Allos is dead, just defeat the Chariot and you're home free. I know for a fact that the reinforcements come in if the Chariot falls and the Allos is still alive. As you might expect, the Chariot has really high physical resistance, but is decently weak to magic. This is not a great team for this fight, but hey, when I asked the thread for a team I was prepared to accept the consequences.

Watching Ignis fight is oddly fun. He has this really slow, deliberate style that emphasizes each punch and kick. One of the things I really like about this game is that there's tons and tons of animations in-battle. Every character has their own way to perform basic attacks (like Eva's Critical Charge. She kicks the target at its feet to launch them into the air, but with Weiss he punches the target into the air and even does a mid-air back flip) and there's variations in combination skills. Like, with Felenne here, when she uses Hunter Killer the four copies of her all kick downwards, whereas Victoria's copies just slam the target with her spear.

The big problem with this line-up is that it's very poor at fighting groups. The thing with parties is balance is key. Magical attacking is about...70% of any team's effectiveness. While characters with a lot of ATK and VIT will always have their place, magic is what allows you to do significant damage without breaking formation, and for punching through enemies with a lot of physical resistance.

On that note, goddamn Weiss has been a killer this game. My teams just seem to be a lot more effective with him around, in any capacity.

Oh hey. That demon had a fragment of Chaos' power. Good to know we're making progress.

Schwarz, are you okay?

Yeah, this is nothing.

What just happened?

That was a glimpse of the -fate- that Schwarz is cursed to bear. He is become the -vessel- that will help resurrect a god. The more of the god's power that is stored in the vessel, the shorter the life of the vessel becomes. Honestly, it's not one of those things that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy watching it. Especially when you consider the fact that not only is it inevitable, but he's doing it of his own free will.


Hey, I'm not some kind of raree-show. Listen, I'll stand watch here to so inside and grab the goods already. Ignis, show them where to go.

A "raree-show" is like a peep box or a peep show or whatever you want to call it. Man Schwarz says some weird things sometimes.

I wasn't told that I had to follow any of your orders.

But, he does it anyway. Schwarz collapses as soon as everyone else wanders off. this rate... Damn it...

The Day of Light again... Too bad Fastie's the only one who knows exactly what happened, and he didn't see anything interesting.

That song...

So you've finally decided to awaken.

Eva... Why do you...

What is the matter?

Nothing... Why are you here?

Because Fiona told me to come here.

Fiona did?

It seems as if she knows almost immediately if you are pushing yourself too hard. She was worried that you'd continue to push yourself if she was here, so I was told to look after you instead.

How annoying... Whatever. Forget about that, I want to know where you learned that song you were just singing.

Song? What are you talking about?

The one you were singing just now. That song.

Hm... I do not recall doing such a thing as singing.

(Does that mean she was singing that song without realizing it?)

It appears they have returned.

So, get what you needed?

With this, all the materials have been gathered.

Isn't that wonderful, Yumil?


What's wrong? You look depressed.

Actually, there is one more material that I will need to find. But I will be able to take care of it on my own.

No dice. I know you'll bolt the second you're out of my sight. You belong to me now, don't ever forget that.

Ignoring Schwarz's misogynistic outburst for now; we did make a promise to Ordine, remember? We are to monitor how the materials will be utilized and also keep an eye on what happens afterward.

The rainbow shard is my people's treasure. It is my duty to observe how it will be used.

Everyone.. Thank you. At first, just the thought of possessing such materials terrified me... I wondered if I was doing the right thing...

You are planning to make an artifact. It's only natural to feel some trepidation.

For god's sake, if you're just going to whine about it, then just stop trying to gather everything. If you don't need the artifact, then there's no reason why you have to return home with any of this crap. Just do whatever you want to.

I swore that I would save my brother, no matter the cost to myself. Please stay by my side for just a little while longer.

Where's the last material?

It is located in the village of the Yurle clan.

The Yurle clan...

It shouldn't be too difficult to obtain if it's just me. My clan is the one responsible for safeguarding the last material.

You really are determined to go through with this.

It'd be nice if none of this bites us in the ass later, though.

If you drop the ball, the Yurle are almost guaranteed to come after us.

We'll deal with it if and when the time comes.

Well, if our relationship with the Yurle goes south, we'll just try to work with the other elders.

How dare you...

We've been exterminating demons left and right because you guardians don't have the balls to. So don't think for a single goddamned second that we owe anything for the rainbow shard.


Let's just try to finish this without any unnecessary drama, okay?


