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Part 13: Episode XIII: An Unlucky Number Indeed

Welcome back. When last we left our hero, Leon, he had succumbed to the deadly effects of Gingivitis after an epic battle against the lake monster named Of The Lake. Remember, kids. Brush and floss every day before and after bed. Leon's next adventure would take him through the Sapin countryside and a fierce showdown with a colossus of a foe. But, unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, that's getting cut short by a large margin.

That said, now, let's begin.

We find Leon still passed out from a wild night of partying.

What happens in Sapin doesn't always stay in Sapin.

Leon recomposes himself when suddenly...


Good lord! It's giving him old lady vein arms!

"This is high school all over again!"

There was a HOLE here

It's gone now...

Have you seen a little girl? She's just seven years old. Short, black hair. My daughter.

Huh?! Radio? What's going on with that radio?


Wake up, Leon!

JESUS CHRIST! *hits the television set and fiddles with rabbit ears*

Leon awakens back in the cabin. Sans rape or old lady arms.

Leon gives Hunnigan a call

"I had useless information and pointing out the obvious that went to total waste."

Leon has a thing for chicks with man-hands.

"Plus, I look totally stoned in my codec picture up here. Hehe."

Ever the riveting exchange between the two.

In the cabin is assorted supplies, as well as a mysterious memo.

Anonymous Letter

Luis, ever with the severe gay overtone, even in text. Assuming he did write that, considering Ada is a few miles away and still unconscious at this point.

With the tidbit of information and foreshadowing to the next boss fight, Leon ventures out into the rainy night, hoping he can get a proper adventure update tomorrow.

Tune in next time for that proper adventure update in Episode XIV: Leon of the Rings.