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Part 47: Bonus Episode: Wesker's Report II - "Nemesis"

Bonus Episode: Wesker's Report II - "Nemesis"

July 1st, 1988

(Five years after the last record.)

It was our 11th summer since we had arrived at the Arklay Laboratory. I was 28 years old.

Birkin had since wed a fellow researcher at the facility. He'd become a father to a baby girl two years earlier. It was hard to believe a relationship could bloom in a place like this. Much less, carry on alongside research into our 'unique' field afterwards. I suppose that is what set Birkin apart from most.

Only the mad could succeed here.

After a decade of research, our project had finally reached the third phase.

A highly sophisticated combat oriented Biological Organic Weapon. A creature with intelligence, to be used as a soldier, and obey programmed orders. That was the monster we tried to create. Due to its dominance in abilities over its earlier B.O.W. predecessors, we dubbed it the 'Tyrant'.

But, from the beginning, the project had one huge hurtle. The number of potential test subjects that would be genetically viable for conversion into a Tyrant was extremely limited.

This is due to the nature of the T-Virus.

Any human could be converted into a zombie or Hunter. But the process caused the carrier's brain cells would deteriorate. A certain degree of maintained intelligence was necessary for the Tyrant. In order to overcome this issue, Birkin had extracted and isolated a variant of the virus which would cause the desired mutations along with minimizing damage to the brain within acceptable parameters.

Unfortunately, a dramatic compatibility issue arose with this new strain. Humans with a genetic match that would adapt into this process were extremely rare. The Genetic Analytical Team ran a simulation on the test data we produced. Their report stated only 1 in 10,000,000 would mutate into a Tyrant. The rest would simply regress into stock zombies.

It may have been possible to refine the progressive strain of the T-Virus to raise the compatibility with Tyrant mutation. However, to push the research any further, we would first need to study a subject with a perfect genetic match to the current virus.

Even if we had access to the DNA of every man, woman, and child in the United States, we would only come up with, at most, twenty to thirty compatible matches.

Other research facilities had ran into the same problem. We were at a standstill before we even began.

One day, we received word that the French research facility had devised a method to conquer this third phase barrier.

It was called the 'Nemesis Project'.

I acted quickly to obtain a sample from this projected for our own use. Of course, Birkin resisted the idea. But, I managed to convince him otherwise. Even he had to accept that our research was dead in the water until we found a compatible host. We had to jump at any possible opportunity.

We received the package several days later. It arrived by helicopter in the middle of the night. A small box with several precautions written on either end. On the top, it simply read:

"Nemesis Project"

We had to pull a number of strings to gain a specimen from the French laboratory, where it had been developed. It never would have gone through, if not for the backing and support of Spencer. Birkin, typically, showed no interest in the package, but accepted the importance of the experiments that would follow.

The sample had been developed with a brand new design theory in mind.

A parasitic biological life form created by genetic modification - that was Nemesis.

The parasite held intelligence, but was utterly incapable of anything on its own. However, once it finds a host, it would parasitize the brain and would take full control over its body and mind. It displayed a highly developed aptitude for combat. The project design was to develop separate vehicles for intelligence and biological bodies for combat. Then to combine the halves into a single Biological Organic Weapon.

If this were to succeed, our previous problems in research would evaporate.

But, there was a problem in the actual bonding between parasite and host.

In the research documents accompanying the package, all that were listed were a long list of deaths. The recorded carriers lasted an average of five minutes after Nemesis took over their brains. But, we were already aware of the dangers that would lie in an incomplete prototype.

I saw the potential before me. If we succeeded in prolonging the carriers' survival, we would surely be handed over the reigns of the Nemesis Project. That was my goal. Naturally, I planned on using that female test subject.

Her incredible survival rate could perhaps successfully endure the Nemesis prototype's infection. Even if the experiment failed, we'd lose nothing of value.

However, our experiments took an unexpected turn.

Upon entering her brain, readings from the Nemesis prototype vanished. At first we couldn't wrap our heads around what had happened. But, we soon realized the truth. She had taken over and consumed the parasite.

That was the beginning.

Something was happening within that failed experiment. Something was about to awaken. We began examining her anew.

In the past ten years, we had conducted every possible bit of research on her, checked the results on her down to the minutest detail. But, that amassed data was useless now. We began fresh. For the first time in the twenty-one years she had been here, something no one had detected was about to be revealed.

After extensive study, Birkin first noticed the change. Something definitely existed within her. This, however, went completely beyond the T-Virus project and led us in a completely new direction. One which would forever change our destinies.

This was the beginning of the "G-Virus" project.