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Original Thread: America wages war on Spain! Let's Play Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition [VLP]


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Another Resident Evil 4 LP?

Resident Evil 4 is seriously fucking awesome, it never gets old, and the Wii version is one of the few reasons my Wii hasn't been sold yet.

Who are you guys?
-Fake Derek

What can I expect from this LP?
We will be representing the glorious nation of America, spreading democracy and commercialism to rural Spain one bullet at a time. What were you expecting? Resident Evil 4 is one of those games that never stops being fun, and it's the perfect thing to kill time with during the summer. If you played RE5 and never got around to RE4, shame on you. Allow us to sell you on it. We'll be playing the game on the hardest difficulty, Professional. This difficulty is only available after you've beaten the game on the other setting, Normal (which is no walk in the park either).

How often will you be updating?
We'll be changing our usual update schedule this time around. You can expect three episodes a week. We will be posting one on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We're hoping that this idea of more frequent updates (though less actual videos) per week works out well.


Episode 1: America! (
Episode 2: "You good?" "No." (
Episode 3: Waggle Rears its Ugly Head (
Episode 4: Vaya con Dios (
Episode 5: Bass Hunter (
Episode 6: They're at Least Somewhat Civilized (
Episode 7: Spanish Guy Shootin' (
Episode 8: Stay back, sir! The swamp is dangerous! (
Episode 9: Ohmygod Swimswimswimswim (
Episode 10: They Have a Cave Troll (
Episode 11: Don't Come! (
Episode 12: Luis Sera, Ladies' Man (
Episode 13: Ashley vs. Cave Troll (
Episode 14: There's the James We Know and Love (
Episode 15: It's Not Cheating, it's in the Game (
Episode 16: I'm sure this castle will be saf...nope. (
Episode 17: Not Bad for his 2nd Time Ever (
Episode 18: I've Got Something for You (
Episode 19: A Lot of Dudes Die (
Episode 20: Keep Crankin', Baby (
Episode 21: James Gets Scared (
Episode 22: Derek Survives (
Episode 23: Chris Doesn't (
Episode 24: Leon Refuses to Die (
Episode 25: Gotta Catch Em All (
Episode 26: Fuck This Room (
Episode 27: Four Domestic Longhairs Out of Five Agree (
Episode 28: Ashley. Knight. WHO IS DEADLIEST? (
Episode 29: AIDS is a Choice (
Episode 30: Thanks, bugs! We were getting sick of her! (
Episode 31: Fuck James (
Episode 32: Chris Gets Mad (
Episode 33: We better stop playing for the night before we kill eachother (
Episode 34: Fffuuuuuuuuu (
Episode 35: Never know when you might need an RPG.. (
Episode 36: Wow, Chris Didn't Die (
Episode 37: Mine Cart Carnage (
Episode 38: What to do when shot with an explosive dart (
Episode 39: Women Can't Even Drive Boats (
Episode 40: Damn, We're in a Tight Spot (
Episode 41: Chris Gets Scared (
Episode 42: Tumor Removal 101 (
Episode 43: Enya and Ashley's Butt (
Episode 44: Regenerators Love Dog Food (
Episode 45: 100% of Spanish Cultists Eventually Die (
Episode 46: It's a CUTscene (
Episode 47: Krauser was Right about that Inevitable Death (
Episode 48: Krauser's dead. Not much changes. (
Episode 49: The Game Doesn't Like Us (
Episode 50: Insect Lives don't Compare to Human Lives (
Episode 51: 100 Shells, 5 Enemies Left (
Episode 52: That Chicken had it Coming (

Epilogue (

Bonus Episodes

Bonus 1: The Alternate Path (
Bonus 2: Shooting Gallery Uno (
Bonus 3: Shooting Gallery Dos (
Bonus 4: Shooting Gallery Tres (
Bonus 5: Shooting Gallery Cuatro (


Village/Leon/PC version (Viddler) by Panboy

Finished Death Counter!

Andrew: 25
James: 28
Chris: 27
Derek: 13
Ross: 1


Will be updated as we learn more about these fine citizens.

Leon is the lovechild of an American action star and a Japanese anime nancyboy. Sure, he's skinny and probably goes to a stylist to get his hair done but the dude is a pro when it comes to campy one liners and blowing up heads. He rolls into rural Spain with nothing but a sweet jacket, a gun, and the spirit of America. Is he a bad enough dude to rescue the President's daughter? I think you know the answer to that question.

Apparently Ashley never changes her clothes. Seriously, look at that picture of her that Leon carries with him. She's wearing the exact same thing she's wearing in the game. Other unique characteristics involve jiggle physics and ears that would make an elephant jealous. I can't hate on Ashley all that much though, she's one of the few escort quests in existence that isn't fucking awful.

This guy is the suave, fuck it. He exists just so someone in the game can say "it's game time." His hobbies seem to be showing up, throwing out a couple lines of dialog, and then leaving. HE IS ALSO QUITE THE LADIES' MAN. Luis provided us with some pills that will help suppress our parasite and "totally fuck us up, dude." Then Luis died.

Ada is so stylish that she wears a party dress out on missions. So stylish that her sunglasses explode when she takes them off. She also must be friends with Bruce Wayne because she somehow got a hold of his grapple gun. Her motives are not entirely clear, but she always seems to show up when Leon needs a hand, an eyeful, or both. In the end, Ada took the Las Plagas parasite for some third party. I'm sure RE5 doesn't build off this at all.

Spanish midget Napoleon. We suspect that it's really just our buddy Luis dressed up and walking on his knees. Salazar has two crazy looking robed dudes with weird mouths who follow him around everywhere and he is apparently the ancestor of the family line that resides in the castle Leon has invaded. Salazar's house is full of useful things like gatling guns, giant drill-cars, invisible bug-infested sewers, creepy monks, hedge mazes, giant robots of himself, DK-esque barrels, roller coaster carts, wall traps that grab people standing in very specific spots and other nonsense. He turned into a giant gay plant and then died.

Crazy cult leader who is almost as smug as Leon and carries a staff straight out of World of Warcraft. Rural Spain is weird. His robe (and possibly ass) contains a giant scorpion tail. Despite Leon killing pretty much everyone working for him at this point, he still seems to think he's gonna win. Seriously...Del Lago, Mendez, at least 4 El Gigantes, Salazar, It and Krauser are all dead. Does he really think he has a chance?  Nope. He got fucked up. 

We've gotten a very brief glimpse of this guy in a cutscene. He seems to be working for/with Saddler. Maybe we'll find out more about him later on! (Hint: probably not) So apparently Krauser is the one who physically kidnapped Ashley and brought her out here to Spain. It's implied that he and Ada may be working for the same person/organization. Krauser used to be a good guy, I suppose.
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