So, back to Graccea again. Back in town, we have a bunch of bonus scenes (the Yumil scene is from a bit later, as well as the last few scenes), as well as some commissions we need to complete. We'll sit on the commissions a bit, though, until we're done with the next demon hunt. This particular foe is also in Graccea. For this fight, stock up on Wind-based skills. I got Advanced Arts 09 and 17 (from the class 3 rank books) for this purpose, but this fight is still pretty tough.

And away we go. Versus Demon Bringer

The Magic Lords are a definite pain in the ass, so you want to aim for them first. I was lucky enough to have Yumil in the position to turn Float on, so we're a little quicker. We're going to need all the help we can get.

Yumil's level 1 Seraphim Strike is definitely flashier than Blast Wing, and it Stuns and Binds, but only for the target being affected. Still looks really cool, and I really need that AP bonus.

Really, the biggest problem with this fight is the Demon Bringer's buddies. Mainly because the big guy hits so hard in the first place, but also the Ladies are dangerous as hell because they can use Restore to repair any of their allies' HP if it dips too low. This makes them priority one for getting rid of. For the head honcho, he takes 45% more damage in Burst, vulnerable to Wind, and resists Lightning.

Eva and Li Ra-Lua are awesome in a team for another reason: Carnage Disaster. This Finish Strike takes 1 Ultimate Point and requires 1 SP to activate, but it's a tremendously effective group attack, especially with Critical Break on.

Not a half bad result. The big guy has a Resist Frame and I think a Moon Fragment as a rare drop, MND Up as a normal drop, and a couple others items. I think I'll live without them. Back in town, commission time. One is for 12 Sea Bats, 3 Giant Squids, and 2 Vepars. The next monster group is 2 Ubelluris, 10 Magic Lords, and 2 Chariots. The remaining few are 10 battles with Ignis, Li Ra-Lua, Yumil, and someone else, a couple requests adding up to 300,000 Gold, and a Red Crystal.

This batch is especially important because it'll reward you with a Thunder Emperor and Oboro, a couple amazing pieces of armor (for this point in the game, but they'll be pretty good for a long time), and an Annihilator (very powerful spear. In fact, it's so powerful, you can only upgrade it once you have Orichalcum, which we can hardly even acquire an Ore of), and we now have access to the first group of level 4 skills from the Ignis and crew team request. If you need to get some of the enemies in Thermidor, you can jump very close to it by going to Enhambre's Lumir portal.

But, for now, we have business in Graccea. The Eye

Danaos. I believe he will be arriving here soon.

Yumil, it appears that you've obtained all the necessary materials.

Yes, here they are.

Then all that's left is retrieving the Eye of Muad'Dib.


I understand. I will do something about the guards in the area. That, and here.


This is...the Eye of Muad'Dib?! How did you get this?

I thought it might be of use to you, so I had Gideon prepare it soon after you left the village. It is well made, is it not? However, this is a counterfeit. At first glance it seems identical to the real thing, but the differences are apparent if you look closely. If you switch this with the actual Eye, no one will notice its absence for a little while. If things go as planned and either you or Rasta becomes the elder, perhaps it will go unnoticed indefinitely.

Okay, it's official. He is definitely up to no good.

Thank you so much for all of your assistance.

No, it's all right. I expect much from you and Rasta. You two do not base your decisions solely on race and you also accepted me for who I am. Because of that, it is my belief that you will go far in demolishing the segregation plaguing the world. This is about all I can do. It's my intention to help in any way I can, and I will not hold back anything that might further your cause.


Once you obtain the Eye of Muad'Dib, go to Gideon as quickly as possible. Do you know where to go? Exit east from the Dajlua Wetlands and his cave is to the north near the mountains. I will go to the guards now. I will signal you once I've caused a suitable distraction. The rest is up to you.


What's wrong? You don't look well.

I-Is that so? Perhaps I am tired from all of our travels. I believe I will be all right if I rest for a bit, do not worry.


(That -thing- just now...)

After the above scenes, welcome to generation two's bonus dungeon, as well as a another short batch of scenes back in town. This one is a little weird because to access this place, you need to see a scene in the Hunter's Guild about this place opening up, but there's nothing special about the icon outside the Yurle Temple that indicates you can actually go there. Anyway, this dungeon will be a video just as soon as I can get guest commentators in order. Expect it to happen within the next few days.

Like Danaos said, Gideon's cave is located in a fairly remote area of Graccea. Let's see what he has to say about all the materials being gathered. A greer's job

Show me. I see. Indeed, you have brought everything I asked for.

With this, my brother's illness can be cured, right?

