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Part 41: Sleep Well!

Episode XLI: I've Chiseled Your Gravestone!

When last we left our hero, he had just finished rocking the fuck out. With that said, let's continue...

With U3 dead, Leon is free to escape Saddler's rather expansive private bathroom.

A few ladder climbs latter, Leon finds himself back outdoors.

On a cliffside overlooking yet another Ganado settlement.

If I go easy on them, they'll never learn anything.

Scanning the charred remains of the campsite reveals a manhole leading to a small mineshaft.

With the usual cast lined up at the end of it. The merchant has the last key upgrade in his arsenal.

The ability to turn the Broken Butterfly into a 50.0 Firepower beast. All to the tune of a mere 150,000 pesetas. Leon finds himself a bit broke at this point, but hey. Everything in his arsenal is now fully upgraded. Round of beers, on the house.

There's also the little matter of the latest out of place file. Let's check that out.

Krauser's Note

Introducing me three-fourths of the way through the game and all.

That I'd get completely sidetracked with a vendetta against my former colleague for no particular reason.

I know Wesker told you to kill Leon and all, but considering how stealthily you snuck up on him initially, you could have just slit his throat or shot him in the back of the head instead of making like fucking Tarzan and leaping off the rafters like a 'tard. I'm just saying, is all.

Leon tucks the note away and heads for the inevitable boss fight with Wolfgang.

If this doesn't look like a boss fight arena, I don't know what does.

Hey, Luis died back in the Castle. It was just a fling. Don't tell any-Oh, you mean Ada. I suppose having exchanged all of a dozen lines of dialogue qualifies us for that. Hell, were this a RPG we'd be bumping nasties at the next inn.

It may look like war paint, but it's actually Jack's ears bleeding from her screeching while dragging Ashley to her latest prison cell.

The gate over yonder, to the West.

Shoehorn an awkward item collection into our battle, just like in the battlefield.

Then when he died of dysentery, he gave me the insignia. I hid this uncomfortable piece of metal up my ass for two years.

Oh Krauser, the randomly shirtless oiled up muscle man routine just wasn't enough homoerotic undertone for you, was it.

Though, the results were decidedly stupid.

Leon is not as planned ahead and wings one of his spare utility belt gadgets at Krauser.

Jack's manly if somewhat spaz senses kick in, compelling him to bat the doohickey out of the way, despite the fact it's clearly missing him by a good foot.

This would have been a great tactic, had Leon bothered to move an inch after tossing his grappling hook spare.

As it stands, he ends up just barely getting a TMP clip to the chest.

Leon ducks into a nearby room.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Doors who?

Doors are for pussies!!

Krauser goes in for the kill.


Krauser tosses a flash grenade and escapes.

Not lingering in an enclosed area with a nutjob gunning for him, Leon rushes back outside.

Where said nutjob is in superior position and has a minethrower.

Leon inches his way forward toward Krauser's position.

See Leon.
See Leon run.

Changing mag!

Little did Leon know, there were windows on the other side of the the structure too. Whoops.

Random knife battle, dammit!

The cameras zoom in for a close-up.

Call 1-900-426-23*crackle*. That's 1-900-426-23*crackle*.

Must be 18 and over to call. Restrictions apply to some areas.

He's just as effective as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. Listen to this crowd. What's going on here?

Bah gawd! It's a real slobberknocker.

The two men are sizing each other up. It could be a-

We already did the wrestling skit.
Thank you.

Krauser vanishes to points unknown. Leon gives chase.

Up ahead, Leon finds the first insignia.

Free steroids for life, duh.

Giants, deranged midgets, tentacles sprouting from people's heads. We've eroded so much from the simpler times when leather clad mutants, leechmen, and zombies roamed free.

That's why I need Umbrella. Weren't you listening? Some people, I tell ya...

Ah, so that's what this whole plot is about. It's just the liberals trying to get a leg up through terrorism to legalize marijuana. And here I thought it was randomly silliness.

By the way, Leon got this. Remember, awkward fetch quest.

All crumbling ruins are equipped with automated gateways, dontcha know?

Krauser decides the man-to-man fight they were lining up wasn't manly enough, so he does a matrix backfip and starts lobbing grenades down.

I'm completely out in the open. You're the one that's hiding on a rooftop tossing explosives at me, prick.

The last time I did I ended up having to be a clown at a kid's bar mitzvah.

Me too, Krauser. Me too.

Tune in later for the exciting second half! Now where were we...?

Krauser once more pulled the patented flash grenade run away. Leaving Leon with a brief breather

Nothing like a completely random block pushing puzzle to utterly break up the flow of battle. Next Leon and Krauser will start discussing if love can bloom on the battlefield

Or about that one time they escaped from certain death by cranking a tree branch to reveal the secret passage out of the trench.

He couldn't have stuck his hand through that? Honestly?

Elsewhere, another level reveals itself.

Leon rushes toward the unsuspecting gate trigger.

Hey, what's that shadow?

Frag out!

Krauser tries rushing Leon after his unsuccessful grenade ambush.

Tragedy strikes!

Argh. I can't be seen without my beret!
*snaps fingers* Rolento! You're Rolento! From Final Fight and Street Fighter! It's a three series cross over!

Rolento flees once more. Leaving Leon to go face Belger and save Mayor Haggar's daughter.

Down below, little robotic dealies are scouting the area. Borrowing some merchandise off Wesker, eh? Luckily, these things don't call Hunters or anything of that nature.

They just explode. Way to put robotic technology to use.

Further ahead...

Low prices on auto insurance.

My past of losing a small town police deputy gig due to a zombie outbreak simply compels me to do battle with my former comrade for no particular reason other than they felt the need for an evil counterpart this chapter section. I suppose, of course.

Hmph. Umbrella Linux.

That less than exciting exchange ends with Krauser leaving Leon to the devices of his wannabe Cypher unit.

Leon ducks into a nearby tower. No turning back now.

Leon presses forward.

At the summit, he finds the second insignia piece.

Sudden and unexpected format change!

That was weird... And a bit tiring...

A stand-up fellow, aside from the psychosis and bloodlust.

Leon hurries to the exit, while the clock ticks down.

Placing the pieces in reveals...

What it damn well better reveal.

Leon escapes just in the nick of time as the ruins go up in flames. Not pictured: the ruins going up in flames. (Fuck you, I'm not redoing that entire fight, holding out for three minutes against Krauser at the end, all just for one explosion screencap.)

What dangers await Leon next time? Find out in Episode XLII: Alternative Uses of Helicopters

Bonus Content

We've completed Chapter 5-3!