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Record of Agarest War 2

by Sylphid

Part 22: Chapter XXI: Secundus

Before we begin the final scene of the second generation, at Domicil's Great Tree, your affections should look like this. Ignis is such a dick. The girl who has been trying to kill us longer than we've known him has higher affection. Fiona's level 5 affection comes from doing the bath house mini-game with her twice. I really can't say I was comfortable doing that...

Anyway, time for the end. Schwarz's life has seen nothing but violence and death, resentment and cruelty, hopelessness and despair, but at the end, an odd sense of tranquility hovers over the team. The respite will be brief, and Schwarz's son must take up the power of a god, augmented by two generations of demon hunting, and must sacrifice his life, too, in the service of the divine. Freedom and Death

But still... Just knowing that you'll be going away soon...

Seriously, don't look at me like that. This sucks...

I am ready.

It is time to fulfill my promise.

We'll be...going on ahead.

Tch... All of them... They're being way too accommodating. Jude, take care of Fiona.

I'll take care of your kid, too.

You're one to talk about raising a kid and all, especially since you're going to die unwanted and alone.

The downside of being a vagabond.

Jeez, the old saying -like father, like son- really fits you guys. You're both idiots.

They may not be bros like Weiss and Jainus were, but even Schwarz has come around on Jainus.

Anyway, don't worry about what lies ahead.

I wasn't, really. Although I am slightly pissed about not being able to put down a vermin like you.

If that's how you feel, hang on for as long as you can to make sure us vermin don't screw anything up.

And if you guys still feel inclined to do so... Play along with Eva's bullshit.


What do you plan on doing now?

A ceremony of sorts. It's sickening, to be honest...

The gods must be pretty malicious.

That's fine, I'll play along with that maliciousness. I have plenty of time to do so. (I'll see things through until the very end. I wish to see what will happen to this world that you're willing to sacrifice your life to protect.)

However much you want to refuse, no matter how strong the desire to escape is, you must accept your fate. And the fact that you stand here now is proof that you have chosen to accept what is destined to be.


You need not show kindness or compassion. You are to do what is required to resurrect the god. Now, do as you will. You can take one or all to do with what you wish. I care not what you do to them. This is the moment you've been longing for, yes? To bend these -whores- to your will, as you once put it?

Despite what I said... I never wanted any of this...




By the narrow judgment of the thread, Vanessa will bear Schwarz's son. A man who will hold the destiny of both gods and men in his hands. A man who can choose to destroy the world, or remake it... The Charging Arrow - Vanessa Wedding

You sure are a curious one.

Seriously, give up. If it helps, just think of it as having really bad luck.

Luck... I'd forgotten such a thing existed somewhere along the line. At least I have no regrets. Come on; let's just get this over with. But before we continue with this, I want to say something to you.


Even if for only a short while, you saw me as a woman and not just a victim hell-bent for revenge.

Maybe, but I doubt this is all that much better.

That may be so...but still. So...thank you.

Stop it, you're creeping me out. This is totally unlike you. It'd be easier to deal with this if you were acting like your normal self.

I just thought this is as good a time as any to start being honest. For you and I both.

Huh, you may be right. Well... I don't dislike you as you are now, if it means anything.

And it's not as if I despise you, regardless of how you choose to behave. And despite how it may seem, we're not losing everything. At the very least, we're creating a future. Let's stay together until our last moment comes.