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Part 28: Chapter XXVII: To Know The Truth - Part 1

The truth behind the lies, the truth of what happened on the Day of Light, and so much more this update. This part of the game is so massive I'm dividing this update into two parts. We'll have to lose a lot to discover what's really been going on...

The entrance to Etre Large Hollow is on the opposite side of Zaint Luke from where you arrive. Etre Large has a whole host of new enemies, but most annoying is probably the Titania. These annoying little bastards are extremely fast, and have a tendency to arrive as reinforcements in seemingly every other fight. That means they'll likely get the jump on your team when they do show up, and it's just lovely. This is the point in the game when generic enemy groups can and will take you out if you give them even the slightest opening, so don't spare any expense in taking out enemies from this point on. The only really noteworthy treasure in this dungeon is the Doragu Riser in the northwestern battle point. This is a super powerful gun, even surpassing the Gram, but only in physical attack power. Still, a considerable upgrade over the Hidden Stalk.

Before you arrive at the center of the map, where the event is, head back to town after killing 12 Dragon Knights, 4 Succubi, and 4 Leptocephaluses. The Dragon Knights are, of course, hanging out in the Sansar Ruins, but the other two are in Zaint Luke's overworld, and you can also find them in Etre Large. While not related to completing those commissions, there is a couple events currently in town. In fact, that video has generation three's hot spring scene, which is located in southern Enhambre, near the Lumir portal. Both the girls and guys especially deserve to relax this generation, but most remarkable is Jude following in his father's footsteps by organizing the lecherous band of Grey, Jainus, Georg, Ignis, and himself. They grow up so fast...

But when you're done with all that, time to find out what happened. The big, gaping hole where the temple of the Sera used to stand... Road to Wahrheit

It's been totally annihilated. Not a single piece of it remains. There's no way there'd be a report or even a rumor of what happened.

I would say that was a pretty tactless way to put it, but why point out the obvious? If there was any kind of living being that could have survived this...

It would surely be a god.


It would seem that your survival was almost miraculous, huh?

Really, it is a mystery even to me. When I regained consciousness, I was somehow transported to the shores of Lucrellia...

Weiss also survived. Since you were with him, it's no surprise that you came through as well... When you see what happened here, you have to realize how lucky we were that the world wasn't destroyed.

It is a sobering reminder about how terrible the power of the gods can be.

The gods only only created the world, but they created us as well. And since they created the world, it is very possible that they have the power to destroy it, and us.

Seeing all of this, you should now understand.

And now, you must realize why you, too, must become a sacrifice as well.


What in the world is that piercing sensation...?

So you feel it, too?

It's very similar to the feeling I get when confronting a demon, but it is not exactly the same. However...

I do not feel any real life in this place outside of the inevitable demons.

I wonder how far down this hole actually goes...

It might even connect to the realm of the gods.

The name Wahrheit has appeared in this series before, but for the moment I'm going to declare the other place that name has come up as a spoiler and will deal with anyone talking about it appropriately.

If it really leads to Wahrheit, then it's definitely not a place mere mortals should be going.

This is enough, right? Grey, let's go back.

...Yeah, let's-

Grey collapses...


Hey, what's wrong?


Get a hold of yourself!


Where am...?

Grey?! I'm so relieved... You're awake...


You suddenly collapsed... I didn't know what to do... If you had left us, I...

What happened to me?

You were just standing there, looking completely lost in your thoughts, when you suddenly collapsed. The girls were all so worried about you. It was a pretty terrible thing to see, you know?

I see... I...

Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?

I'm fine. Sorry to make you worry like that.

This is not a place to tarry overlong. We should leave as soon as possible.

Can you stand? Here, grab on.


Let's go back to Frensberge for now. For better or worse, we know we can use the transfer portal. At the very least, it's good to know that we never have to go back to the d'Alene Snowy Mountains.


Although we didn't find out anything specifically, whatever's happening to Grey is only getting worse. What's going to happen is going to happen very soon...

