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Part 4: Episode 4: Tank

Episode 4: Tank

No fancy naming here, we just gun a bunch of dudes down in a tank for like a really long time before we invade Sopot's Citadel. The on rails missions in this game are some of the least fun parts today, but back when the game came out they were pretty cool because you got infinite explosives and the environments would crumble around you. Today, I know all the spots that won't explode when they are hit, which parts are scripted to be destroyed and which parts are a bad idea to blow up because you'll hit civilians. That takes some of the fun out of it for sure.

We're starting to get to part of the game where I have some major issues with nearly everything. One of the big issues that I try not to mention in the game is that I don't feel like the average soldier in the game is an actual bad guy. I go into more depth on that thought later in the video, but basically I get the feeling that most of the soldiers in Sopot's army are conscripts who are there because they have to be, not because they enlisted. If nothing else I would imagine a bunch of people are North Korea style indoctrinated via propaganda and violence. Later in the game the army seems to switch sides because they need another strong man, not because they secretly hated Sopot. It's weird to think about, but you are more or less gunning down people forced to fight you.