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by Olive Branch

Part 22: The Coalition Breaks

Chapter 22: The Coalition Breaks

There is goon participation in this chapter!

The worst case scenario had fallen on the Novistranan Coalition, and it had happened at one of their greatest victories. The ideological feud that had been simmering since the takeover of Ekaterine's casino had boiled and erupted with Josef Nasarov's abandonment of the Coalition. Nasarov formed the New Peace Party, taking with him Boris Churnyeav as a right-hand man, sizeable resources, and a significant amount of support from Piotr Prokofiev.

While until this point the Red Mafiya had been weakened, the Konstantino Cartel was impotent, and Organized Anarchy remained relatively tame, all three factions suddenly felt the chance to surge back and try to recoup lost territory and supporters. The Novistranan Coalition and the New Peace Party feuded over doctrine and translated this to split support throughout Pugachev. Anton Kamensky, the charity trust, and Mayor Antonov's support remained in the Novistranan Coalition's hands, but this meant little if they couldn't regain lost support.

Prokofiev was depressed and behaved erratically for a time, flitting over ideology and saddened by the loss of one of his closest friends. At first he hesitated to move against Nasarov and the NPP, but Baturin and Lavanov were quick to bring him back to the realities of politics and revolutions. Steeling himself for the coming days of factional feuding, Prokofiev gathered his two friends to discuss strategy and gain some insight on how to proceed in facing his comrade's own coalition...

* * *

Piotr Prokofiev's Diary - Eighty-seventh Entry: 29/03/1996

I cannot believe it. Josef, my friend of nearly twenty years, has abandoned me to form his own party. He kept saying he would represent the workers, and that I had departed from what we originally set out to do. A large part of me screams agreement: we have been erring on the side of capitalism and wealth as of late, but haven't I been using these funds to help the people and finance our movement when it came down to fulfilling our ultimate goals? Aren't money and the media tools we can yield to attack the system itself?

I feel sick. I feel like someone has taken a hammer to my head. I can't believe Josef would just do what he did. Haven't I been supporting the people that matters? Haven't we been ultimately been helping to obtain freedoms and rights that Karasov would never grant? No. No, I need to keep my head clear. Josef has split away from us, and now he's but another faction facing us. I have to keep my head clear. I have to.

Now I'm repeating myself. I think I need to sit back and breathe. I need to talk to Father Baturin and Lavanov about this. They need to help me. But... but maybe I need to do as Josef pointed out. I've been going soft. I need to show that I still have the will to survive. If I must do that, then I must turn back to basics. I need to return labor to my side.

* * *

: Father Baturin, Lavanov...

: Oh, Mr. Prokofiev, I... I overheard you.

: What? What's going on?

: It's Josef... He's abandoned us. He's split away and formed his own party.

: Whoa, union-man bailed? Are you kidding me?

: He took Churnyeav with him.

: Hah, can't say I'm going to miss the jarhead... But why did they leave?

: He thinks we don't represent the workers and the people anymore. He split in an effort to go back on the "original vision"...

: A communist fighting another over the purity of their ideology. How shocking.

: Mr. Lavanov, this is no time for jokes!

: Whoa, sorry, robes, I didn't mean to ruffle your habit.

: By the grace of God, you are really trying my patience, you pest!

: Well, never thought I'd be insulted by a good priest like yo-

: Shut the fuck up!

: Whoa, I... Okay.

: Thank you. Now, Mr. Prokofiev, we need to-

: Hold that thought, Father. That's exactly what we need to talk about.

: What we need to do?

: That's right. The situation's bad. We thought we had the city entirely under control, but now...

: But now Mr. Nasarov has split off with his own supporters.

: That's right. I'm afraid the fight for Pugachev is not over. Not yet.

: It's a good thing you kept me around, then. Guess what? I'll be able to use all my talents for your cause.

: So long as we keep paying you?

: You don't have to be so snippy. It's the lowest form of wit, right down there with sarcasm.

: Take your little notepad and shove it up your-

: Hey, hold on now. Because of what's happened between us and all, I'll offer a special discount on my services as long as you need. I can always bill you later, eh?