Well, back in town, there's only one event. This video has the following scene, along with a mess of several others that pop up right after. Just as a note, the final scene with Duke, even though he tells you to go to the d'Alene Snowy Mountains to nab something for him, there's no follow-up scene on that. Once you've triggered that scene with Duke, a new battle point shows up, but that's it.

Why? I've done everything you've told me to until now. What I am asking for doesn't go against what you would have me do.

What I want you to do has nothing to do with this. Everything has been according to the will of the gods.

Can't you feel the power of Chaos sleeping inside me? Can't you feel it starting to stir? If things continue as they have and the power of Chaos awakens unchecked, where we are standing now could become a desolate wasteland, the same as that place back there!

I now believe that you should not have made retrieving the power of the gods your only goal.

All of the Maidens of the Pillar are present.


Grey, what do you mean they are all here?

Since when did you notice?

Do you think that I can't feel what you feel?


It's just as Grey says. Hasn't he gathered enough of the god's power already? You cannot say things are any better now than they were with Weiss or Schwarz. Please don't make Grey suffer any further.

It is all too obvious that none of you have understood what I have said. If that is the case, I shall repeat myself as many times as it takes. The one who chooses when to seal Grey is not him, or you. It is me, on behalf of the gods. And I am saying that the time has yet to come. Do you understand?

I see...

Use the power of the sword? What do you mean by that?

The artifact that Grey wields, the -Werdefahrt-, has Chaos' power sealed within it. If the power within the sword can be amplified, it might be able to suppress the power within Grey...

And in turn, the -pain- that comes from adding to what is already in him could be suppressed as well...

Everyone here is already familiar with the ruins in the Dajlua Wetlands. It is written that in the innermost part of that ruin is an object that can amplify an artifact's magic.

Is that true? This is the first time I've heard of it...

I found mention of it in an old manuscript. If someone knew of it, why would they think to go there?

If it is possible to amplify magic, is it not also possible to do the same to the power strored in Grey as well?

Yes, that indeed possible.

That would mean... No, you can't put yourself in danger like that! Let's try to think of another way to do this, okay?


There are no guarantees that it will work. But even so, isn't it better to try than to do nothing at all?

If the power of the sword can't be amplified, what will happen then? something I don't know. That is only something that Eva and Grey could possibly answer.

If, if, if, if. All of this is groundless speculation. Why must we expose ourselves to unnecessary dangers? I recommend doing as we have been.

I wonder about that. Nothing about this situation has improved any. And like Faz said, isn't it better to at least try? Better than than waiting for the world to be destroyed.

You two are the ones who will have to decide. What should we do?

You don't need me to tell you this plan is sketchy as hell. Faz comes up with some magical thinger hidden in the deepest part of the ruins in the wetlands, and he's not even sure it'll work. Not to mention the fact that demons are drawn to magic, and you can see where this is going. Ignis, Mervina, Georg, and Jude's affections are increased by thinking things through.

Do you really think Chaos' power can be sealed with this sword?

To be honest; I'm not sure.

Is there any other sure method?

Nothing that comes to mind.

If Faz doesn't know of another way, then it's guaranteed that none of us will be able to figure one out.

I have no intention of sealing you.


I guess this isn't the time to be thinking, huh... We'll just have to try it and see what happens.

Right now, it's doubtful that we'll even get the chance to try.

Let's just do what we can for now.

We're really going with this, huh? This is definitely not leading anywhere good... Anyway, in other news around this point in the game...

The third DLC dungeon, the Pillar of Enhambre, opens from an event in the Hunter's Guild (the other two DLC dungeons are unlocked via Hunter's Guild events, too). This place is actually pretty damn hard to completely clear out, with enemies a tier higher than anything you've had to deal with so far. A lot of enemies here are weak to Darkness and absorb Light, but there's three or four that absorb Darkness and are weak to Light. Sometimes maybe two monsters in the same fight who have opposite elemental weaknesses and absorptions. It's wonderful. Once wdarkk and Anoia can join me for videos again, an edited version of my run of this dungeon will be a bonus video.

