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Original Thread: Let's Play: Rent-a-Hero



What is this?

Rent-a-Hero is a point-and-click adventure game developed by Neo Software and released in 1998. It's set on the island of Tol Andar in a fantasy world. We play as Rodrigo, a professional "Hero for hire" who is struggling to pay the bills in a very saturated market.

This game was originally released in German in 1998, which makes sense as the developers were based in Austria, but an English version of the game was finished and released in the UK the following year. It was set to be released in the US in 2000 but it was ultimately cancelled. This is a somewhat obscure adventure game but it still scored pretty well with the critics.

LP Details

This will be a VLP and I will be recording commentary live and unscripted. I don't have a schedule, it all depends on when I have free time around work and child care but I will aim to have at least one video up a week.

Let's Play: Rent-a-Hero

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