Don't be in such a rush. Even I won't be able to finish this up immediately. I'll be creating an -artifact-, after all. But do not worry. I promise you that I will finish long before your brother succumbs to his illness.

Thank you.

So how long is this going to take?

Who knows? It shouldn't take me too long, but I can't really say when I'll be done.

Um, since it seems that we have time to spare, could we perhaps return to my village? I was hoping to inform Lady Jule of what has transpired up until now... And...

Are you worried that she may have been attacked by demons since we last saw her?

I haven't heard any rumors to that effect, so she's probably okay. I can't guarantee it, though. Well, instead of trying to imagine it, we should just go and see for ourselves.

It's okay with you, right?

Yeah, whatever.

Is it all right to leave your brother alone now?

When I left my village, I promised myself that I would not return until I obtained the -artifact-. And... Like Li Ra-Lua, I had spent almost my entire life within its confines before going on this journey. That must be why I find it so enjoyable to be able to travel with everyone. Also, there is something that I can help a great deal with.

If that's how you feel, then welcome aboard. You have awesome...skills. That, and things tend to be much better around here with so many pretty girls around.

Oh gods, here we go again...

It's not really a journey when you use a transfer portal. If we have time I want to check on some commissions.

You want to find out about that demon?

It's none of your damned business.

So I'm right, huh?

Well then, let us go.

Are you a high elf?

Y-Yes... I am...

Then before you go, I'll need some of your blood.

My -blood-?

In order to create an artifact, it is necessary to infuse it with the blood of a high elf. I'd long give up on ever finding some, but... This shouldn't take long. I only really need a drop or two. You do want to help this girl, don't you?

If it's only a drop or two... Yes, that's fine.

Just wait here for a moment. I need to go fetch the necessary container.

Just how damn charitable do you feel the need to be? Well, do whatever makes you happy. I'll go wait outside. This cave is seriously bringing me down.

I'm truly sorry, having you do this for me...

Please, do not worry about it. It seems that I am the only high elf left in this world, anyway. If it is something that only I can provide, then it is my responsibility to do so. Just knowing that it'll help your brother recover from his illness makes me happy.

Fiona...thank you so much.

Alrighty, let's wrap up the scene with Jule before we end this update. We're going to have a massive rush of five bosses that'll consume a large part of the next update, so let's just get this out of the way now. Evil portents

It seems you have returned unharmed. It is good to see that you are well.

I am glad to see you are in good health also, Lady Jule.

So, how have you found your journey?

Everywhere I look there is something new to me, and each day holds a new delight or surprise.

We guardians live most of our lives within our villages, and some have become jealous of your exploits.

The world outside isn't all ponies and rainbows, though.

And there lies the dilemma. How can one achieve stability and contentment at the same time? For those seeking a stable and safe harbor, this village would be the ideal place for them to settle. However, for those on the inside who see it as a cage, this village may seem little more than a prison. And as in all things, the reality of this situation is in the eyes of the beholder.

I can't argue with that.

If you are content with how you are living your life, then that is all that matters to me.

Lady Jule...

How are things around here?

I take it you are referring to the demons? I have heard naught of them since our previous confrontation.

So that one demon hasn't appeared since then?

There is no way we'd miss the presence of a demon such as that.

I see...

That makes it all the more baffling.

Considering the current state of things, you may be worrying a bit too much. But I have no intentions of lowering our vigilance for the time being, just in case. However... I personally do not believe that we will be welcoming demons any time soon, so please relax for now.

I'll certainly try.

Don't forget that we have to go back and see Gideon after this, okay?

I know, I know.

Are you not leaving with the others?

I know something of it... What do you wish to know?

It is hidden within the village of the Yurle clan and Yumil's family is responsible for guarding it, but...

I see... That is somewhat troubling.

In addition, we received assistance of a kind from a person known as Lord Danaos. This Lord Danaos created a replica and gave it to Yumil so she could switch it with the real one. However... I felt the same magic as that of the eyes on our foreheads from the counterfeit I saw then.

Are you sure of this?


The Eye of the Muad'Dib is rumored to be the fossilized third eye ripped from the head of an onerthes. Leaving that fact aside, considering what you have just said, the substance of the magic could be the same. But if you actually did sense a magic similar to our own coming from that counterfeit, that might mean... Does anyone else know of this?

No, I have not spoken to anyone regarding this matter.

I would advise that you exercise extreme caution around this one called Danaos. If something should come up, be sure that you tell everybody of your concerns and seek their counsel. This is also for the good of that Yurle girl, Yumil.

I understand.

Danaos seems to have a lot to answer for, but I have a feeling this artifact business is going to be coming to a head real soon...