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Part 11: Episode XI: The Update Before Del Lago

When last we left our adventurers, they had both narrowly escaped what could have been a deadly encounter with Chief Mendez. Well, Leon escaped. Well, more was let go, then decided he wanted more, then had his assailant's attention diverted. Also, Ada sort of did get shot and captured. I guess there wasn't a lot of "escaping" involved. But the encounter did end, that's what really counts. Let's begin...

Leon gets a call from Hunnigan back in the good old USA. Or wherever the hell she's hanging out being useless. Actually, she calls him between the "Mendez pops up behind the door and strangles Leon" and "Leon gets his ass kicked and is saved by Ada" scenes. But, Separate Ways just integrates the two. That and I felt it was just a bit too of Leon to have a phone conversation, think for a few seconds, stomp his foot, then say to himself "I can totally take that dude" before rushing in. Even for him."

"You just got stomped, son."
<crowd> "Ooooh, snap!"

That's right, folks. We're up against the The Illuminati. The Organization has really let its standards go to the wind after Invisible War flopped.


Does anyone ever actively say "Big Cheese" to refer to a person of authority outside of 1930's pulp novels with the possible film noir on the side?

...but then he could have killed me again but he let me live again...


Well, thanks Ingrid for being useful as always.

Leon heads downstairs to check out the rest of the Chief's humble abode. Not before critiquing the Ganado's lifestyle.

Read?! They're truely monsters.

Satisfied with his lambasting of those savages, Leon makes his way out the front toward the path ahead.

Not before meeting up with an old friend.


Go home and be a family man!

Leon steals some more sweet doctor goods and takes a hike down the road. A gate at the end of the path reveals.

The village, for a fourth time now between this and Separate Ways.

Leon passes by the ever present Cop Dos and makes his stay in the Pueblo short.

Inside reveals, a dull poorly kept room.

With a dark secret.

Actually, there's nothing down here aside from a load of treasure and our old buddy. (He has nothing that interests us quite yet.)

A nearby ladder reveals. Somewhere else we've already seen!

Leon takes a short jog up to the church and makes a daring rescue of the President's daughter.

Also shooting the medallions you might recall for a nice bonus (all 15 adds you in an addition as well.)

Oh come on! Ada waltzed in here an hour ago!

He gives Hunnigan a call for some sage wisdom

Yeah, they said "this is Resident Evil, you need tits to work a lockpick" and handed me a shotgun.

A several hour item fetch of which you haven't the faintest idea where to begin. Good idea. Oh, and thanks for the advice. I had no fucking clue I needed to find a way inside. Thanks for clearing that up. Really.

The lakeside Walkway Ada took a stroll down in while ago presents itself. They could easily have just tossed this emblem in the back yard or under the stairs, but that seems the reasonable path for it.

Leon darts into a cabin along his trek to GAH!

Eh, I've got nothing. I just lost my screencap of entering the cabin

Closure of the Church

"My heart."


Saddler's envisioned world.

Don't move her, put a full detail of guards and fortify your position, camp out front ready to throw down. Just...lock the front door? Well, that'll show him.

Granted now, every last one of you should know about the giant man eating lake monster by this point and there's really no need to leave a memo with everyone about it, complete with pictures. But hey, just in case.

It's not like the President of the United States would send a second guy to rescue his daughter. That's just silly talk.

Despite all this, I still maintain Mendez is the most competent of the villainy presented in this game.

Leon makes haste to the next area, which while being locked before, unlike the church, is now left wide open. Not like they could have totally fucked Leon by locking both. But who am I to armchair general.

The next area holds a flock of birds. Leon has since gotten over his phobia of the potentially undead feathered fiends and quickly dispatches them. A damn good thing.

Cause those dicks were trying to resurrect Dracula again!

The rest of the area is largely uneventful, aside from some decent loot. Mostly due to it being a boss battle placeholder/foreshadowing area. What with the giant gate with inhuman grows emanating from within its threshold.

There's two doors leading out of this area. Downstairs leads to.

This is getting ridiculous. The good merchant does have a nice bonus for us now that we've shot the medallions he'd arbitrarily placed in obscure locations in two areas then left a map of those obscure areas.

That being, The Punisher. Which, in all honesty is almost exactly the same as the Handgun. Though it does come with a free upgrade since we've shot all 15 medallions, giving it a slight boost in power. The only positive trick The Punisher has going, aside from a pretty cool name, is that you can shoot through a second target with it. Its exclusive allows you to shoot through five targets with a single bullet. Which is pretty handy. Except, you've got a pea shooter worth of power behind it. Oh well, it'll hold us over for a bit.

We can also pawn off the Handgun for just shy of four grand. Not too bad.

Leon bails out of the oddly placed shop and uses the other door back upstairs. It leads to what I like to refer to as the ominous 'copy and paste village'.

Déjà vu all about.


After that ever so unique trap, Leon finds himself in a misty ominous village. Which is built completely out of generic huts found all over the place previous, the floor of the lakeside pathway a bit back, and assorted trip wire explosives peppered about. There's also several waves of respawning enemies. This area is the equivalent of a bad Counter-Strike map.

And we just can't have that. So we won't! *insert several Ganado dying and witty banter*

Luckily, it's about the only area of that nature in the game.

The next area presents itself with two paths. Leon decides to get to higher ground to scope out the area.

"Hmm, can't see shit."

"Good thing someone left these binoculars back here."

Leon takes a look about the lake

Whoops. Wrong film.

Cop Uno!

Considering the other police officer was impaled in town square and set ablaze, the fact the other guy died should really surprise Leon that much.

Assume there's rumbling and a giant shapeless figure barreling towards the surface. Thanks.

Leon's stomach grows at the sight of his latest catch.

Wasting no time, he sprints down to the dock, where the Ganado kindly left a working motor boat for him. But enough of that, there's fishin' to be done!


Tune in next time for the further adventures of Leon Scott Kennedy: Outdoorsman in Episode XII: The Creature of the Sapin Lagoon.