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Part 18: Episode XVIII: Going My Way?

When last we left our hero, he watched the murder of a large trench coat clad man by being dropped from a helicopter. With that said, let's go on with it...

Wait. So that guy just dropped through the roof literally three feet away from Leon and he just sort of stared at it drop, shrugged, and enters anyway? I have no sympathy for this guy.

Dateline NBC: When Polygons Attack. Where do we draw the line?

Didn't this hallway used to have spiders? Maybe that was another game...

"Hey, buddy. You alright? I saw you get dropped from that helicopter. Need a green herb? I think I've got a spare somewhere. Here, you can use my lighter..."

This fellow is T-103 or the popularized fan name of "Mr. X". He's big and he's bald. And well, you'll see...

"Oww! The fuck is your problem?! Fine, you're only getting a health spray."

"Yeah. You're gonna lose your health as I spray you with buckshot. Haha. Leon, you've still got it!"

X takes a dirt nap after a few shots. Leaving Leon to rifle through his remains, like any good officer should.

"Eh...this isn't really my style..."

Leon discards the hat out the window and exits the area.


Now, where were we? The helicopter smashed hallway is now lacking its burning attribute. The door to the left of the wreckage is trashed. It would take something crazy like someone setting a C4 charge to clear the way. However, there is an untouched door at the end of the hallway.

The approaching scare would likely be more effective if there wasn't a camera angle aimed directly at the out of place sun roof.

Leon, this isn't the time to have your mind in the gutter! Though, now that you mention it, that does look a bit like something Claire picked up recently.

Next to the statue fetch quest is a copy of old Marv's keycard from earlier. Apparently, issued April Fools' Day 199X.

How did this stuff spook me when I was a teenager?

Leon returns to the lobby computer console.

When will this corporation learn not to have classified company secrets used as application icons on its OS?

The following doors are unlocked...again. I bet Marvin was behind this. That big faker.

The one door Claire has been through. The other leads to the zombie mosh pit outside the office where Leon got the valve. So, let's try upstairs.

This would be particularly threatening if Leon had any idea where the hell that noise was coming from. Though, I suppose it's not the man's fault he can hear shutters opening a floor down and in another wing of the building.

Mr. Kennedy finds himself in the library of the police station. Shockingly, there are no files to be found in it.

The upper level has a door leading out to the third floor. Best to check this area first.

I guess we can see how high the literacy rate is in Raccoon City. When an average sized male can come crashing through a patch of weak floor in the library and nobody noticed until now.

This looks a bit familiar. I love puzzles that have their solution five feet away from them. And people say video games rot your mind.

For God knows what reason, the library is equipped with a set of movable bookcases. The object of this is to make them match the small version in the little nook before.

Which boils down to moving the two left bookcases to the right one space. I think this may clock in as the easiest puzzle in the series.

I don't even want to know what Leon is supposed to stick this in.

Oh well. Leon goes back to check out the third story before moving on.

Which leads to a clock tower. Alright, I get the part where the RPD used to be a museum and has a wacky design because of it. I can sort of accept that. But why the hell would it have a clock tower? Especially, since there's a proper clock tower a few miles down the road. This fucking town!

Unfortunately, there's precious little Leon can do here right now. As that jerk, Claire, has the crank that - does something in this room. Damn you token female character!

Leon returns to the library room and heads out the other door.

Shit! These things always jump out at you.

Ah, crap. Botched that one.

The little girl runs in terror, crawling under a barricade leading to a door. I wonder why she did that...

Who would trust this guy?

In any case, the little girl dropped the diamond key and was hopefully immediately mauled by that earlier discussed beaver.

Leon heads back down the hallway.

"So, there really was a way to the RPD in that direction? Man, you're lucky. That's just on the edge of Chinatown."

Claire, shut the fuck up. We are not having a Newt subplot!

"You didn't catch her? She was like eight."
"I screwed up the button press."
"I hate those things. How many emblems did that take? Or did you need to balance the oil pressure? Those are the worst."
"Huh? I pressed X instead of Square But...what are you talking about?"
"I...what were you talking about?"
" "..."
"Moving on..."

I think Claire just gets her kicks by aimlessly searching for people. The brother thing was a wash. But hey! There's some random little brat! I've got to find her!

"97.1 tunes in the country station. You're on your own beyond that."

I must have missed the part where Leon magiced up a pair of walkie-talkies.

So...that's it?! You're splitting up again like it's fucking Scooby Doo?! No trading supplies or telling one another what lies ahead?! That's it! I'm done here...

Tune in next time for morons that can't tell their head from their ass in Episode XIX: Wandering Idiots.

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Mr. X curbstomps Leon:

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