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Original Thread: Zombie Leeches Suck - Let's Play Resident Evil 0 HD! [Blind]



Resident Evil 0 was originally released for the Game Cube in 2002. After being developed for the N64, the game had various technical issues and was rebuilt from scratch for Nintendo's new console. It's in the style of classic, pre-RE4 games, but features a unique mechanic where the player controls two characters, switching between them as needed. The player takes the role of S.T.A.R.S. rookie Rebecca Chambers, who was also featured in the first Resident Evil (and its remake), and newcomer military convict Billy Coen.

Following the success of Resident Evil Remake HD Remaster last year, Capcom went ahead and released a HD Remaster of Resident Evil 0 for PC and consoles on January 19 2016.

Why a blind run?

I didn't own a Game Cube or Wii, but I've played most of the main Resident Evil titles and a bunch of spin-offs. Apparently, Resident Evil 0 is not kindly regarded by the community, so this is your opportunity to watch someone's hopes and dreams shatter real time, just like back in 2002! Or maybe I'll like it? Who knows?

Who's along for the ride?

Hello, I'm a Real Soviet Bear and I'm joined by Geisha Deconstruct. We survived El Shaddai and Wheelman LPs together, so we're well-equipped to handle whatever RE0 throws at us. If you like Resident Evil, we also did an LP of the Jill scenario of REmake, but that was a casual non-SA thread one.

So what does the HD Remake do?

The game has received a technical upgrade in the same style as last year's remake of the Resident Evil 1 Remake. In addition to that, there are some new (DLC) costumes and an unlockable Wesker mode. We'll show off the latter after we've beaten the game. I'd show off the former but I don't want to shell out 10 euros to dress-up a virtual teenager and Rebecca.


We'll be going for chunkier episodes this time around. A lot of the pacing so far seems like a lot of back and forth, so we'll stop each episode at a logical conclusion (usually a save point). We'll be going for one to two episodes per week because of this.


No story or gameplay spoilers, unless it has already happened in the LP. This is a blind run, so if something goes horribly wrong, we'd rather roll with it.


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