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Part 1: Foreword:


And now we come to a close...

My trip through Survival Horror purgatory reaches its final stop. Resident Evil. The game that started it all. Or, at least a remake of the game that started it all. As, the original has aged beyond horribly and I think someone already did a thread on it. Regardless, he we are.

These threads have a fair amount of continuity between them, so it's in your best interest to check out the previous entries. Or else.

Resident Evil. Resident Evil. The game that started the plague that is the Survival Horror genre. Yes, yes. Alone in the Dark came first and was great and all that. But, Alone in the Dark was made into an Uwe Boll film; so there is its place in history. Resident Evil started and popularized the spooky setting with tank controls and limited inventory genre.

Original released in 1996 for the Sony Playstation and later on the Sega Saturn the following year. The original North American release of the game was censored due to the utterly offensive introduction FMV featuring scenes of explicit violence against puppets and Z-Actors. As well as smoking. That was a big no-no back then.

This, of course, angered the extreme gamers of yore and Capcom, wanting to please its fanbase by gouging it for more money, followed up the following year with an upgraded version of the game: the Resident Evil: Director's Cut. Which was said to be fully uncensored and feature neat upgrades like new cinematic camera angles, difficulty levels, and costumes.

One of these things did not appear in the final cut of the game. That being, you know, the uncensored stuff, that was the big selling point. While Capcom claimed it was some fudge up in production, it seemed Sony had given them the big 'fuck off' to releasing a version featuring Chris Redfield smoking, thus the game's black and white chopped up intro remained. Seeing as it was back in the day when the Internet and 'gaming journalism' were just wee lads. So this was just a wee bit of a dick move on Capcom's part.

The game actually did see an uncensored release on the PC the same year. But, by that point anyone who gave a shit still had left their computer running overnight to download a pixilated Realmedia clip of it.

Fast forward to 2002. Capcom has signed an exclusivity deal with Nintendo on the series and Capcom releases a remake of Resident Evil 1 for the Nintendo Gamecube. This is the game we'll be playing in this thread. Capcom, despite their many, many, many money gouging minor upgrades and ports to their titles, actually went the whole nine yards and redid the entire game from the ground up, adding to and changing roughly 70% of the original game, adding an entirely new subplot and enemy and all sorts of nifty things.

That's not to say the original game doesn't have its merits. Sure, it looks horrible, plays atrociously, and generally sucks. But, the voice acting and FMVs are still a thing of beauty to this day. As such, I'll be hunting them down for your viewing pleasure as a companion to the remake's version of the scenes. Since I know you kids enjoy those sort of treats.

Holy shit, this is a long opening post.