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Original Thread: Plot holes and tank controls! Let's Play Resident Evil 1-3 + Code Veronica!


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What's all this about?
Last summer we knocked out Resident Evil 4 and for some reason we've decided to continue the tradition. We'll be playing through every major Umbrella-themed (pre-RE4) Resident Evil game in order. This means 1 through 3 as well as Code: Veronica X on the PS2. We won't be playing Zero because it sucks.

Who are you?
-DO IT TO IT (Andrew)
-DONT DO IT (James)
-Fake Derek (Ross)
And sometimes:

What can I expect from this LP?
Expect a whole bunch of bumblin' around. We're vaguely familiar with the series but it's been a while for all of us. I've got a pretty good memory of RE2. As you probably already know, this is not an informational LP so don't be expecting one. If anything, this LP exists to allow everyone to kick back and enjoy the beginnings (and middle) of a classic series. You probably already know what to expect; it's going to be painful, but in a good way.

As with some of our previous projects, feel free to make cruel recommendations on specific ways for us to play upcoming segments of the games. Also, please use spoilers when discussing upcoming stuff. There are some people out there (like Ross) who haven't seen these older RE games.

What's the update schedule?
We'll be posting episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We record 2 weeks (6 videos) at a time and will always let you know the day/week of a recording so you can make suggestions beforehand if you so desire.


Resident Evil (titled "Biohazard" in Japan) was released on the Playstation in 1996 and was directed by the now-heralded Shinji Mikami. It was one of the very first games to establish the phrase "survival horror." Known for its sluggish controls and bad voice acting, the classic game has now sold over 2.7 million copies. It established the concepts and characters that would stick around all the way to the recent Resident Evil 5, such as Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker and the T-Virus. We'll be playing the Director's Cut version of the game.

RE1.1: Too Calm for Zombie HousePolsy Download
RE1.2: In the Back In the LegsPolsy Download
RE1.3: Hope You Like MapsPolsy Download
RE1.4: The Greatest LetdownPolsy Download
RE1.5: The Shortfalls of Rocket JumpingPolsy Download
RE1.6: Chang Ya LaterPolsy Download
RE1.7: Bobcat TroublePolsy Download
RE1.8: Spider Challenge CompletePolsy Download
RE1.9: You Don't Hit Girls, DerekPolsy Download
RE1.10: HerbicidePolsy Download
RE1.11: So ClosePolsy Download
RE1.12: Don't Touch Derek's iPhonePolsy Download
RE1.13: Rebecca Chang's Last StandPolsy Download
RE1.14: Just Skip this OnePolsy Download
RE1.15: Dodging is for ChumpsPolsy Download
RE1.16: Fruit Cup EpisodePolsy Download
RE1.17: Enough with the Box PushingPolsy Download
RE1.18: Escape from the House of StupidPolsy Download

Two years after the first game, Resident Evil 2 was released in 1998. The game's first version (dubbed "Resident Evil 1.5") was totally scrapped and the game was rebuilt to feature more varied environments and to be more cinematic. The story revolves around Claire Redfield (sister to Chris from RE1) and rookie Raccoon City cop Leon Kennedy. RE2 sold nearly five million copies and later another 800,000 more with the release of the Dual Shock Edition. We'll be playing both the Claire A and Leon B modes.

RE2.1: Lickers and Lipton LemonadePolsy Download
RE2.2: The Rebecca Chang ConspiracyPolsy Download
RE2.3: James was Right for OncePolsy Download
RE2.4: Wizard PartyPolsy Download
RE2.5: Cat Chat UpdatePolsy Download
RE2.6: NoPolsy Download
RE2.7: Cutscene ExtravaganzaPolsy Download
RE2.8: All About the PentiumsPolsy Download
RE2.9: Action ClairePolsy Download
RE2.10: Here We Go AgainPolsy Download
RE2.11: I Am Mr. XPolsy Download
RE2.12: No More Pokemon Episodes After ThisPolsy Download
RE2.13: Game Development BrainstormingPolsy Download
RE2.14: Raccoon City is WeirdPolsy Download
RE2.15: A Video about Video GamesPolsy Download
RE2.16: Ada WrongPolsy Download
RE2.17: A Child's ToyPolsy Download
RE2.18: I'm Just a WomanPolsy Download