: I hate doing business with you. It's like dealing with the devil.

: The devil can't do half as many things as I can.

: Blasphemy!

: Hey, at least I'm not saying I'm Jesus, robes.

: Enough, you two. We need to think.

: Actually... I'm sorry to interrupt, but I did see Mr. Nasarov setting this up a few days back. Twice in fact.

: What?

: I didn't think much of it at the time, since I thought it was just a couple of union strikes or something that Mr. Nasarov was heading. I tried to talk to him at both events, but when he saw me, he ignored me and walked away.

: Why didn't you tell me about this?

: I didn't know he was trying to help himself, Mr. Prokofiev. I apologize. You had enough on your mind with the charity and the celebrities...

: Nnnggghh... Father, please, you've got to tell me everything that happens related to our movement! It's the only way I can plan properly.

: Y-yes... well, this probably coincides with the graffiti I've been seeing around Udalsova Precinct.

: Come to think of it, I saw them too.

: Graffiti? What now?

: The New Peace Party, is that what they're calling themselves? Their icon is that green jewel with stars, right? Well, I saw it on the walls around here these past few days. I thought it was just some gang tag.

: Over the entire city?

: Well, maybe it was a really big gang, I don't know.

: Wait, a green jewel with stars... the same ones on the posters around Pugachev Fields?

: Oh yeah, I saw those too, taskmaster. Figured it could've been some sort of marketing.

: For a gang?

: Hey look, I was a little bit busy going around making sure the press wasn't hounding our celebrities, okay? Cut me a little slack here.

: Whatever. The point is, from what you've both told me, Josef's been preparing for a few days. He probably split away for good after my phone call with him just now, so they're a legitimate faction from now on...

: Mr. Prokofiev...?

: ...I'm sorry, I just needed to clear my head there. Before we do anything else, we need to discuss strategy to regain our lost support. We've got to show we're still in control. Lavanov, bring us the dossiers on possible recruits. Father, bring us the city's map. We need to have a long talk.

Yep, Prokofiev's back to thinking that Force is the way to go. If we're going to restore the faith of the working man, we're going to need to show them we're on their side!

* * *

Goon participation!

Josef Nasarov and Boris Churnyeav have split from us to form their own party. As Ilunin said, this is a scripted event and happens when you complete your Force/Influence/Wealth path at the start of the city plus taking out the Red Mafiya warehouses. It comes out of freaking nowhere no matter what your inner circle's resolve is, and the splitter takes a member of your inner circle with him. However, gameplay bullshit aside, we need to take back support, and fast! We can't afford to let Josef's new party destroy our efforts. Today, there are two participation votes for you to take.

Your first task is to voice how we should focus on attacking the NPP. Old friend or not, Nasarov's splitting has halved our support in Pugachev. We need to retake lost ground, but how should we do it? Pick one of the following...

Attack Certain Districts: Looking at this map of Pugachev, pick up to three areas. Before trying to deal with Churnyeav or Nasarov, I'll try to bring those areas to 100% or deplete all of the NPP's support there as a priority.

Retrieve Churnyeav: Nasarov can't hire anyone yet, but Churnyeav's next level up will likely make the computer pick a Recruit Character action (Intimidate, if I recall correctly). Before Churnyeav levels up, we must find him, bring him back to the fold, and utterly cripple Nasarov's fragile position!
Weaken NPP Recruits: We'll let Churnyeav level and pick a Recruit Character action, but we must prioritize on using Weaken Character actions on their new recruits. This will make them less effective at their jobs.
Steal NPP Recruits: Instead of hiring anyone of our own choice, we ought to do some guerilla recruiting and recruit anyone that the NPP tries to bring in. This won't stop them from hiring others, but it will deny Nasarov the people he wants.
Wild Card: If it worked before, it can work again. Let Nasarov keep guessing our moves and play randomly.

Your second task is to vote in new lieutenants to fill the gap that Nasarov and Churnyeav left, again by stating five characters in order of preference. We CAN retake Churnyeav by finding his home and re-recruiting him, leaving Josef alone, but if you'd rather let the soldier go his own way for now, you can. You can also vote to trade one or both of our current lieutenants for other people (Felix Lavanov and Oleg Baturin), should you wish to see a change in the cast. After all, this is a grave time, and Prokofiev may need to restructure his inner circle. Here are the available recruits roaming Pugachev...


Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Igor Bubolenko: Criminal

Igor is a simple-minded man and loves his life of thuggery. Just tell him what needs hitting, when and where and he's a happy man.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Micky Gusev: Criminal

Micky Gusev is a well-respected man in certain circles in Pugachev. Firm but fair, he is best known for his love of poker and people from all walks flock to play in his big-money games. However, woe betides anyone who fails to cough up what they owe.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Roman Leonov: Criminal

Roman is a real slimy character, he is always on the lookout for the easy road and the better deal. He is usually to be found at his club, the Roman Bar, a members-only strip club that is a popular haunt for local businessmen and criminals alike. Naturally, it doubles as a cover for his main business concern - prostitution.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Boris Churnyeav: Military

Lt. Churnyeav has spent a long career in the army. After receiving a battlefield commission during the Grodnistan War, this brute of a soldier became an officer. He is known as a tough but fair man.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Gleb Ignatev: Police

A retired army soldier, Ignatev has made the transfer to the police force where he has settled in just fine. He knows that it's far easier to accept the bribes and the pay-offs, rather than causing trouble - and besides, the wages aren't so hot!

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Nikita Manakov: Police

Nikita Manakov is a nasty, sadistic piece of work with a great fondness for quiche and hard living. He is not a man you'd ever want to meet, particularly in an early morning raid, when the withdrawal symptoms are just starting to kick in.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Guri Ikramov: Union

Guri Ikramov is a tireless campaigner for workers' rights. He is often to be seen at the front of marches and protests bellowing into a megaphone.


Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Evgeney Federov: Academic

Evgeney is a well-known political activist at the Pugachev Institute of Technology. He commands the respect of many of his fellow students and has rumored links with the underground Organized Anarchy group.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Grigorii Kalinov: Academic

Grigorii Kalinov is a local activist with strong opinions on many issues. Sadly his impetuous temper and lack of maturity means that he is often ignored, although with guidance he has the potential to become an useful person.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Filipp Akimov: Politician

Filipp Akimov is one of the most notorious characters in Pugachev, having won his seat by offering to pay everyone who voted for him five roubles. His election pledge was to clean up drugs and crime - which he duly did, getting rid of all his competitors.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Gennadi Ermalov: Politician

Gennadi has long been suspected of being a supporter of the anti-government group Organized Anarchy, although he is very careful to cover his tracks and links with them.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Ignatii Goryachev: Politician

Ignatii Goryachev is a veteran of Novistranan politics, yet his staunchly independent stance means that he has never arisen further than that of local councilor.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Fedor Baburin: Priest

Fedor's reasons for getting into the Church are unclear, as he seems more interested in amassing his fortune and increasing his fame. He currently broadcasts regular sermons on Novistranan TV and models himself on US TV evangelists.


Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Aleksei Satarov: Business

Aleksei Satarov is the CEO of Satarov Plastics. The newly formed joint-venture with western capital investment has been created to take advantage of Novistrana's oil reserves.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Dmitri Yakovenko: Business

A former state prosecutor specializing in fraud cases, Yakovenko gave up his legal profession to use his knowledge of the Novistranan monetary system inside-out to great financial advantage.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Danila Belinsky: Celebrity

Danila Belinsky is a rising TV celebrity, having just landed a job as the presenter for a public debate show.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Kuzma Kalinin: Celebrity

Kuzma Kalinin is a former Olympic Wrestling champion. He has now retired and is a presenter for Novistrana's 'Over-Easy', the most popular breakfast TV show in Novistrana.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Nikanor Karpin: Media

Nikanor has just graduated and is a keen reporter looking to make his big break. He's hoping that the momentous times are going to offer many opportunities.

Novistranan Coalition Dossier - Petr Manakov: Media

Petr Manakov writes a regular column in the Berezina Herald. He is renowned for his conservative views and rants about the loss of decency and family values in Novistrana.

Again, this is a grave time for the Coalition, so you must choose wisely...