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Part 16: Episode XVI: Whatever Happened to Baby Ada?

When last we left our hero. Leon had finally succeeded in rescuing Ashley. However, due to an overly informative monologue by cult leader and local screwball, Osmund Saddler, the two find themselves infected with the something or other that's going around the village. Will the two be able to escape and free themselves from this mysterious infection?


Whatever the hell happened to Ada, anyhow? It's been a while.

That was one hell of a plot device dart.


Are you ready...?




"I am ready to rock."

Ada performs the second of many slow motion backflips.

The rest of the band is stunned.

Ada throws up the horns.

"You're breaking up the band, Yoko."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Guns N' Roses cancelled their last tour.

Ada ventures outside of the cave she'd ended up in.

What a terrible night to have a curse.

A short trip to an upper level reveals a tram that leads out of the area.

It would, of course, be missing its key.

A nearby table yields what will, if you're a betting man, lead to the needed key and a mini-boss encounter of some sorts.

"Psst. Lady, come here. I've got some rare items on sale. No, put the gun away."

"You sure are one to jump the gun. Hehehe. What are you sellin'...?"

"Cause I'll buy it at a high price!"

Moving right along

Ada takes the key to unlock a gate down a nearby path.

Which leads to Ominous Boss Arena Placeholder #2 ™.

Inside of course...

...holds trouble.


Ashley and Leon, finished picking glass out of every orifice, decide to venture forth.

The usual suspects have assembled.

Ashley points out a grand flaw in the latest assault.

Military Tactic tip #2158: Do not, under any circumstances, pull a wheeled explosive element into battle and use it for cover.

One of the slick many survives the tactical blunder.

The Ganado need parental supervision.

Dusting off the assorted non-zombie bits off their clothes, the pair head back towards town.

Not before a quick stop with our buddy the Merchant.

Who has one nice new item in his possession.

The free Punisher we received earlier covers the cost of the new weapon and a bit toward the stock if you're in to that sort of thing.

Go willy-nilly with upgrades for this baby. Except capacity. Hold off on that for a bit. The key reason being the merchant refills your ammo when you get this upgrade, so if you get a free clip if you're running dry. Always handy. We'll see another Merchant in a bit, so remember not to compulsively reload for once after you clear out the Farm area.

Ah. The Village. Taking into account Separate Ways and the main game, this will be the sixth and final stroll through this place. Not much to talk about here.

Aside for taking a moment to morn the fallen Cop Dos.

For Christ sake...

After a quick detour, and a bit of looting, Ashley and Leon are back on track.


It's times like this Leon wishes he never left that gig at the movie theater. Free movies and all the popcorn you can eat? How sweet was that?

The Farm has ever less going on in it than the Village.

Of note is this is the first of a few areas where you can dump Ashley off in a dumpster.

Leon Scott Kennedy. Shoving women into dumpsters since '98.

A nearby hut holds yet another spicy love letter.

Sera and the 3rd Party

Pictured: Grandpa Sera.

That Bitores and his bizarre diaries. Though, I do get a chuckled out of him hunkering down in huts furiously writing down his frustrations with recent events. Smashing a half dozen pencils in the process. Undoubtedly furiously stroking his beard after every one.

With Ashley safe for the time being, Leon goes to work clearing out the area and making up for the crummy pay of a federal salary.

Meanwhile, after a short battle

"EVOO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil"

Ada lifts the key off the charred corpse of the vile homemaker.

A short jog back and a turn of a key and she's back in business.

Let's check back in on the others. With the area now clear, Leon whistles for Ashley

You can't see it in just a screencap. But she opens the dumpster lid by standing up and smashing her head against it.

A quick bit of horseplay and they're on their way.

A previously blocked gate in the area is now ready for easy access.

Oh, Leon...

Another merchant is here. I'd highly suggest upgrading if you haven't do so yet.

Shortly, Leon receives a call from Ingrid.

I have the faintest suspicion this game is political commentary on the incompetents of our leaders.

Got it. I'll go hang out in the area specified over a radio signal easily intercepted and hope you show up in a few hours. Thanks, Ingrid. Glad you're on top of things.

Leon hangs up wishing he never got out of bed. Well, that house up ahead will at least get the two out of the rain.


Ada takes a jog into another lively area.

A locked gate nearby shortens Ada's options to get out of this dump.

The only open path presents itself. Well, the only path she can Batman across.

"Hey, lady. Up here."

"Look, sorry about my pal back on the other side of the canyon. Look, I've got some good stuff to sell."

"See, no tricks."

Anything Ada purchase from the Merchant comes moderately upgraded and cannot be improved. The only things worth buying off him are the Attaché Case (M) and the Semi-Auto Rifle. A TMP is also available, but I think my feelings on that have been mentioned.

New weapon in hand, Ada turns to leave.

"Hey, lady"

"Hehehe. Thank you."

New weapon in hand, Ada ventures forth

Will Ada ever locate the vagrant Spaniard? Will Leon ever catch a break with his incompetent superiors? Tune in next time to find out in Episode XVII - House of 1,000 Ganados.