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Part 20: Episode XX: The Big Scoop.

When last we left our hero, he was talking to our heroine. Wasn't that a nifty little cross over? I think that's the only time we'll stay that consistent... With that said, let's get crazy...

So, Claire booked and Leon is in the hallway between the library room and the S.T.A.R.S. hall. Mr. Kennedy needs to go on a magical journey of redundancy for a bit.

First off, the lobby balcony just prior to the library room (2nd floor) holds another item's doppelganger.

The statue is kind enough to have a spare for any wayward travelers.

Which unlocks only this door. Which has absolutely nothing of interest in it.

Let's do something new. Remember that key Brad dropped? That opens this locker.

Which lead to, what else, but the Resident Evil staple of kooky alternate costumes. Well, staple aside from Code Veronica. And Survivor... God, that thread was like putting my dick in a vise...

First up, we have Leon's biker outfit. Which features a totally metal skull decal leather jacket. As well as what I believe to be women's pants. Slightly less metal...

Second up, we have the official RPD anti-gang PSA costume.

Hairy armpits not included. For reasons unclear, Leon holds his pistol sideways and shoots slightly faster in his alternate costumes. But, I'll not be wearing either of those. I suppose we might as well do Claire's while we're in the area, huh?

Hey, it's her Code Veronica jacket back. Another Queen song reference...

Ms. Redfield also gets a Colt Single Action Army for no reason other than she can. Six bullets. More than enough to kill anything that moves.

Claire's outfit seems to be either a biker or '80s action movie future rebel. You be the judge.

Moving along...

The S.T.A.R.S. Office holds nothing much of note...

Other than the bounty of the magical supply closet which has now given way to two magnums and a grenade launcher all in a 24 hour period.

Skipping ahead...

Leon can use the diamond key to enter the evidence room. Which has a film roll stashed in the back.


Arukas Tailor was the shop Claire began her scenario outside of.

"Good Lord, Fisher! That's it. The mission is over. You're finished."

I wonder how Claire's doing with Whatshisface...

Old Marv's corpse has gone to that zombie graveyard in the sky. Or he rose from the dead as a zombie white guy. A double zombie white guy. Chilling.

A more likely scenario was his corpse exploded into a shower of coins, treasures, iron weapons, and keys. Here's the leftovers. Damn farming zombies.

A desk with silly hats and novelty glasses that haven't been funny since the 1940's holds a note for Officer Kennedy...


So was everyone just going to phone in this whole welcome party and the best they could do was leave the party favors and a folded typed memo?

Poor Leon...

Knowing Japan, it probably involves brutal violent rape...

One last little loose end before we can put that Heart Key to good use.

Cards and chess pieces. I can't wait until we get to the Monopoly themed keycards. The thimble key is going to be a bitch to find.

Leon heads back to the office area.

The Heart Key has only one use... Opening the pathway to DARKNESS!

Sora! Donald! Goofy! As you can see, this was that area that Leon's acute hearing managed to detect zombies breaking into earlier. There's honestly not a whole lot here, despite the dramatic entrance. They just respawn occasionally.

There's a staircase leading to the basement. Which, as you may remember, is ever closer to our ultimate goal of a sewer level. I'm still beside myself with that knowledge.

There's also a door locked with the final key of the day. For the RPD at least.

Yet another hallway to hallway to hallway scenario opens up. There's a few areas of interest in the underground.

To the north is what is likely the last place any sane or intelligent individual would go during a zombie outbreak. The only reason Leon isn't entering is because it needs the Club Key. Around the corner is another couple areas. But, that's Claire territory and holds no interest for Leon. Leon returns to the double doors a few screens back.

This leads to the generator room. Yes, I know the power is still miraculously on. Despite certain individuals fucking with the entire grid to open doors earlier. This generator is special. It is devoted to a single keycard reader...

Power can be routed to
the areas with
insufficient power using
these five switches
Using all the power may
cause a short and
cut the power supply.

Why is all electric related consoles in Raccoon City fucking retarded? I mean, an extra degree of "fucking" for emphasis could be applied. Anyhow, flipping a switch up adds 36 to the voltage. Pressing down adds 14.

I, honest to your deity of choice, solved this entirely by accident... The solution was that simple...

Well, there should be a decent catch in there. What, with the police force having half-assed their scheme to thwart terrorism by disarming themselves.

Still need a keycard, however. Oh well, soon enough. Moving right along.

A parking lot. Which, if anyone had half a brain, would be the primary objective of this game. Not the bleedin' sewer. But, ya know how these things go...

How ever did that van back up in that space?

Christ! Someone's got an elephant gun.

Is there some mandate that all women in this city dress ridiculous or like hookers? Or like ridiculous hookers, in certain cases?

In any case, this is our old pal Ada Wong, who you may remember from 4 Resident Evil. If you're some kind of commie that hates America who didn't follow that, she's a new character at this point. In either case, she's not getting an introductory write-up.

So she's been firing warning shots at all the zombies she's come across? She's as bad as Kendo demanding each explain their intentions before opening fire.

"Uhh...have you been outside...? Honestly."

Did we regress into a 1930's Pulp novel while I wasn't looking?

"Well, it's more of a wrecked van. Actually, I don't think it's wrecked. It's just a van... You couldn't have...backed it up or something...?"

How all great romances begin.

The pair enter the newly accessible route.

This is the third time this has happened to Leon this week.

Tune in next time for creepy police chiefs, annoying little girls, file goodness, and some inkling of an actual plot in Episode XXI: Why Was There a Little Girl in the Back of Your Room?

Bonus Content

Ada Wong... She had bigger knockers in this game...