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Original Thread: Let's Play Resident Evil Four AMERICA!



The Game
Resident Evil 4 truly shines in it's uniqueness in the series for being not complete garbage and is actually really enjoyable. It has some action movie cheese complete with some really bad dialogue to make the whole experience fun. It's easy to see while the game does take itself seriously they knew not to go overboard on it and left in some pretty silly things from time to time. This was the series first romp into action horror and came out smelling like a bed of roses. Games following wouldn't be so lucky because they wouldn't or couldn't catch why Resident Evil 4 was so good. Mostly adding a co-op mechanic when there really didn't freaking need to be.

Yes this game has an escort quest but you don't even really have to use it that much and your escort knows when to hide and STAY THE FUCK out of danger as much as possible. So the escort isn't really that major of a thing to worry about. There's some areas sure - but it's so minimal it's almost like it's not even there.

You can talk about the game series as a whole and that's fine! I encourage it since Resident Evil is a weird franchise full of a lot of ups and downs - but like major plot points in this game? Please DO NOT SPOIL!!! Now what Do I mean by that? You can talk about some of the guns and the monsters that we could see, but for the love of god, please keep the spoilers to a minimum and try not to go TOO far ahead of the LP in terms of the story. Sure it's an old game, but I like to keep those who haven't played it entertained with this game's often wacky attitude.

What else?
I don't know... Enjoy and have fun with this because this game really is fun - If you haven't gotten a chance to play this game you're in for a treat. If you have you can laugh at how bad my playing tends to be. Either way this is all for your enjoyment.

Also if you don't like that I make constant mention of America you can get the fuck out and go back to your inferior country.


Part One: They kill everyone equally
Part Two: Blue Medals
Part Three: Rifled with explosions
Part Four: Master of Unlocking
Part Five: This update is BOSS!
Part Six: Finding God
Part Seven: We're bad enough dudes
Part Eight: Mini-Boss Double Feature
Part Nine: Don't BOSS me around
Part Ten: Don't Mine me Throwing my weight around
Part Eleven: Blind Date with Wolverine
Part Twelve: Ashley is Missing
Part Thirteen: Wolverine Strikes Back
Part Fourteen: Ashley's Big Adventure
Part Fifteen: Lava or leave em
Part Sixteen: Pro Boss fighter
Part Seventeen: Giant fun happy times
Part Eighteen: Pay this no mine
Part Ninteen: Napolean Blown Apart
Part Twenty: Small Time
Part Twentyone: I'm the reanimator
Part Twentytwo: Dumpster Diving
Part Twentythree: Knife Fight
Part Twentyfour: Rocking the MIIIIIIKE~
Part Twentyfive: Inventory Management
Part Twentysix: Plagas be gone
Part Twentyseven: Final Finale

Thorg posted:

Important RE4 fact:

TKMobile posted:

The Parasyte Manga predates RE4 roughly by about a decade, though the anime adaptation was made last year and isn't set in the 90s as the source material was. The head-splodin' Ganado's designs are directly taken from the monsters in that manga.

Also, interestingly, there's an episode of Kamen Rider Black (a tokusatsu series; think One Man version of Power rangers with more motorcycles and less giant robots) made in the 80s where the hero investigates a town out in the boonies where all the villagers are possessed by the cultish Monster of the Week. Alot of the set pieces are really evocative of RE4's basic premise, and said hero even escorts the only two people in town to safety away from psycho mobs ripping into their house. AND the hero thrashes the monster with the Kick of Kicks. I bring this up because two of the Writers/Scenario writers of alot of RE/Capcom/in general games wrote for this particular Kamen Rider season. Jun'ichi Miyashita even wrote this episode, though while neither are actually credited with working on RE4, I can't help but wonder if they were swapping stories one day at Capcom and it helped inspire some things down the road.

Thorg posted:

Finally found out how to kill the right path El Gigante with grenades so I recorded a couple videos. Credit to MasterZyck on Twitch for showing off the second Gigante positioning.

Chapter 2-1

Chapter 2-3

Editing videos is a pain in the ass. I've got a lot more respect for LPers/won't be doing that again.
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