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Part 10: Blood Brothers

Chapter 10: Blood Brothers

There is goon participation in this chapter!

Piotr Prokofiev's rally in the Town Hall of Ekaterine was a watershed moment for the Novistranan Coalition. The rally, taking place in the same venue as Karasov's Presidential Declaration days before, put the Coalition and Prokofiev on the national map as well as in Karasov's sights. If the secret police or non-supporters were keeping quiet, the highly-publicized rally shook them out of their stupor.

With the support of Mayor Livingstone and the rally energizing all of Ekaterine, Prokofiev and his inner circle were ready to move to new pastures and gather more support against Karasov. Their next destination was the chaotic city of Pugachev, but before leaving Ekaterine, Prokofiev would have to make sure that everyone in his inner circle was loyal and willing to stay and look after the Coalition's interests...

* * *

Piotr Prokofiev's Diary - Thirty-sixth Entry: 05/03/1996

The rally was a tremendous success, and the speech Josef helped me prepare went over like wildfire with the people. Churbanov's presence helped get just the right photos and get the best responses from the crowd, and he promises that the article he's typing up like crazy for the evening edition of the Ekaterine Echo is going to go on the front page. For those that weren't able to watch the rally in person, they should be able to at least read about it city-, if not nation-wide! Baturin praised our words in the evening and convinced the church to replay a tape of the rally in order to draw in the believers come this Sunday.

While I could leave Ekaterine now, I think it'd be best to certify that every district is solidly in my pocket. Letting the Union of Socialist Workers, the Church of Novistrana, or the Konstantino Cartel have a foothold here could be problematic. It will take a few days to cement loyalty, but Mayor Livingstone promised a form of immunity from Karasov for a while. I just can't dawdle.

I have people from all walks of life working together for me. I can't afford to depart Ekaterine unless the people I leave here are loyal beyond doubt, as I need to trust them to keep things moving here when I'm gone. We must plan for the future and build up their resolve in the coming days in readiness for our eventual departure, and I think I have just the solution for that...

* * *

Two days had passed since the Town Hall rally. According to all of their associates and contacts on and off the street, Ekaterine as a whole was entirely behind the Novistranan Coalition. Their rival factions had all but crumbled away, with only the figureheads and inner circles trying fruitlessly to sway at least a number of Novistranans back to their cause and failing. Even their die-hard supporters agreed that the Novistranan Coalition was going places.

Armed with this knowledge, Prokofiev called his men back to headquarters. Above the bustle of the grocer's, Prokofiev, Nasarov, Baturin, and Churbanov stood in the living space of their shared apartment.

"My friends, we've had a long and hard road coming to this point," Prokofiev began. "You all worked hard, paid your dues, and we have managed to take the city altogether. The rally has made us a beacon of hope for the working-class and the oppressed in this country."

"Hear hear!" Nasarov cheered as Baturin made the sign of the cross and Churbanov just grinned smugly.

"We need to present an unified front to our followers and to the city before I depart," explained Prokofiev. He turned to face Baturin and Churbanov, and Nasarov stayed to his side. "I wanted for you two to see me in person before we continued our struggle."

"Well, we're both here," Baturin nodded. "How can we serve you?"

Prokofiev glanced at Nasarov, who nodded once. The two old friends had talked it over in the last two days. Nasarov at first was resistant to the idea and felt it should be kept between them, but eventually was convinced that Baturin and even Churbanov were loyal enough to deserve real inclusion to the Coalition. After all, Semyon Titov and Boris Filatov were still, as far as they knew, neutral through the entire conflict to his point.

"This," Prokofiev told the two men as he drew a pair of ornate, gilded-handle knives, "is about solidarity."

* * *

: All right comrades, the time has come for us to leave Ekaterine for Pugachev. I trust your hands are well after yesterday?

: Well enough, Mr. Prokofiev... I saw some policemen amongst the crowd in my latest sermon. I think they were just there to hear my message, but I wasn't sure. It's good timing on your part for us to move.

: I've let my friends on the unions know that you're leaving, but their loyalty is as solid as a rock.

: Yes, my hand's all right, thanks for asking... Didn't have to cut it though. Anyway, the Echo is ready to keep doing our bidding as long as you'll have them, Piotr, and I'll be here to help as well. So, are we all going to pack up shop?

: Actually, the reason I called you three here is because I need to leave behind one of you behind. Whoever stays will lead a support cell and manage our interests here in Ekaterine.

: Ah, so we wouldn't all go with you to Pugachev.

: That's right. Two would, but one would keep an eye on things here at home.

: As much as I'd like to stay behind and maintain the unions, I'd rather follow you and spread our message in Pugachev.

: Indeed. Pugachev has no church, if I recall correctly. I would be willing to follow you, but the good word of God always needs a messenger at home, too.

: I could stay behind and look over our casino operations, but Pugachev's full of businesses trying to get a grip on things. If you need me to come with you, I'll go.

: Finish your business here in Ekaterine, my friends. I'll have made up my mind this afternoon.

* * *

Piotr Prokofiev's Diary - Fortieth Entry: 08/03/1996

All three of my lieutenants are willing to follow me to Pugachev. I need to consider this carefully. Each man will bring me roughly the same amount of resources, but the two that follow me will further hone their skills as well as remain crucial in the rest of our struggle. I know that Pugachev has people willing to join a revolutionary movement like the Coalition, but whether they'll be as friendly as Josef, Father Baturin, and Churbanov is something I'll only find out later.

* * *

Goon participation!

It's time to move on to Pugachev, the game's second city. Piotr needs to leave someone behind to act as our support cell as well as supply us with bonus resources daily. I didn't want to bother with telling you the exact amount of resources each lieutenant that stays behind will bring because it's mostly all the same (~40 Force, Influence, and Wealth). I also wanted to worry more about narrative and story than just game bonuses.

Your task, if you haven't figured it out by now, is to choose a man to stay behind in Ekaterine. Note that he will NOT be able to return to our party for the rest of the game. The good news is that there are plenty of other fish in the Novistranan sea to replace them in Pugachev, and later, Berezina. Here are your choices.

Josef Nasarov, our hot-tempered union man and loyal lifetime friend.

Oleg Baturin, our good priest who can captivate the minds of the middle-class.

Artem Churbanov, our happy-go-lucky, media-savvy freed political prisoner.

Ignore the bright green bars tacked on the dark green character attributes for Josef and Oleg. Those are just temporary bonuses to their stats because I ran some Strengthen Character actions to boost their Resolve, and they'll go away when we enter Pugachev. That said, choose wisely!