Resident Evil 3 was released in 1999 and featured the subtitle "Nemesis" (though apparently the Japanese version used the subtitle "Last Escape"). The game focuses on Jill Valentine's escape from Raccoon City. It apparently takes place both a day before RE2 and a day after it. The game is known for Nemesis, a Mr. X-like monster that chases Jill throughout the entire game. It sold well and featured various improvements to the series, such as a quick turn, running up and down stairs without pushing X, a dodge move and more. We'll be playing through the game on Hard.

RE3.1: Return of Mr. XPolsy Download
RE3.2: Mr. X Reps the RowPolsy Download
RE3.3: Mr. X Hates Family RestaurantsPolsy Download
RE3.4: Mr. X is MissingPolsy Download
RE3.5: Mr. X Feeds Jill a RocketPolsy Download
RE3.6: Mr. X Causes UnrestPolsy Download
RE3.7: Mr. X Receives Shocking NewsPolsy Download
RE3.8: Mr. X Hates Helicopters TooPolsy Download
RE3.9: Mr. X and Meat LogsPolsy Download
RE3.10: Mr. X Always Does Flat TiresPolsy Download
RE3.11: Mr. X Enjoyed ZookeeperPolsy Download
RE3.12: Mr. X Gives Nicholai a LiftPolsy Download
RE3.13: Mr. X Finally Gets his S.T.A.R.S.Polsy Download

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X is officially the fourth main story game in the RE series, despite not actually being RE4. It was released in 2000 on the Dreamcast while later in 2001, the X version was released. The X version is also now available in HD on Xbox Live and PSN. The game follows Claire Redfield's continued search for Chris while also giving some backstory to Umbrella and, specifically, the Ashford family. The game sold around 3 million copies. We'll be playing the X version, which includes slightly tweaked graphics and some extra cutscenes.

CVX.1: Steve is the Real BiohazardPolsy Download
CVX.2: Box HuntPolsy Download
CVX.3: You Can't Take Any More ItemsPolsy Download
CVX.4: And You Thought Steve was BadPolsy Download
CVX.5: FatheeeeeeeeeeeerPolsy Download
CVX.6: Edgy OpinionsPolsy Download
CVX.7: Back to the Prison...AgainPolsy Download
CVX.8: Gas MysteriesPolsy Download
CVX.9: Directional DebatePolsy Download
CVX.10: Hope You Like ArtPolsy Download
CVX.11: It Was the ButlerPolsy Download
CVX.12: Obligatory Movie EpisodePolsy Download
CVX.13: Tension BuildsPolsy Download
CVX.14: BOW Gas, BitchPolsy Download
CVX.15: Halloween SpecialPolsy Download
CVX.16: Of Course the Power is OffPolsy Download
CVX.17: Nothing HappensPolsy Download
CVX.18: The Butler Strikes BackPolsy Download
CVX.19: Plaise HelpPolsy Download
CVX.20: Research Notes of Stupid PeoplePolsy Download
CVX.21: Something About HuntersPolsy Download
CVX.22: It was so SimplePolsy Download
CVX.23: Just like Real Oil Pressure RegulatorsPolsy Download
CVX.24: Hunter PartyPolsy Download
CVX.25: Thanksgiving SpecialPolsy Download
CVX.26: The Blackest FridayPolsy Download
CVX.27: Puzzle Solving SkillsPolsy Download
CVX.28: Hard TimesPolsy Download
CVX.29: ShotgunnedPolsy Download
CVX.30: Angry at EverythingPolsy Download
CVX.31: In Memory of Rebecca ChangPolsy Download

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