But, there are good reasons to come here. At a place called the Crystal of Evil Intent (one point down, and two points to the southwest from where Grey's sprite is standing), you can find a perfectly good Gram ready to be enhanced and upgraded to max, and at the innermost point, where you can see some points swirling inward, you can find a Divine Crest. Other than that, from successful battles you'll get incredible amounts of TP and EXP by clearing everything. I had about 13,000 TP by the end, even after doing some hefty TP spending recently in the game.

But...we need to head to the Dajlua Wetlands. There is an event you have to see in the center of the Wetlands, at a place called Pending Dry Season (we fought a boss there at the start of the second generation), but nothing too important from it. You can even fight three battles to reach the Cuorem Ruins before you see that event, and it changes nothing. Trust me, we've got a lot coming up.

Okay, so, three big battles are coming up, with the second fight being by far the hardest. For these three fights, DO NOT use Jainus, Eva, Fiona, or Sofia. Yeah, things are about to get real ugly. I cannot say this enough: do not use any of those four characters. Although this is a male-dominated team, it's plenty effective, with Mervina and Georg both using Grams, Jude the Doragu Riser, and Grey bringing up the rear in terms of power with the Saint Hand. Once you think you're ready, get ready for some heavy shit. Fight with abandon

What's the verdict? Can you get it to work?

Yes, I believe it will be all right. It's just that it may take a little time...

However, it looks like they have no intention of waiting.

When did they...?

We are surrounded.

Goddamn it, Faz. This is all on you.

Where did they come from?

You just stay as you are. I will hold off the demons.

Don't move.

You will not pass.

Try to get past me!

Faz, take care of the artifact.

Y-Yes, I understand!

Now, let us deal with these creatures.


Well, this part of the game is not hard because of the first fight. You'll be squaring off against a Typhon and three Master Skeletons. All three enemies are weak to Fire, and strong against Light and Darkness, so Grey is largely going to be sitting this fight out. The good part about bringing in Grey, Georg, and Jude is that I get to use the monstrously effective Soldier Arts.

For a measly 1 SP, and 1 Ultimate Point, the three boys launch a devastating Finish Strike that hits a large radius, and inflicts a ton of damage. Already the Typhon was annihilated, leaving little more than a cleanup job against the three Master Skeletons.

The first fight is over, but the battle has just begun.

The next fight is much tougher. At the start of the fight, you're up against a very powerful foe, a palette swap of Vanessa's Demon. Don't even think of fighting him without turning See All on, because his physical counterattack is brutal, and will tear you to shreds.

That said, take your time with this guy. Don't rush things, or you will regret it in the second half of the fight. He doesn't have that much HP, and there is only one of him. The reinforcements will come in regardless of how fast you finish this fight, so allow me to leave with you with one solid bit of advice: don't even think of ending this part of the fight with an Ultimate Strike. You need that Wait and AP bonus to even have a chance of surviving in the second half. Another tip: keep your fastest member in reserve (in this case it's Mervina, but Grey is just slightly slower than her) Just don't rush things, and keep it cool. He has Genbu's Gauntlet for a rare steal, a really good Knuckle that happens to have no element, making it a very effective upgrade to Grey's Saint Hand, which is getting a little stale, I think.

Fighting against this guy is also a good way to build up Ultimate Points. It's not a good idea to jack up your dude's Wait meters pummeling him with Original Skills, so just keep nailing him with your regular attacks, and he'll drop before a few turns are over. Seriously, just make sure See All is always on.

In the second half, you're going to have to change things up. The Medusa is weak to Darkness, but absorbs Light, so Grey is not going to be attacking her at all. On the flip side, the Wraith is weak against Light, so Grey's going to be taking care of him. The Schwert is definitely the biggest threat, so don't go attacking him at the start.

