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Part 24: Episode XXIV: Tentacle Hentai

Welcome back. When last we left our adventurers, Ada and Leon had their first rather anti-climatic meeting in six years. Also, Salazar's maze was completely lame.

With that said, let's begin...

Having dramatically ran off the scene, Ada decided to escape by getting completely lost in the nearby hedge maze of woe. I thought she was the smart one...

Anyhow, Wesker has a few words for our Chinese spy.

"He only had to flee in terror about six times to finally achieve this goal."

Well, that narrows it down.

"His second costume is an affront to everything we stand for regarding dumping the rest of the series."

"The man can't out argue a demented midget. He's a non-factor."

Wesker signs off to return to shaking his fist at his nemeses, petting his cat, and adjusting his super villain turtleneck.

Speaking of which...

"Why didn't I think of going through the window instead of trudge through that fucking maze?!"

Kicking himself, Leon enters a nearby room with Merchant and note for your convenience.

Female Intruder

Or, you know, Luis could have done that himself. Considering he's the head scientist for you losers and all. But, sure. Continue with your conspiracy theories.

Interrogation. I bet...

Thanks for those wildly contradictory orders, chief.

Leon continues into the next area

"A dining room..."

There's several plaques here. Undoubtedly for some new mind boggler.

I'm not sure what the hell that was all about...

See the bottle of wine jutting out of the painting?


Puzzle solved.

There's another corridor here, but we'll get to that later.

They're not even trying anymore with these traps.

Leon doesn't know what the fuck.

Spectators pour in.

Bawh gawd! He's coming down from the top rope!

Back in the inescapable hedge maze of despair (should you not be equipped with a fully functional and marked map of the place.) long has he been standing there?

"Lady... Lady! Calm down."

"Look, I'm sorry about my buddies back in town.

"Have you seen the women back there? It's slim pickin', I tell ya."

"Look, I got some rare items on sale. Take a look."

The Attaché Case (L) is now available for Ada. Purchasing is recommended.

Also available is Ada's exclusive weapon, the Bowgun. This baby pretty much fires projectile grenades. It takes up a ton of space and its ammo take up 3 spaces as well. Is it necessary? Not particularly. Is it awesome and fun to use? Sure is. Don't be afraid to purchase it. You're not using all that cash you're getting to upgrade anything.

"Thanks for the business, lady."

"Black panties, eh? Hehehe. Nice."

Ada makes her way toward wherever the hell the way out of here is

Good god almighty! This is gonna be a real slobberknocker!

Will somebody stop the damn match!

Look at this! He's got a smile on is face, for God's sakes! Are you kidding me? He wants to go back up!

Son of a bitch! From behind with a steel chair!

How in the hell is he standing?

Good god almighty! They've killed him! As God as my witness, he is broken in half! The poor son of a - he's broken in half!

Son of a bitch! Leon Kennedy has sold his soul to Satan himself to win the title!

Title in hand, Leon enters the next area. Realistically, you just need to get out of the cage and high tail it out. It's also worth mentioning there's a short cutscene before that with Leon getting gang rushed by everyone. Said cutscene is in real time and you'll have a few extra moments to attack if you skip it.

Bad dudes guarding a switch. Like we haven't seen this before.

Quick bit of cheeseburgers after the short brawl and the new way is revealed.

But, a short detour on to the second half of this area is in order.

Elsewhere...or rather, at the beginning of this area, Ada catches up (after having a carbon copy battle of what Leon just went through.)

Down below, Leon is doing battle with the Zealo-

Is that a fucking TMP?! What lies and trickery is afoot here?!

"With that weapon? Unbelievable turn off."

"Nevermind he saw me ten minutes ago. Now we're playing serious."

Ada shoots up a few Ganado and scoots on by. Separate Ways assumes Leon is deaf. Back to Mr. Kennedy.

Now we're talking.

Firepower in hand, Leon takes off the same direction the woman in the bright red dress he'd completely missed did. Merchant here has the Attaché Case (XL) for sale, which you ought to be buyin'.

Ada hears Leon coming and hides behind a nearby pillar to continue Forest Gumping her way through this narrative.

Little too happy to see him there, bud.

"My eyes are up here."

Viagra the parasite suppressing medicine and a penis pump the "Sample"? You shouldn't have.

"I just realized my usefulness in the plot has ended. Crap... I hope I don't get immediately--"


"It's pronounced 'Lou-ee-se' not 'Lu-ihs' you American prick!"

Saddler finds himself in this position often.


"That stuff in the e-mails really works!"

...taking it up the ass? Blargh!

Saddler wanders off

"We met with you tied up in a closet, remember? I gathered as much."

"This will make the... plot device... within you only come out... at story appropriate times..."

Luis Sera. Died as he lived. Taking giant tentacles up his backside.

In five delicious flavors!

Leon, overcome with grief, goes deaf for a few minutes.

Wesker's harddrive is filled with porn featuring snuff, naked chicks in shades, leather, and scat.

"I knew working for a boss with ADHD was a bad idea..."

With Luis dead, Leon is down yet another ally. What fate awaits him behind the scenes? And what of the still missing Ashley Graham? Find it next time in Episode XXV: Kim Bauer

Bonus Content

We finished Chapter 3-3!
Hey...Chapter 3-4?! What is this garbage?! I actually finish a chapter section in a single update and this is what I get?!

We also finished the twenty minute Separate Ways Chapter 3!