Once you're done with his pals, the Schwert is the last guy to go. By this point, go nuts with Original Skills against him. You want to tear his Break gauge to shreds and hopefully take him out in one turn. His second Original Skill, like Rasta had, is Disaster Storm. This is a skill that will utterly destroy anyone caught in the *considerable* blast radius. As it happened, I had four Ultimate Points going into the attack on him. Georg's Annihilation Blade ripped his gauge apart, and then I knocked him into Stunned, where I used Photon Raid against him twice to make sure I got both of his rare drops.

Finally, I finished things off with Criminal Arts, a Finish Strike between Georg and Grey, ending things with a narrow kill.

That last turn was a blistering assault, but it won me the fight. Now go and make yourself a sandwich, or grab yourself a soda or something, because we've got quite the series of events coming up. After you end this fight, you'll be granted the chance to save. I'd highly recommend you do so, preferably in a different save file than the main one you're using.

Argh... Grraaaaaaahhhhh!

Son of a bitch! Surrounded by demons, and Grey has passed out from the pain. If you screw this up, Faz, it's your ass. Maybe it's your ass even if this sketchy scheme does work.


This cannot possibly be good!

The power of Chaos is beginning to overflow?!

S-Seal... Aaaaaaaaaahh!

And now Eva's suffering, too, and has also collapsed. This is the worst plan we've come up with yet!

Eva, what's wrong?! Eva?!

What in the world is happening?

We did not make it in...

We didn't make it? What do you mean?

We should talk later.

But what should we do about the artifact?!

None of us will be able to use the artifact. And it is already too late.

That's can't be! He'll be all right! He has to be all right!

Liel, calm down. Right now, getting away from here is our only priority.

Georg, you carry Eva. Jude and Ignis, you two take care of Grey!

Got it!



I'm not sure what's going on, but it isn't good!

The power of Chaos is flowing out of Grey!

If Chaos' power escapes here... This place will be swarming with demons almost immediately!


That shadow... Hero's end

Just how many are there?!

If these two would just wake up...

It's pointless to bring them into this right now.

That's right, we have to do something about this on our own!

But there's no way we're going to be able to escape if we don't do something about these two!

That may be so, but we still must continue fighting!

Even if protecting them means we cannot fight effectively?

Then what do you suggest?! That we just leave them behind?!

I'll deal with them. You all go on ahead.

What the hell are you talking about, you idiot?!

That's right! We can't leave you here to fight them alone!

I have an -artifact- of my own. Have you forgotten that because of it, I'm more or less immortal?

But still!

To be blunt, right now you're all just in my way. As long as you all are here, I can't use the full power that it gives me. There's no time to argue. Now that you know, leave!

I've done it again...

Yeah, no shit. Eva and Grey are down, and now Jainus has to play the hero and use the artifact to save everyone before we're overrun by demons. This is just perfect...

Don't worry about it. Just take care of Grey.

Jainus... I'm sorry!

Liel, let's go.


We have no choice but to leave this in Jainus' hands.



Jainus... You have to come back to us.

I have no intention of dying in a place like this, especially with my wife waiting for me at home. I'll return, don't you worry. I've never broken a promise to a woman in my life, you know?


Jude, you get out of here, too. Protect Fiona and the others.

Damn it all to hell! I'll never forgive you if you die here, you idiot!

You get out of here, too.

Don't you understand what I'm doing? Even though you look confused, I'm pretty sure you understand what I'm going to do.

How far away should we try to get from here?

Anywhere but here. I'll try to buy as much time as I can. Once you feel you're safe, hide.


And then...take care of whatever happens afterwards.

*Pant* *Pant* It's just one after another. There's no end to them, is there? This is the reward I get for gracing women everywhere with my company?! Man, being damn near invincible really is a pain in the ass. And to think they had to deal with the same exact thing the whole time... It's pretty sad to realize it only now. Just how painful it is to not be able to die... Right about now is as good a time as any, I guess...

To have to spend so much time with you guys must be a weird form of karma. I'll have you accompany me to the end.

Jainus...he's really gone... He destroyed the artifact, as well as himself, to save everyone...

It'd be impossible to drag those two around in these conditions. We should just stay here for the night.

We should probably post guards, but all things considered, we won't need to worry about demons.

Grey... Eva... Jainus...


Father, what was that light just now...?

I don't know, but...

He's dead. He sacrificed himself so that everyone could escape.

Don't screw with me! That idiot dad of mine can't die! He has an artifact! That makes him immortal; there's no way he can die!

No matter what you want to believe, it will not change the truth of the matter.

No... Jainus...

Damn it!

There is no act more foolish than throwing away your life for others.

Do you even listen to yourself talk?! You can't believe what you just said; after all, who do you think just saved your life?!

What good comes from sacrificing your life? There is no meaning to be found in death. Because once you die, that is the end of everything. However, it may be a blessing to finally find one's place in death.

Who could possibly find contentment in death? You had a family once. Do you mean to say that despite that, you still do not understand? It is truly pathetic that you value nothing but your own skin.

Pathetic, huh... Perhaps you are correct, especially since it is pathetic to be seen as such. But everyone chooses their own way of living. I have no reason to continue to live other than to fight. That is all there is to it.

Even so, you did achieve your goal of vengeance against that demon, did you not?

As I had mentioned before, I could not allow myself to be defeated by it and yet still remain alive.

No matter how many times I hear you say that, it sounds like total crap.

Yet the words you speak now can only be heard by those who still live.


I will stand guard first. You all should rest now. For the sake of the lives you still have, rest now instead of wallowing in foolish sentimentality. If you do, you just might be able to survive what tomorrow brings as well.

What's his problem? Why is he always such a jackass?

Faz, did Jainus really...

I do not know. However, the place where that light rose up from...

But he can't die as long as he is wearing that artifact, right? But that might have happened if he drew on the power of the artifact.

And with expelling that much magical power, having an artifact couldn't possibly...

You remember when Jainus spoke to Gordon alone at the end of the second generation, about what he could do to destroy the artifact? Yeah, this is what Gordon told him, basically how to self-destruct the artifact, killing himself in the process. He didn't want to use the power of the artifact at all, except on the rainiest of days, because it would have turned him into another Rasta, but given the circumstances was forced to.

Still though...he's really gone. There's no crap "Never found the body, ergo, is still alive" deals. He really did die. There's no walking away from what he did, and he intended to do that from that start, which is why he refused to let his friends and son fight with him.

No, the only possible explanation is that he sacrificed himself when he unleashed all of that power.

He never let it show, but Jainus was starting to suffer from the side-effects of the artifact. If what just happened now released him from that pain...

How in the hell would we find out?! He took the damn thing, knowing full well that he'd suffer for it, right? What was with him, anyway?! Always trying to act so damn cool even though he was totally useless! Always treating me like a kid...


And what in the hell am I supposed to tell my mom?! Running off to somewhere I can't get to him... Why... Why does he always go charging ahead and leave me to chase him down?! How do you expect me to catch up with you now?!

The sound of falling rain marks a great change in the world. The truth will out, one way or another, and the price will be great. The one lying at the edge of Grey's mind, but at the same time the very essence of his being, is beginning to stir, and cannot be stopped...

This is THE big scene of the game, and thus is recommended watching in its entirety. The Awakening

Eva's regained consciousness.

And how is he doing?

Grey is still the same. But at least one of them is awake, so it should be easier to get them out of here.

Are you saying you're going to attempt to exit these wetlands in the rain, or is it because- Do you mean to say that his condition is that dire?

Until now, I've always considered the rain and darkness to be my only allies. Only until now... This pretty bad...

Yes... I'm feeling much better...

Please do not strain yourself.

I said I am fine. More importantly, is Grey...

Urg... Grraaaahhh!

Come on, you have to hang on! Please, you need to wake up!

He still...has yet to wake?

It looks like he's been trapped in a nightmare ever since the two of you collapsed.

It may not be much longer. But before that...

I will not be coerced to accept your aid. Grey is my... I will now seal him. I trust you are prepared?

Yes... It is the reason I exist.

Very well. And what of the other two?

I do not know about...Liel. And about...

We can no longer postpone this to confirm one way or another. There's nothing to be done about them.


How does it look?

We're doing everything we can, but...

I don't know... I don't know! I can't do anything... Grey...

I do not like the look of that guy's face right now...

However, I must commend him for being able to contain Chaos for this long.

What are you saying?


Ah! Thank goodness...

It seems you've finally awoken. How do you feel?


It seems you have yet to fully revive. You looked extremely puzzled right now, you know?


We haven't had a chance to meet in several thousand years. And in human bodies, at that. Such a dramatic and long-awaited reunion should be celebrated!

What the hell is going on? What are you going on about?

For me personally, everything is fine as it is now, however... In order to make everything mine, it'd be a serious inconvenience if you were not fully revived. Now, it is time for you to claim everything of yourself, Chaos!

Oh no...


Why did you break my seal? Is the world ready to accept the pain the truth will bring? This world is built on lies. Has the time come to cast aside doubt and embrace the true world?

What are you talking about?

You broke my seal without knowing the truth? Then the time has yet to come after all... Now, use that -sword- in your hand to once again seal me away. Since Lenion doesn't seem to be present, you're the only one who can do it.

I'm the only one who can do it?

Sorry, but I can't let you do that.

Weiss didn't kill Chaos... He threw the sword down just before killing him because Chaos began talking to him, but it was Faz the whole time... He killed both Weiss and Chaos, but... Why?

And why would Eva think Weiss did it?

And now Grey...his soul has been completely taken over by Chaos. That means...


Faz, what are you doing?!

Have you finally come to your senses, Chaos?


Stop with the bullshit. Let Fiona go.

This girl has been my -possession- from the beginning.

Stop with the stupid jokes. You're really starting to piss me off. In fact, you should go

Release Fiona immediately. She is not your -possession-.

That's where you're wrong. This vessel was chosen to be the body of a god; my new body, actually.

Fiona, a vessel? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Isn't that Grey's role in all of this?

You are not mistaken in that regard; Grey is indeed a vessel. He's just not mine.

How about you explain what you mean?

I highly doubt that you will be able to understand the simplest explanation... What the hell, I should at least give you a small reward for all of your hard work so far. But before I do that... Eva, I'll be taking my power back now.

Your power...? What are you-?

Eva?! Faz, what are you doing?! Please, you have to stop!


Eva! Hey, are you okay?! Hang on! What did you just do to me...?

I expected you to hold out just a little longer that... You truly are a disappointment. Oh well, I suppose it can't be helped. You are nothing more than an empty, worthless -doll-, after all.

I am a...doll? What are you trying to say-?! I am... I am...

What's wrong with you? Get a grip!

Eeeeaaaaaaaghh! No! No! It can't be! No... I'm...! No, no! I've not been... I've not been abandoned!

I take that back; after all, it's not quite accurate. Dolls cannot have memories, of course. However, even as a lowly doll, you might have still been okay. As long as you stayed by Chaos' side. Sadly, you were tossed aside and abandoned by Chaos, who now stands there beside you.

No... NOOOO!

The only one who could be bothered to pick you up was me, and only because I needed you to hold my magic.

Could it be that the reason Eva's condition was deteriorating was because...

And the expression that has been appearing on her face recently whenever we killed a demon...

She must have felt the vessel within herself being killed. Even though she is but a mindless thing, it seems that she was able to feel pain to some degree, and to understand the agony of receiving the power of a god.


What do you want?

Do you plan on abandoning this -girl- yet again?


Well, I honestly don't care. Anyway, what I want is to be myself again. And for that to happen, I will need your cooperation. However, before any of that, I will be using this girl's body in order to revive my own.

Revive your body? Just what are you?

To ask a god -what- they are... Normally such disrespect would merit an unpleasant death. Fortunately, I feel magnanimous and will not only forgive you, but answer your question as well.